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  1. Thanks for the reply. Ive never seen hangers collapse either from .50. Yes it was in mp, that probably explains it.
  2. I’m not sure this is the place to address this, but I’m confused with the inconsistency of all aircraft armaments in regards to ground targets like buildings and dugouts. I’m getting back into the game now that I have more free time but I remember things like mg151s destroying buildings while shvaks and hispanos do nothing. Are they hitpoint based? Ive seen .50s strafing buildings in guncams but here they have no effect against structures. im not saying how it should be, but how it is currently confuses me.
  3. That or the speedometer was giving inaccurate readings at those extreme speeds. Fastest p40 speed I ever survived was pulling up at 530ish mph, probably skimmed the blades of grass. The only American plane I prefer in a dive is the 39.
  4. I do this, but I use flaps too once I get rolling (~20ish %). The only thing harder than taking off the ju88 is landing it, but once airborne it handles like a dream. Good luck!
  5. Interesting. Not to derail but a fighter bomber then? I feel like calling it an attacker doesnt do it justice
  6. I did this and got shredded. (To be fair, I cherry picked the 110e.) Ai effectiveness seems to greatly depend on the aircraft they fly. Also fighting different combinations of enemy’s like mig3s and i16s at the same time makes things much more interesting. E7 jabos that took off with full fuel, bomb racks, extra armor are slow and lose the e series maneuverability. Hs129s with no escort are more survivable. Flying e7 careers are very difficult, almost very mission fails and half your flight gets decimated. In my experience ship AAA has always been the nastiest th
  7. Anyone who was able to hop in the a6, what kinda mods do we get? similar to the a8?
  8. Guessing the majority of 190s were prioritized as jabos or were their numbers similar or less?
  9. Mgs lack power in quick snapshots but a decent angle off burst into the fuselage of a fighter/attack aircraft or the engine nacelles of heavier aircraft work for me. I would be lying if I said I noticed much of a difference between .50s or 7-8mms, maybe the smaller guns rate of fire (ie hurricane) makes up for their lack of size.
  10. The twin engines we are getting, 410, 88c, 234, and mosquito The typhoon will be fun to try out as well. No idea why but that’s my favorite English plane.
  11. I’m not saying it’s modeled correctly but projectiles hardly stay on a uniform path once they hit a solid. With all projectiles in this game hitting from dead 6 is probably the worst thing you can do, even a slight angle off seems to help significantly with hit detection
  12. This is purely speculation but generally speaking 190s went after bombers (not that 109s did not) and did ground attack more often so I think it was in higher risk roles than the 109 and possibly more survivable than that would suggest. Not to discredit the 109
  13. I cant connect to wings of liberty any more but I’d buy the yak9 if I could. I got the 9t and hurricane preordered, I’ll grab the 9 at some point too
  14. I only would let irl friends in my gunner seat because after bf110/pe2 tail gets sawn off by a couple randos locking the position is the move.
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