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  1. J2_SteveF

    Toying with the idea of VR

    I agree with Chili, get a cheap used HMD first to see if it is for you I have been toying with VR since the DK2. On my second Rift now too. First one packed in after a year. It's a great experience flying in VR. However there are some limitations. I tend to fly mostly in 2D, with an occasional sortie in VR now and again. Some people love VR and jump completely in. Other don't get on with it at all I'm in the middle and just dip my toes now and again. I have a pit which means I'm restricted to the same views as a real pilot of the time. Except I'm in my 50's and my neck is no longer "on a swivel" So checking six is very difficult. I have to zig-zag every few moments to check behind. But that combined with spotting in VR, means it's very easy to be bounced.
  2. Waiting for Chiliwili to report back
  3. J2_SteveF

    IL2 firend loss

    RIP Mongoose Remembered from !L2 and from his posts on SimHq Sad news
  4. Seems to me Facebook is trying to force Oculus down a different route. I'm not holding out for a update for CV1. I'm keeping an eye on the competition. WMR is picking up momentum, especially with the Samsung HMD and Pimax looks promising too.
  5. I've seen posts about how poor Thrustmaster support has been lately. This is not he first time I've heard about not being sold spares or if they do they are totally over priced. IMO it's a cynical push to buy new again. I have a Warthog now, but when it needs to be replaced eventually, I will look at the boutique style hardware guys that are around now. GLV and BRD etc. Already have a set of Slaw 109 pedals that are 4 years old and perform exactly as they did out of the box.
  6. Interested see how you feel about the Pimax when you get it. I've had VR since the DK2's came out. However my main sim is RoF, so VR was just an occasional novelty for me. I do like VR, but I fly mostly online and also from a dedicated pit of sorts with a fixed chair. Which makes checking 6 difficult or anything outside of 180 forward view to be honest. Now we have FC, I plan to use my CV1 more So how you find the Pimax and how much it improves clarity and FOV over the CV1will be interesting. If it works well for you the Pimax might be my next move and what pushes me into the "only VR" crowd.
  7. J2_SteveF

    4K Skins from the dude

    Nice to see you back Skinning Dude
  8. I'm not hurt or upset or offended. Just asked a simple question as the event is still in planning. If everything stays as it is ...well, that's fine.
  9. Why run it at the same time as the Syndicate missions. There is sod all WWI sim action online. Why put the only action up at the same time. Couldn't it be a Saturday?
  10. J2_SteveF

    What's next?

    Very good question.
  11. J2_SteveF

    Sell Throttle GVL

    Love that trim wheel module
  12. J2_SteveF

    Dynamic Mission, by TheOden.

    Thanks BladeMeister That topic was born out of this one Buzz asked on ATAG because of this thread. Seems your link to Ver 6 is the latest we can get
  13. J2_SteveF

    1000+ skinpack BOS/BOM

    The way RoF managed skins was much better. The Skin packs in RoF kept it well organised. Personally I think we need a central location to be able to get shared skin packs. Does anyone remember Flybert's Chateaux from RB3D days. We desperately need something similar
  14. J2_SteveF

    Dynamic Mission, by TheOden.

    Thanks guys Got Ver 5 now. That should do it.
  15. J2_SteveF

    Dynamic Mission, by TheOden.

    Cheers Buzzsaw