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  1. i cannot work it out thats why i'm here .
  2. I was looking at the sheriff sim schack video A5 tutorial and it says it has the booster same as the A8 but it wont appear on my A5 , can someone clarify pls .
  3. glad i now have have more than one method in manipulating alphas with PS . appreciate your detailed support .
  4. so i must delete anything that is colored from the alpha layer to stop the super imposing of colors of the same tint to avoid reaching the 100% danger point ?
  5. here is a pic using your method 65 % black , i am still having that issue of the black getting transparent , how do i fix that ?
  6. ok this explains why we dont have the base on the map , adjust the heading and proceed . thanks
  7. this morning crossing the rhine mission 10 am thailand time i tried to take off from allied base Y-70 in a A20 only to find myself in the air at 2000 mt heading at 45 dgrs at an unknown location . I then exited and tried again this time in a spitfire and the result was the same .
  8. what causes this in manipulating the alpha ? the spinner colors are merged into the camo layer i adjusted .
  9. so it becomes an alpha with just black and white to cover all the surface a bit like NM alphas . For the oil streaks texture layer how do you add its own set of black and white to render it glossy ? In my experiment i adjusted the level tool for each layer of paint and that works fine if thats your goal , deleting all the alpha color and texturing layers and adding the black and white for general cover is what i will test for the first time .
  10. after converting a file copy to greyscale following your method of using only the opacity bar where are the 2 black and white layers ? did you add them ? i still have for example RLM 74 as one camo layer and RLM 75 below and Rlm 76 lower surface . I tried using the level tool and it worked fine on a color layer in this case reducing the shine , i will use the level tool for the oil streaks you mentioned and render them more gloss .
  11. MEGALEX you prefer to work with levels to adjust the shine for painted surfaces . I will try that . With NM i used curves to tone down the given alpha file and it works very well . working on it very slowly and then testing and testing . thank you all for tips , appreciated
  12. too many clouds in every mission , we cannot bomb from high altitude , we spend 20-30mn getting to target only to abort . Could you please consider much less clouds over the Rhein map . We know in reality the difficulties the RAF and USAAf faced with bad weather but this is a game and we are wasting our time .
  13. so far only the NM templates i have have the alpha , i am seeking to develop my own alpha for the painted templates that require an increase or decrease of brilliance . As i mentioned above to go flat is easy but sometimes its a bit too flat .
  14. if i succeed in making my own that would render me totally independant both for BM and painted surfaces ..
  15. It had to be from the original , thanks tip . i will start working on what you mentioned . One more thing while we are on the subject , i have a skin with its alpha as usual and its born already shiny even though its a fully painted surface " FW190 " . I want to eliminate the shine or reduce it , if i remove the alpha all together there is no shine left at all , full flat . But if i want to keep a little shine trying to manipulate levels and curves it is only rendering it darker or brighter , its not reducing or increasing the shine , in this case what is the solution or how do you go about increasing or decreasing the shine only .
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