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  1. Hi Patrick, it seems that my squadmates credit kill which they didn´t shoot down - it was same in previous PWCG versions, but now they claim their own army plane as kill. Actually it was me who was killed by BF 109 :-)
  2. Hi Patrick, I flew 4 missions and PWCG is again responsive. What does not work is journal and squadron log. No entry there after mission debrief. also notice some error window after clicking new mission, leave and transfer option. I have to notice, that all is functional after clicking OK on error message. On first Bodenplate mission I spawn somewhere, but not in the cocpit of Spitfire 🙂 So I generated new one and this was OK. On Kuban map missions works pretty well. And one note which probbably doesn´t corespond with version 6: there is Spit IX in 57th Gurads regiment already in 1/4/1943. Which is too early according my knowledge. Also flak is little bit dangerous now. I have groud object on high settings and still it could be much more dangerous and dense. At least around airfields.
  3. Thanks Pat, I will be ready for help.
  4. Hi Patrick, I am testing this version and I have problem with main interface. After each click(action) whole program seems to be slower and slower and after 5 - 6 clicks it totally freeze. Niether exit works. for example: Creating campaign: until choose squadron everything works, but create campaign option is not responsive. One try of six I managed to create campaign and generate mission. (Which was OK - during startup and taxi with LaGG 10 FW ambushed airfield and it was really very immersive 👍 ) but debriefing again freeze. I have "Past mission to save" set to 0 and mission was deleted from main BOX mission folder. I have last Java update (201). When I finished process (PWCG) and launched it again campaign was created.
  5. Guys, you are awsome!!! 👍 Thanks a lot for your perfect work!!! And please add more flak to version 6 😋
  6. Columbar

    Cold starts

    Maybe put some fire along taxi paths or only on turn points of taxi paths. Is it difficult to make this?
  7. Columbar

    Cold starts

    One note: It is quite difficult when you lead flight to find the way to begining of runway on grass airfields e.g. Krasnoarmyenskayas airfield on Kuban map. It happens that I have to followed my squad mates instead i lead them. 🙂 Maybe more training will help 😉
  8. Columbar

    Cold starts

    OMG!!! That´s PERFECT! On Anapa airfield with FW190 works perfectly!!! WAAAW! That is big step forward in immersion. Thanks a lot! I am going to test another airplanes and airfields. again - thank you very much.
  9. Hi pilots, I have an issue with my engine. In first and second mission (others are still locked for me) my engine dies before first waypoint... And yes I ´ve mange my engine properly acording Requiems tutorial 🙂 and my engine mangement approach works perfectly in quick missions. From the start of engine my RPMs are waveing and mostly during take off there is engine damage. May be it is the same issue like Papa_Bear mentioned. It seems to me like the engine is broken from the begining on mission. Any ideas why is this happen? SOLVED: Problem is cold engine. Check warmed engine in realism options and it will work just fine. Or warm your engine by yourself.
  10. Thank you guys! Solved. Campaigns.ini file was rewritten during instalation. Cheers🍻
  11. Hi guys, after installing todays patch SP campaigns in document folder dieappeared form the game menu. They are in correct place but it seems that the game doesn´t recognize them. Any idea why? or what is wrong? thx for replies
  12. Thank you very much guys. I can´t wait to be Tank crew finished :-)
  13. Hi, does anybody know where to find missions for tank crew? Thanks a lot
  14. Complete agree! Thank you very much again Pat.👍😃 Only minor weak point of PWCG for me is flak. There is still almost none of it. Especially around airport, big cities, fabrics, bridges and railyards. Maybe it is question of setup, but I didn´t find how to set it up properly.
  15. Patrick, if you can change file type of medals to png I can get rid of seams between medal and background. Some of the medals have more classes. e.g. Order of Glory has three clases, Wound Badge has two and Pilot Badge is confusing 😏 Look here: Order of Glory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders,_decorations,_and_medals_of_the_Soviet_Union Wound Badge: http://gmic.co.uk/topic/13167-soviet-wound-stripes/ Pilot Badge - situation is unclear for me. I found only: School graduation badge https://www.collectrussia.com/DISPITEM.HTM?ITEM=32718 Pilot sleeve https://picclick.com/RUSSIAN-PILOTS-WINGS-WWII-GOLD-SILVER-283013934016.html I don´t know what is historically correct, thus I´ve used yours. Maybe somebody will know more?
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