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  1. The p40 will probably be better as a fighter bomber, at least in my hands but the hurricane will probably be more fun to fight in with 12 wing mg’s or the 4 hispanos and its wonderful turn rate. The hurricane will be fun to take against tanks if the 40mms are available.
  2. All good to hear, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard about Air Marshal
  3. Even with just haze people cry. People draw the line for realism differently I guess. I don’t know why you would want things to be realistic like no gps, go through the effort to make it so players have to taxi by placing objects around to make it difficult to just gun the throttle to take off but feel immersed flying everyday flying the same weather and time of day. The rain and weather effects are one of the sims strong points and it is a bummer it gets swept aside
  4. I agree but the difference to me is far less than say our e7 to f4 or g6 or k4 if you stay light on fuel, the a8 can be thrown around pretty good with boost on
  5. I’m unsure, but I have never heard that. Reading about the 801 is tricky because there’s a lot of inaccurate info out there, people mix up the c3 injection (Mostly if not exclusively used by jabos, increased power and due consumption below 1.5ish km) and boost, some claim that 190a’s had mw50 injection, etc. Im guessing the a6 will be similar to our a5, if there’s a jabo mod it will have c3 injection, if not it will be 1.42 ata and may be faster at altitude and slower than the a8 on the deck, but this is just speculation. All 190a’s feel and fight similar to me, the difference isn’t as dramatic as it is in 109s to me. I just hope we get some of the fun toys like the mk103 pods or the rare external air intakes that increased power at high alt that were used around the Normandy time frame and not just an a5 with a8 wings and br21s.
  6. It will be interesting to see. Early versions would have a5ish engine settings, later fighter versions could have erhohte notleistung (boost). Of course at this point jabos would be cleared for c3 injection. I am not sure if the outboard mg151s Are optional but if that’s the case and we receive erhohte notleistung (which I believe by Normandy was cleared) it could be the fastest Anton we will see if we don’t get an a9. Hopefully what we get is a little more than an a5 with a8 wings.
  7. It could have been lag, but in about the middle of December I was doing a jabo 190 attack on combat box and was severely injured causing my pilot to pass out. Somehow I woke up in somewhat level flight despite missing most of my control surfaces and slowly due to the injury turned the plane towards friendly lines, but just died randomly in mid air while making my way back. Stats indicated I was not jumped on my way back. I’m not sure but it seemed like I bleed out mid flight. I think this was the sortie, guess it was lag or something http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/255453/?tour=16
  8. I like the extra ammo too. I don’t like dropping the mg’s completely because it removes the rear armor as well which really seems to help (unlike say the 110e engine armor). I’ve noticed on all American planes that taking less fuel really does help, especially here and the p47.
  9. Do you fly without the mg’s? the 39 seems more stable with them but seems more responsive and slightly more agile without
  10. Yes, but I never noticed projectiles ricocheting off aircraft. Guess I should have expected it to be modeled given it is when ground attacking and with tank crew, but I wasn’t sure.
  11. It was most likely packet loss I don’t think this game does ricochets if you were shooting at a flat angle and the .50s were glancing/deflecting, especially if you saw the “puffs”. War thunder had the same problem back when I played it were you could see large caliber rounds (mk103/108, 37mms, ect) “sparkle” upon hit which caused no damage, which iirc was caused by packet loss. Against aircraft in a tail chase 700m is gonna be the max range where you can effectively do damage. Head to head closure rates will let you open up at 1.3km. I see see people bring up 2000m shots irl against human targets but the guns in your wing are not a precision rifle shooting mk211 .50.
  12. By the time I bought il2 46, this game was already out. I got Stalingrad and Moscow a couple weeks after. I remember the he111h16 came out a couple days into me playing this game. I got into il2 after growing disillusioned by warthunder and trying the old il2 on my little brothers pc who had track ir and all that. That really made an impression. the most retro fs I ever played was some f16 game on an uncles computer when I was probably about 10. Not long after I got an older ace combat game for ps2 but had trouble back then not lawndarting every 30 seconds.
  13. How bout they just swap the pe2 and jug damage model 😎 my experiences are like marks, but I must add that in my experience being rammed in an il2 = death while you would think the strong il2 would fair far better. Late war aircraft and the mig and i16 seem right but the vvs Stalingrad and kuban fighters seem like the best choice for the kamikazes out there.
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