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  1. SUGGESTION: To be able to rotate the map thru 360 degrees. EXPLANATION: I would like the Devs to add clickable buttons to rotate the map CW, or CCW and to return to normal view. I could see that the grid and text might have to go when rotating map to simplify things, just towns, roads, trees and water and of course airfields would be all that is necessary to get re oriented when lost. REASON: Land marks are just that more easy to identify if top of map corresponds to your planes heading. I believe this is the way you navigate by map.
  2. I run 2 monitors. game on the big one, and have the NVIDIA control panel open to adjust desktop color settings on the 2nd. On a winter map I press alt-tab and mouse can go to other screen and adjust sliders as necess. Brightness, contrast, gamma, digital vibrance and hue are there. dont know if this helps cp
  3. Greetings, I feel your pain I joined in 2016 and am about 25% competent as a dog fighter pilot in multi play. And thats with pretty good equipment and TIR 5. Take offs-landings have gotten easy. If you want to level the playing field in SP or careers, turn on object and navigation markers and aim assist options. Why not have the same advantages as the opponent AI. Try this in QMB to learn the maneuvers to keep the enemy in view. Its kinda gratifying to actually be able to spot the enemy at 1km.+ distances and close in to learn situational awareness maneuvering. Spotting is pretty bad as of now and I often loose sight of target watching it go from side to front canopy, very frustrating. This game is very hard and hard to learn , thats what I think. But Im hooked
  4. As a perennial noob, I would love to have a G meter in the options to practice with in QMB.
  5. Well done sir. You have the voice of an airline captain if I ever did hear one.
  6. is this being addressed. Please let us know
  7. Agree. In multi player its fair cause spotting is on each pilot. no one has that great of an advantage. You must learn where to look from clues that you see, or read or hear from your team. When fighting AI , I leave object markers ON so I have the same advantage as them. Spotting isnt easy.
  8. I've always felt that AI has access to the view through my gun sight and knows what range it is set at. They also seem to do their best evasive maneuvering when obstructed from my view behind the canopy frame pieces.
  9. Hey spartan85. As a side note. I was working in Red Lake , Ontario the night the Gimli glider ran out of fuel some 30,000 ft. above us. Damn good save Air Canada pilots.
  10. Type of improvement: More color contrast on big map between main landmarks, Explanation: Darken the shade of green of the tree stands and forests. Benefit: For us(me) with diminishing vision, I find it hard to positively identify landmarks that have towns with rivers running through them surrounded by trees unless I zoom right in on them. This ruins situational awareness and helps me get lost faster and harder to reestablish my location . I think darker green trees on map would help.
  11. Sometimes in a campaign , i dive after an AI pilot, cant catch him because he's faster, cant pull out as hard as him due to G blackout and cant climb with him or catch him at all. They may have better technique than me in speed control and I just wonder how they do this and what I can do to keep up.
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