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  1. the d22 is the way to go as it is generally faster, better accelerating, and more stable. In our sim the p47 is out of its element as others have stated air to air: This is gonna sound weird talking about the p47, but keep it as light as possible if you can stand to. If I was a better pilot and had more patience to climb to 20k feet I would say take full fuel, but in our sim I would take as few guns, ordinance, ammo, and fuel as you can stand, use your flaps if you have to maneuver below 210mph, and use boost when you have to. Alternatively, take all 8 guns and extra ammo and take ever
  2. Invite sent, hopefully we can get some sorties or duels in soon.
  3. Cool, I’ll add you between now and Sunday maybe I’ll be on then
  4. When I started out I used to duel with skilled and willing people on berloga server and would hop on discord. Learned a lot. If you ever see me on there feel free to hit me up for some 1v1s. What is your time zone and when do you play? That may help to include. I won’t be free until probably next weekend but if you want to dm me your discord I would be down to practice some 1v1s. I’m mostly a ground attacker so there are probably plenty of better players who could help you more than myself though.
  5. Even if there was a mod to remove the mg17s that would be nice. Sadly I wouldnt expect anything to be fixed here. To me, this is more important than the dvd or the plane codes which I will virtually never notice except when taxiing and landing but to each their own I guess.
  6. What is the gun sighted in at? I had a hard time hitting anything faster and smaller than he111s with it
  7. I never heard that about the ffms in the 190, interesting. I thought the mk108 only had issues while firing under g loads of ~3.5 iirc too but I guess the option wouldn’t hurt. It just seems a little like a dice roll I guess and considering we have factory fresh aircraft which I think would include the weapons I dont think weapon malfunctions would be common enough to bother with modeling, but that’s just my opinion.
  8. I dont think weapon malfunctions would be good to have in mp. Idk about the mg/ff (not in game) but the mg/ffm tested on dornier 217 had an absurd round count before malfunction
  9. If u get used to the goofy rpm its very pleasantly fly! Mixture pushed to max if it’s getting too hot but you can also usually stay in combat mode for the majority of the missions I fly it.
  10. Glad it’s not just me. Nose guns are preferred here, but wing guns arnt a problem in other aircraft. I agree with you on the p40 100%. Strangely, ai seem to get far more out of the p40 than I could ever hope to.
  11. Spitfires, they fly nice, but I cant hit anything with their guns (which is consistent across other games).
  12. I feel ya on hispanos I cant hit anything with them (except the p38)! But they seem really good when they hit me.
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