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  1. In 18min all this player has done is kill 14 friendlys. Can they get perma banned? http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/pilot/16209/Axekav/?tour=46
  2. Joeasyrida

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    Hopefully the devs will reexamine Allison's with release of the p38. I wish tempatures dictated engine management too but i dont see that changing. I know the p39 was fast down low but i cant keep it there for more than 10 seconds and the p40 always has the vvs pilot account of them ignoring the manual in interest of survival. I dont want balance, just accuracy but I think the allisons get shafted with their strict timers worse than any other fighter.
  3. Joeasyrida

    russian bombers

    I've almost aced in flights with pe2 gunners although ill chalk that up to opponent incompetence. If you keep your tail towards enemys in bf110s and pe2s you give your gunner the best chance of hitting and expose only your engines, you are quite resilient from dead 6 in both planes. I am also aware that a pe2 on 1 engine isnt going to far but those engines can go a long time with damage and ive made some pretty long trips leaking everything. However i do often ensure the kill, but id say the only thing im half decent at in game is shooting (deflection and long range) so it usually doesnt take long at all but the pe2 seems to be the most resilient, definently moreso than any il2 variant (the concrete a/c irl). Sure ive managed to make engines explode with mc202 12.7s and snipe the pilot in bnz's but usually when i go for them i check my surroundings good cuz i know its gonna be a while.
  4. Joeasyrida

    russian bombers

    Here was my last pe2 kill, 334 hits to kill http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4122092/?tour=46 My only problem with the pe2 is that it is that they seem to be in a class of their own for toughness. I've wiped out rail yards with the same ammo expended. The gunners are also very hard to kill. Ive had my bf110, il2, ju87, a20, ect gunners killed and have killed enemy gunners with ease but i have never killed a pe2 gunner before the aircraft and maybe had 1 die in countless sorties. I dont have a problem with the gunners themselves. People attack aircraft with gunners from stupid angles and act suprised when the usual happens.
  5. I ditched WT 2 years ago and havent looked back. Wish I switched earlier. Spotting is hard but if you look for clues like aaa/flak and tracers you start seeing paterns and later you can predict enemy routes. Could also start out doing ground attack too
  6. Joeasyrida

    Noticed something weird with accuracy

    I'm 99% sure they were part of the black sea floatilla objective and i got points for them. Im thinking my mk108 burst into the il2 were the 4 hits. Im kicking myself because it crossed my mind to record the sortie The damage log doesnt make it clearer: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4093801/?tour=46
  7. Yesterday after destroying an il2 comming in low over one of the land bridges in the Crimea I swung out to sea to turn my mk108 on some of the small gunboats in the black sea. I destroyed 3, but i noticed something funny with my accuracy in the stats. It got me wondering because clearly the game registered my hits, is it simply just an issue with the way stats are recorded or are these small boats not supposed to be destroyable with 30-37mm cannon fire? Heres the stats: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4093801/?tour=46 Hopefully this is the right place for the question, not sure if it belongs in multiplayer or bugs but I dont think its a game bug. Just currious whats going on
  8. Joeasyrida

    What planes have boost

    I16 has boost button. Mc202 does too, i use it on max continious as well
  9. Joeasyrida

    Strong cannons now weak?

    Yeah it sucks, feels like the wing .30s are necessary now. I know the mk108 has more power on paper but a m4 hit seems less than half as effective which cant be right
  10. Joeasyrida

    Strong cannons now weak?

    It feels pretty inconsistant now, ub 12.7s are much worse, breddas and m2 brownings seem untouched, 37mms are trash now and 20mms are weird. I've had 1 20mm remove the vert stab from and il2 and othertimes it takes half your ammo load. I know my oberservations are not scientific and im not saying the old model was perfect but i think somewhere in the middle would feel right.
  11. Joeasyrida

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    I dont stop until the pilot leaves the plane or slumps over.
  12. Joeasyrida

    Too many problems

    Yeah I think they changed it. I remember looking about a week ago when I was having all those problems. I mostly play multiplayer on wings since north american weeknights its the most populated server but it has been discouraging lately. On top of the problems listed lately ive been discoing every other time i try to exit the bombsight view, but ill need to test that more.
  13. Joeasyrida

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    I really like the he111h16 for its 8 250kgs internal, allows alot of ships to be taken in one go. The fw190a8 and k4 with mk108s and one 500kg bomb are also very nice because the mk108s can take out small gun boats. The allies pe2 and a20 are also good. I wouldnt bother using rockets against ships. Whenever I managed to score hits with any of the rockets I subjected my self to heavy punishment without seemingly dealing much in return and I've tried ros 132mms, br21s, and the p47 tubes.
  14. Joeasyrida

    Stay alive in multiplayer

    The password is on the taw website. The 109 turns better than yaks when the fight gets really slow, but then your an easy kill for enemy's. It depends on what 109 and the situation for throttle. Trimming the stabalizer is also important to control 109s, especially dive recovery and turn fights, in case you didn't know. Many good survival tips have been posted but I havent seen anyone say anything about how helpful clouds can be for fleeing and how helpful trees can be in clearing your 6.
  15. Joeasyrida

    What is your favourite plane

    Hard for me to pick between the twin engined twin verticle stabalizer aircraft pe2 and bf110, both are so versatile