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  1. thanks for reply. so others see this too. eg. COMBAT BOX ?
  2. Was wondering why some multi-player servers that I join all the time never show a Ping value? Is there anything I can do to fix this. thanks
  3. Greetings all. My eyesight isn't the best anymore and sometimes when the map is pulled back a bit, the towns and forest stands seem to be the same colour. To me it appears that the forests, towns and water are all the same "colour density,-brightness" for lack of the proper term. Easy enough to read closeup, but when zoomed out not much contrast exists between the colours. To me if the towns were a darker shade(black like the roads), then the cities would stand out from the trees just fine and the water colour could be left as is as the shapes are unique. thanks, cjp
  4. just noticed that you can make the big full screen map transparent. doing this dims the brightness as much as you want. try it.
  5. The first few QM flights indicated that the pitch control has to be pushed fwd for level flight. can they be trimmed?. Any tutorials on proper set-up?
  6. Bombers and attackers don't seem to have ground targets. Just orbit after attacked.
  7. YES! Agree! I don't want this suggestion to get lost in the shuffle. I know for a fact that when navigating by map at night, a red light or at least a very dim white light is used for map reading to keep night vision acute to better identify landmarks. Map is just too bright to look at during night missions. Hope Dev's can work this in near future. c
  8. my career commanders sometimes set a course straight into the early morning sun/setting sun. I often loose the flight and have to go hunting them. Wonder if a sun "screen", or sun glasses mode would be possible?
  9. nope. just mouse arrow. the green start button depresses as does the exit button but no action. I think its just one career that's corrupted . deleted it and did another one with no prob. thanks FlyingH and Taxman cjp
  10. I have 7 luft careers on the go. Now when I select a pilot the game wont proceed to the missions, also it wont allow me to exit to main menu. Task man. shows game is responsive but I have to shut down and restart. Multi and QMB work fine. regards cjp
  11. I agree with you GCA. How about the intel reports too.
  12. Fergus, Ontario. A little taste of Scotland.
  13. Flew a night solo bomb run in the dark and found going from the dark cockpit to the white map and back actually affected my night vision, also got a weird backlight/reflection thing when looking in the sight, was hard to see the ground landmark, Suggest possibly when cockpit lights ON.... map background goes grey or red. " " " ....bomb sight dials and indicators glow that green as in total darkness thanks
  14. like this idea Goblin. Also would be nice to be able to rotate the map to match your heading. eg if heading south the map is rotated 180 deg. so south at the top. If top of map is in the direction nose is pointing. then all landmarks will be easier to identify.
  15. Thanks all. Very much appreciated
  16. I would like to have this feature. Any thoughts?
  17. I need advice on how I should form up in a bomber formation after take off, Eg., if I take off 4th in line where am I expected to be in the formation. Flying LW . Thanks for any advice.
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