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  1. The twin engines we are getting, 410, 88c, 234, and mosquito The typhoon will be fun to try out as well. No idea why but that’s my favorite English plane.
  2. I’m not saying it’s modeled correctly but projectiles hardly stay on a uniform path once they hit a solid. With all projectiles in this game hitting from dead 6 is probably the worst thing you can do, even a slight angle off seems to help significantly with hit detection
  3. This is purely speculation but generally speaking 190s went after bombers (not that 109s did not) and did ground attack more often so I think it was in higher risk roles than the 109 and possibly more survivable than that would suggest. Not to discredit the 109
  4. I cant connect to wings of liberty any more but I’d buy the yak9 if I could. I got the 9t and hurricane preordered, I’ll grab the 9 at some point too
  5. I only would let irl friends in my gunner seat because after bf110/pe2 tail gets sawn off by a couple randos locking the position is the move.
  6. I prefer twin engine aircraft that are able to dive well with a 20mm or 4 so I will hop in it i play this for fun, not muh stats
  7. The mc202 is my favorite premium. It’s quirky and fun to learn. Before the damage model changes I had no problems with the x2 12.7s paired with the 7.7s. Good bursts to the cockpit or engine nacelles caused pk’s and fires easily enough.
  8. Wi here Ive been on quite the hiatus but hopefully I’ll be back in il2 in a week or so!
  9. Yeah I have a handful of friends who would play but the game + stick, throttle, (I don’t even have peddles) and track ir is too much of an investment.
  10. And I hope they never do that here. memkiii is correct about the the 109s rpm controls but I just wanted to add that while probably possible, i don’t think many would be able to manually outperform the automatic setting
  11. Lag-3/p40 vs mc202 spit v vs bf109f2 spit ix vs fw190a bf109g6 vs p47 Tempest/stang vs d9 For myself I like taking a 110g vs p38s
  12. Just finish the mission when your plane is shut off and at a complete stop or you crash land (hopefully in friendly territory). Usually when you get your plane back to base in one piece it goes back into the airfields inventory and you receive a better score than ditching it. I think rearming had some issues and isn’t widely used online yet.
  13. The 129s lack of speed is the major issue for me and this weakness manifests itself in a few ways. I often lawndart the 129 when I could pull out of a dive in a 110 or il2 by punching more gas where the 129 keeps sinking. It is also harder to avoid aa and enemy fighters with the slower speed. Running away is simply not an option if things go wrong. The 110 also feels more durable, not that the 129 falls to pieces instantly but it can’t get out of its way so when you get hit you get hit a lot and it also seems to start on fire easily. The rear gunner on the 110 and the better visibility make maintaining situational awareness much easier. The 129 is probably a better turner than the 110, but the 110 has more forgiving handling imo. Have any hatches open? The ap belt has killed sdkfz 251s for me so maybe if you were in a very light vehicle it could be possible
  14. Good to see this, I haven’t had much time to do much more than a quick sortie here and there between moving, work, and musical commitments. hopefully these numbers indicate sales so the devs can keep up the amazing progress. I haven’t been around too much and don’t want to derail but has there been any word on Air Marshal lately?
  15. Could it be possible that something like your throttle axis (for example) is also mapped to your elevator controls?
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