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  1. waaaw! It will be perfect!! Keep up good work, guys! I am your big fan. One question: Do you already know the price at which you will sell the product? Let me know how much to save😋
  2. Hi, please tell me, how can i have winter skins on my squadron airplanes? I fly 34th IAP on Moscow map in january 1942 and we all have summer skins. thank you very much for your mod
  3. waw, perfect. thank you very much.
  4. hi guys, does anybody know if it is possible to continue German SP career from Kuban to Bodenpatte?
  5. Thank you Pat for quick reply. I understand that it is very complex task to change whole system. For me it is only question of graphic interface. I only need free slots for pilots on main screen (like screen in first post and in pilot assignment screen in mission - because i do not remember names 🙂 Player can manage flight rosters by himself - no need to touch promotion, losees etc. system. If somebody died or is promoted, player can manually change composition of flights. Assignment screen - something like this: Right down part is linked with main screen so it can mirror changes done by player.
  6. Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to have different pilot mangement in PWCG. Something like this: And pilots assigment to mission should be based on this flight roster. This would be much more realistic, I think.
  7. You are right, it was only an idea which I had when I´ve read this thread.
  8. Hi Patrick, is it (or will be) possible to continue in german career from Kuban to Bodenplate? I made a try with leave option (to speed campaign - every 30 days) and after 1/1/1944 I was not able to jump into another month. And when I start career at 1/8/1944 - I was on Kuban for whole August and then (1/1/1944) career jump to BP map to JG I./1. Historicaly Crimeria was taken back by Red army on 12. May 1944 when last german resistence was eliminated.
  9. I have problem with second mission of KURSANT campaign. Mission is loaded but instead of map/briefing/setup plane page there is only black screen. To jussitska: Just unzip and copy to: C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Moscow\data\Campaigns or to other location where you have the game.
  10. Hi Samson, first: thank you for your briliant work! 👏 second: I have problem with second mission - Leader did not get permission for taxi. Is this campaign/mission error or recent update cause this? I have similar issue after instaling new game update in PWCG mission, but only with german side planes. Does anybody have same problem?
  11. Hi Patrick, I have question: where can i adjust airplanes signed to squadron? In most squadrons are all aviable aircraft types in certain time period e.g. 11th figter air regiment 01/10/1942 has LaGG3 and La 5 or 273rd IAP has all aviable YAKs 1, 1B and 7B. This looks unrealistic for me. I know there were some combined squadrons in WW2 but not all 🙂 or at least it was limited transition period. Mostly units were send to rear for conversion to new type of aircraft.
  12. It seems to be bug in the recent update. Only german planes do not start taxi. A have same problem in PWCG missions and in scripted campaign Allmost. Thank you Patrick for your great work EDIT: In russian fighter campaign taxi is O.K. , but airplanes do not start, even if the recived perission. Missions.zip
  13. Smoke bug on Kuban map: Hi Patrick, there is some smoke bug on Kuban map in 1.6. 1942 on Slavyanskaya road bridge and Ivanovskaya road bridge. Here is the picture:
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