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  1. I say a8 for its heavy firepower and versatility. With boost and flaps it turns surprisingly well and is still very fast down low. The a8 is also the longest serving bobo axis craft (early summer 44 iirc) and knowledge gained in it will translate to the d9 and earlier A's. If your really about TnB though maybe the g14 will be a safer option if the 190 stall catches you. Redkestrel mentioned navigation, the nice thing about axis craft is that many have the option if not default to carry a radio compass that will point you back home unless the beacon was destroyed.
  2. Blue 1. Bf110 2. Fw190a Red 1. A20 2. La5f Honorable mentions are p39, he111, lagg3, and ju87
  3. I'd like a p63 among the other planes listed
  4. All you gotta do to start online is pick a server and know how to fly your plane! (If you go in fighters I'd say learn how to ID enemies 1st too)
  5. It's very fast and easy to fly, has a good forward armament for bombers, maneuvers well, and has an excellent bomb load. It's all there. Maybe a bit fragile but our version is not weighed down with extra armor or self sealing tanks and tbh I kinda appreciate that.
  6. The airframe of the p47 is well armored enough, just all radial engines(bmw801, m82, ect) in game are terrible at receiving damage. Another thing that may just be me are that planes that were historically stronk (p47, lagg3, pe2, ect) seem to soak up cannons but get lit on fire or their control surfaces shredded with mg's and vice versa. This is consistent for me between aaa shooting the aircraft or enemy planes.
  7. Yak-3/Yak-9/La-7/p63/Il10 Bf109g10/g6as/fw190a9/ta152/ju87d5 Depends on where on the front they wanna do it. If they dont want the g6as or ta could do the fw189 If they did the Mediterranean the ju87d5, bf110f, and Italian planes would fill out the axis
  8. If it's really not any of the things you mentioned (trim, rads, fuel (makes more of a difference than some think), loadout), I would wonder if they consistantly damage their a/c on takeoff or something like that. I cant see having a poor connection or a slow computer causing such problems
  9. I'd like a late war eastern scenario to complete that side of things. Could give them time to house keep and I'd be down for anything after
  10. I dont know exact distances(, I think short may be inside 1km) but here's what I find optimal: Medium for Bf110 Ju87 Pe2 Ju88 Long for He111 A20 Po2 Il2 Slower planes that stay near the deck will have the enemy close faster in bnz passes so I like my gunners to have the longest possible time to shoot. On the a20 where the gunner takes a while to open and deploy the gun I also set it to long to have the gunner preemptively deploy the mg. On other planes medium works well to score hits and save ammo. I'd set the ju87 to long but when I do I routinely run out of ammo.
  11. You have full control when blacked out even though you cant see
  12. Good luck finding the mc202s gauge! 🤣
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