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  1. I totally agree. I bought my 1080ti just before the bitcoin thing, got it for £600. The prices being touted these days for performance NVidia cards, means it would need to be a very very significant improvement over my 1080ti for me t even think about it. A good branded 2080ti goes for £1300-£1500. If the new 3080's come in at a similar price, I'll be passing if there isn't at least 50% boost and even then it'll be a boozy Friday night shouldn't be online impulse buy.
  2. What Von Rickenbecker said is a good set up.I used a MSFFB with a 20cm extension for a while using similar measurements It was a hack job which comprised of a length of pvc tube and the standard MSFFB grip (wiring extend) mounted on top I removed the rudder pot and left that external to the main base, with a plan to use it in a throttle of some sort, but never did it. I had it mounted about 6" below seat height (not on the floor) and a couple of inches forward. The short throw of the MSFFB makes it ideal for extensions and providing the stick is not too heavy, feedback remains strong too. But as Rickenbecker linked, there is a mod you can do to increase force from the motors. I love what you've done here Rickenbecker Any plans to look at an Albatros set up?
  3. Well on my part, I'm happy with the Index. I play in a darkened room and it looks good to me in game. Also if I'm not using the Index the next HMD is the Pimax and that is too rich for my pocket. So for me, even if glare is a problem in other games, it does the trick in BoX Still happy with my upgrade. It was that or carry on with the CV1 with a faulty speaker and god rays. It fits nicely making it comfortable to wear, better than the CV1, feels well built and the sound is great.
  4. I only play BoX in VR, so I can't comment on other games. But I'm not seeing any glare, certainly not he god rays the CV1 has.
  5. Index arrived. First impressions are very positive. It's slightly heavier than the CV1, but more comfortable to wear. Also build quality feels better. Screen clarity and sweet spot is an improvement over the CV1, but to be honest my 50+ year old eyes aren't going to benefit as much as a 20/20 young dood will get. but I can see the improvement and I'm happy with that. All in all happy with the Index and definitely feel it's an upgrade
  6. J2_SteveF


    No I don't ever expect it to, coming from a mainly online RoF player. But I would like to see a little fight in the AI offline At the moment they don't even match the AI in RoF.
  7. J2_SteveF


    I hope the AI in FC gets a good look at before release. At the moment all they seem to do is dive to the deck to evade, no matter what skill you give the AI. They need to be more aggressive I've made the switch from a RoF and a dedicated pit to FC and VR. Because of that I will be focusing on SP in FC and at the moment fighting the AI is getting pretty boring
  8. ,I'd go for the 2070 super over the vanilla 2070, close to 2080 performance and about £50 more expensive than toe standard 2070
  9. Thanks guys, I've ordered an Index and one base station. Was looking at the Rift S, but I'm on my second CV1 after a screen failed on my original and now a speaker has failed on the replacement.
  10. What happened to the Rift settings. I can only See Pimax and Oddessey settings in the first post.
  11. I've yet to see anywhere that demo's VR in London. So not as cut and dried as you think. I first tried VR by actually buying a Rift, based on feedback I'd seen on this and other forum. IMO, the info Chili puts out there is very valuable, images included
  12. Going to add a note here. Just to underline the excellent service provided by Cheb I recently damaged my KG13 in a freak accident while re organising my pit. I had managed to damage my KG13 around the trigger housing. I contacted Cheb (AKA Paval/Paul) to see if there was anything we could do. Despite not making any runs of KG13 at the moment, he printed me up a new body with an upgraded mini din connector housing and not only that, he also created a series of videos to show how me how to move all my switches across. Beyond excellent service IMO, one that none of the major brands can live up to. Thanks Paul. Your continuing support is most appreciated mate 👍
  13. If you need to upgrade, BoX is single threaded, so look for a good single thread performance. i7-9900K/ 9700K or i5 9600K if you want to save a bit of cash. Which is pretty much on par with the advice above. Although I don't think your current system is that bad, it's not far of current high end. The money needed to get you to i7-9900K and a 2080Ti is a huge amount for minimal performance increase. You will see an improvement, but for the money it'll cost you, I'd leave it a bit longer before updating.
  14. 15cm Sahaj extension, using no curves and like above, to me it feels right.
  15. I'd advise reading through the 2 stickied posts on VR settings. Some good tips in there to get the most out of VR. Playing full real in VR is a challenge because of the ability to spot. Definitely more of a challenge in VR vs a monitor for spotting I have a Rift but fly almost exclusively with a monitor over VR. But then VR is nice to go up in every now and again. And nice to see you're sill about Peace Steve (Brigstock) :)
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