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  1. Hi All, I have a perfectly good connection and I can see that other players are online in game; Yet I cant past the loading screen. Is there a fix? Thanks!
  2. Solved. The ISP is blocking content from Russia due to hacking and past related problems.
  3. Hi Guys, I changed the ISP today... if I use the new router with a VPN I can connect to the authorization server amd play with a bad ping. Without the VPN I get the message below. Does anyone have an idea what to do? Thanks I am not sure if this is what I should do and if this is correct...
  4. Odd, it is related to connecting a USB hub...solved now, i've just diconnected it. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. Hi and thanks, I have a Hotas Warthog Throttle that was working perfect until today. Windows recognize it via the control panel app, all the buttons and axis work fine panel but the game doesn't react to it. Even re calibrating does not help cause no movement is recognizable by the software. I tried to check on Cliffs of Dover and it is the same. The game and the device do not interact. The same happened to the paddles today. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks.
  6. Hi and thanks for helping. The game does not recognize movement properly but the windows sofware does. How can delete and remove any previous log or setup the game might have to my joystick and have a fresh start?
  7. Probably it has been reported. But anyway.... In 109's (maybe other planes as well), after the second or third sortie the guns stop working. The only way I know to overcome it is to log off server and join again. Cheers
  8. Hi everyone When I am trying to connect to TAW the screen does not move to the loading page; it just goes black for 20-30 sec and throw me back to multiplayer screen. Has anyone experienced that? Is there a fix? Thanks.
  9. Yes Therion, you seem to understand the situation I described. They do see me, they do not log via VPN, and when I don't use a VPN it is all normal. I understand it is related to the VPN network as well. Since my ping is improved via that VPN but playing online is impossible when I'm being seen and can't see anyone I wanted to know if there is an obvious fix or a is it a bug. Thanks,
  10. Hi Developers team. I have a weird bug. Flying online (Berloga/Wing of Liberty); I can see the team chat and interact with the other players but all planes are invisible/not showing on my screen. It happens only when I log via a VPN server. (sometimes I must since I live in the pacific and the ping to Europe is high). I have videos of being shot down without seeing the planes behind me or their tracers. I can even coordinate in the server chat and get a confirmation from the enemy that is his right behind me. When i'm asking him to aim next to me - there are no tracers. When i'm asking him to hit at me directly - there are no tracers but there are the small explosions and I can see the hits on my plane. Any idea why is it happening?
  11. I have the same issue. For me it feels like it is some sort of a G effect reaction since it is happening when I dive or pull the stick; Track IR react as if I sit lower on the chair. A quick nod of the head or pull myself back snaps it back to the normal position. But it is frustrating to make an unnecessary head movement when you are diving and aligning on your target or pulling the stick to stay behind it.
  12. Hi thanks for the your advice. I would like to know if in order the squeeze the maximum climb performance out of my plane should I use the Trim? At times I think I am climbing faster with the trim. At other times; I have an equal or larger energy and extending from my target but eventually the enemy can catch up my shallow trim climb. (normally I use G-2,F4, or G4) If for example I start my climb at 500KPH: I normally trim to the desired shallow angle, and then keep adjusting my trim slowly to keep the same angle without needing to pull back the stick. Is that the right way to do it? I think I might be trimming too much when the speed gets to 300KPH. (from -50% to about 10%) Please if you have an advice how to reach the maximum sustained climb with the trim or should I ignore the trim and just pull back my stick to the angle I want to keep. My experiments is not consistent to any result. Thanks.
  13. Hi all, Simple as my title, does BoS Support Oculus? Thanks.
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