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  1. Climbing and diving on unsuspecting targets and filling the engine(s), tail, and cockpit with projectiles works well in every plane. Really you should probably pick a plane (109, yak, spitfire, etc) or a few and really learn them inside out. Different opponents will require you to react and fight accordingly depending on your ride and their ride. there is the spec sheets but I don’t find the turn rates to be an accurate representation of how planes maneuver in comparison to each other
  2. Ima go p38 and 51 before the tempest cuz I don’t like cheeky britbongs ordering me around and flying it ends up like my Saturday nights if I hit the town with some of my friends who are bad influences. i also like having a longer firing time than life expectancy. I’ve yet to have a tempest get behind me where I couldn’t force an overshoot but I’ve been pk’d by .50s for about 90% of my deaths so far online.
  3. When I shoot a tempest with a mk108 and it takes 3 wing hits to come off I want to disagree but when I remove a 110 wing with mig 3 ub mg’s i have opposite feelings. It depends on the weapon used and the target aircraft. The damage model is pretty good but would like to see them refined at some point.
  4. I’m glad ai can and do black out at the same level humans do but the ai, at least the ace and veteran should control their planes better. It’s annoying to fight tempests that just throw their a/c into the trees once you start pulling lead on them. Usaf and bf109 ai rarely black out in my experience, probably due to the g suit and reclined seat. it is very amusing online though, I love the new system there
  5. I agree. Usually stuff like that doesn’t bother me but all the scribbling in the cockpit and the “shoddy” looks are unattractive, maybe because of the inconsistency with the other planes or because I’m used to the dcs module. I don’t mind the k4 but the d9 is a little over done for me. Externally it’s beautiful and it flys great so it won’t keep me out of it but still I wish it was a little “cleaner”.
  6. Nahhh I insist you keep them!😂 For me the pain is flying around for 30min without finding anyone. I love that the sky is full of shiny specks. The historical accuracy is fun too.
  7. I know a lot of people here cry bias on the spitfire and k4 websites and I don’t wanna go down that road but according to the Kurfürst website in 45 1/4 109s were k4s.
  8. It seems the only people who think things are unfair fly only 1 side. With the new view distance and how fast and well armed every plane is having an altitude or speed advantage along with seeing the opponent first (planes with good visibility helps a lot here) are the most important factors imo. Bringing a friend to the fight is even better.
  9. 10.1gb i think it will be pretty heavy with the view distance, planes, skins, maps, ground assets, and the sound fix. I cant wait to try everything.
  10. Mk108s can destroy buildings, small boats, and everything short. They are far better than hispanos. Their arcing trajectory is also nice when you are flying at tree top level so you don’t collide with the ground too.
  11. Both suck (in game) for ground attack, but mg151s, mk103/108s and HE yva23’s can destroy buildings (that’s right, even hangers and factory’s). Ive tried strafing buildings with hispanos and its a waste. Me trying to hit trucks and soft targets with cannons on the wings is pitiful as well. .50s can kill everything they can and with more ammo carried it’s an easy choice. However, my preference is for the cannons above for ground attack against soft targets. Hispanos are still the best choice for dropping aircraft imo.
  12. https://www.luftwaffe.cz/1945.html Has breakdowns for each month in 45 by the day. Hope it helps!
  13. Just like Bnz, you want to make a slashing attack, not come in head to head. Also throw some mg rounds at them from a distance to make gunners abandon their emplacement i also think that aa is better than irl is that one gun in game stands in for say 4 that would really be there protecting a target.
  14. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you but is to obvious to notice lol. iirc some aces like oeseau clung to their e’s to retain the twin cannon firepower
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