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  1. I've yet to see anywhere that demo's VR in London. So not as cut and dried as you think. I first tried VR by actually buying a Rift, based on feedback I'd seen on this and other forum. IMO, the info Chili puts out there is very valuable, images included
  2. Going to add a note here. Just to underline the excellent service provided by Cheb I recently damaged my KG13 in a freak accident while re organising my pit. I had managed to damage my KG13 around the trigger housing. I contacted Cheb (AKA Paval/Paul) to see if there was anything we could do. Despite not making any runs of KG13 at the moment, he printed me up a new body with an upgraded mini din connector housing and not only that, he also created a series of videos to show how me how to move all my switches across. Beyond excellent service IMO, one that none of the major brands can live up to. Thanks Paul. Your continuing support is most appreciated mate 👍
  3. If you need to upgrade, BoX is single threaded, so look for a good single thread performance. i7-9900K/ 9700K or i5 9600K if you want to save a bit of cash. Which is pretty much on par with the advice above. Although I don't think your current system is that bad, it's not far of current high end. The money needed to get you to i7-9900K and a 2080Ti is a huge amount for minimal performance increase. You will see an improvement, but for the money it'll cost you, I'd leave it a bit longer before updating.
  4. 15cm Sahaj extension, using no curves and like above, to me it feels right.
  5. I'd advise reading through the 2 stickied posts on VR settings. Some good tips in there to get the most out of VR. Playing full real in VR is a challenge because of the ability to spot. Definitely more of a challenge in VR vs a monitor for spotting I have a Rift but fly almost exclusively with a monitor over VR. But then VR is nice to go up in every now and again. And nice to see you're sill about Peace Steve (Brigstock) :)
  6. It's not easy to set up the track IR to zoom. Default lean behaviour is like real life. You will get closer to the interments but it won't zoom in to the distance. Like reality laeaning into the instruments will make them bigger, but looking at a distant object you are only a few inches closer. I prefer to use my hat switch to zoom in and out.
  7. I know this is a joke vid and Talbot has got a few bites with his bait, but I'd hate to see shooting chutes as acceptable online. I kind of like the gentleman's way of doing things in WW1 sims.
  8. I agree with Chili, get a cheap used HMD first to see if it is for you I have been toying with VR since the DK2. On my second Rift now too. First one packed in after a year. It's a great experience flying in VR. However there are some limitations. I tend to fly mostly in 2D, with an occasional sortie in VR now and again. Some people love VR and jump completely in. Other don't get on with it at all I'm in the middle and just dip my toes now and again. I have a pit which means I'm restricted to the same views as a real pilot of the time. Except I'm in my 50's and my neck is no longer "on a swivel" So checking six is very difficult. I have to zig-zag every few moments to check behind. But that combined with spotting in VR, means it's very easy to be bounced.
  9. RIP Mongoose Remembered from !L2 and from his posts on SimHq Sad news
  10. Seems to me Facebook is trying to force Oculus down a different route. I'm not holding out for a update for CV1. I'm keeping an eye on the competition. WMR is picking up momentum, especially with the Samsung HMD and Pimax looks promising too.
  11. I've seen posts about how poor Thrustmaster support has been lately. This is not he first time I've heard about not being sold spares or if they do they are totally over priced. IMO it's a cynical push to buy new again. I have a Warthog now, but when it needs to be replaced eventually, I will look at the boutique style hardware guys that are around now. GLV and BRD etc. Already have a set of Slaw 109 pedals that are 4 years old and perform exactly as they did out of the box.
  12. Interested see how you feel about the Pimax when you get it. I've had VR since the DK2's came out. However my main sim is RoF, so VR was just an occasional novelty for me. I do like VR, but I fly mostly online and also from a dedicated pit of sorts with a fixed chair. Which makes checking 6 difficult or anything outside of 180 forward view to be honest. Now we have FC, I plan to use my CV1 more So how you find the Pimax and how much it improves clarity and FOV over the CV1will be interesting. If it works well for you the Pimax might be my next move and what pushes me into the "only VR" crowd.
  13. Nice to see you back Skinning Dude
  14. I'm not hurt or upset or offended. Just asked a simple question as the event is still in planning. If everything stays as it is ...well, that's fine.
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