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  1. Joeasyrida

    What planes have boost

    I16 has boost button. Mc202 does too, i use it on max continious as well
  2. Joeasyrida

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Yeah it sucks, feels like the wing .30s are necessary now. I know the mk108 has more power on paper but a m4 hit seems less than half as effective which cant be right
  3. Joeasyrida

    Strong cannons now weak?

    It feels pretty inconsistant now, ub 12.7s are much worse, breddas and m2 brownings seem untouched, 37mms are trash now and 20mms are weird. I've had 1 20mm remove the vert stab from and il2 and othertimes it takes half your ammo load. I know my oberservations are not scientific and im not saying the old model was perfect but i think somewhere in the middle would feel right.
  4. Joeasyrida

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    I dont stop until the pilot leaves the plane or slumps over.
  5. Joeasyrida

    Too many problems

    Yeah I think they changed it. I remember looking about a week ago when I was having all those problems. I mostly play multiplayer on wings since north american weeknights its the most populated server but it has been discouraging lately. On top of the problems listed lately ive been discoing every other time i try to exit the bombsight view, but ill need to test that more.
  6. Joeasyrida

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    I really like the he111h16 for its 8 250kgs internal, allows alot of ships to be taken in one go. The fw190a8 and k4 with mk108s and one 500kg bomb are also very nice because the mk108s can take out small gun boats. The allies pe2 and a20 are also good. I wouldnt bother using rockets against ships. Whenever I managed to score hits with any of the rockets I subjected my self to heavy punishment without seemingly dealing much in return and I've tried ros 132mms, br21s, and the p47 tubes.
  7. Joeasyrida

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    The password is on the taw website. The 109 turns better than yaks when the fight gets really slow, but then your an easy kill for enemy's. It depends on what 109 and the situation for throttle. Trimming the stabalizer is also important to control 109s, especially dive recovery and turn fights, in case you didn't know. Many good survival tips have been posted but I havent seen anyone say anything about how helpful clouds can be for fleeing and how helpful trees can be in clearing your 6.
  8. Joeasyrida

    What is your favourite plane

    Hard for me to pick between the twin engined twin verticle stabalizer aircraft pe2 and bf110, both are so versatile
  9. Joeasyrida

    BoS - Cannot shot down planes

    The yak's armament is not the best for a newer player imo, you dont have much to miss with. I'd reccomend a fighter like the la5, fw190, or bf109 where you have more firing time.
  10. Joeasyrida


    Red bombers can carry a max of 4 250s, 2 500s for pe2s or 4 250s and 8 100 kgs for the a20. You can carry 50s internally in the ju88 along with the 500s cant you? Blue looses because atleast when I'm on few germans attack objectives and communicate. I prefer the he111 and bf110 to the il2 and pe2 but when teams are often unbalanced and half the blue team is afraid to cross the front or fly below 3k i wouldnt expect much to change. I'm all for more unlocks though
  11. Better pilots than myself fly higher so I stay lower where I can jump people of my skill level or atleast drag a more skilled pilot lower for an easier kill for a teammate.
  12. Joeasyrida

    Need help

    Make sure both engines are selected using the 0, 1, and 2 keys, possibly none are selected
  13. Joeasyrida

    Need help

    I dont know what difficulty settings you play on but you may need to increase rpms. Does the gui show that you advance the throttle or does it not respond?
  14. Joeasyrida

    Was the U2Vs also used during ww2 ?

    I know the short comings of wikipedia but Google the po-2 or u-2vs and check it out. It was used for many roles : training, ground attack, recon, liaison, pysops, ect. They were cheap, available, and adaptable and therefore used for pretty much everything except as a fighter, but even then it is credited with a jet kill in Korea.
  15. Joeasyrida

    New to Great Battles

    The career mode follows historically what happened in each map, Moscow, Stalingrad, and finally Kuban. You can have the same pilot fly through all 3. You can also switch squadrons on the map to fly different planes or to get closer to the front. Kubans map is the best looking imo, but all of the maps are good. Pick the pack with the planes you like the most and go from there! I usually only do multiplayer or career so I cant speak on the campaigns but I'm sure there good.