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  1. Thank you guys for your excellent work. Wishing you all the best Take care
  2. Same here, no active flak. There are many AAA units in missions (in many ground missions only aviable ground targets), but they do not fire.
  3. Hi Pat, is it possible that in new AAR PWCG take kills from the game debrief? Last mission I shoted down 4 airplanes, claimed in PWCG only two (for another two I had not witnesses),but I have credited 4 kills in pilot roster. In my diary however there are only airplanes which I claimed - which is right.
  4. Problem with taxiing on Holmskaya airfield, Kuban map. Luftwaffe 1943-03-01.rar
  5. error log from mission creation. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  6. or put the first turning point between second and third airplane which will cause not so sharp turns. Or just delay taxi start of the rest aircrafts.
  7. Taxiing on Petit Brogel is problematic. Second aircraft start taxi to early and colide with leader.
  8. Another strange ground traffic mission. My wingman attacked some ground target on the road to the mission objective. In target area was only two flak guns and P51 escort felt from the sky without reason. All of them. I will try P38 campaign on BP map and i will report back if there are same problems. Thunderbolt 1944-09-14.rar
  9. P47 48FG Bierset, 6/9/1944 campaign. I have little problems with ground missions. Leader starts attack probbably nearest ground target after take off long before mission objective. Also in ground attack mission type: destroy road traffic, there is no cars/armour/other vehicle in target area (at least I didn´t find them - and I tried hard 🙂 ) Only flak is there. But very very inactive. It shooted back only when I attacked it. Ground activity setup - high, air - medium. To be honest: I´ve never met column of wehicles on the road in PWCG. Same for trains. In fighter missions everything is normal and works well. Thank you and Murleen very much for your great work 👍👏 PS Here is sample mission 3 days later attached. Leader attacked with bombs AAgun near Vise railway bridge about three minuts after start and then continued in mission as planed. Again no vehicles except flak in target area. I don´t know if this is game or PWCG thing, but destroyed bridge in target area did not count. Thunderbolt 1944-09-10.rar
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