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  1. dog1

    Russian alphabet question

    please correct where wrong with correct letter
  2. dog1

    what is written below pls

    BRANO YAK 1 B I agree with you i noticed that too , Osprey gets many things wrong . I dont use their prints as references since a long time . Thank you for links , will go through them and archive for future use .
  3. dog1

    Russian alphabet question

    Aurelius i have this letter in the alphabet so can i use that as replacement ?
  4. hello i cannot find this letter and accent in the alphabet , can someone clarify both please , its a slogan on the fuselage .
  5. dog1

    what is written below pls

    new interface
  6. dog1

    what is written below pls

    this is Savkin In the first image according to Osprey Yak aces ,here it says he is L.P.Savkin . i corrected to Lt L.P.Savkin 3 GIAP , Baltic region . Thank you everyone for your help .
  7. dog1

    Yak-1 (Series 69) skins

    uploaded to M4T
  8. dog1

    Yak-1b (Series 127) skins

    uploaded today at M4T
  9. dog1

    what is written below pls

    so the second one is GIAP not IAP ?
  10. hello what is written below each print pls ? the winter camo seems to be as third image below , while for the 1 B model i have gotten this far .Yak-1B, 3 AIR FORCE Lieutenant CBF vIAP Savkin l p summer 1943 year using interpreter , can someone correct please .
  11. dog1

    Skin Begging

    1) the problem is to find historically correct and clear images of the unit in question . there is a lot of improvisation out there , even osprey is not reliable at times i find . If the documentation and images are reliable i take the plunge . You have to be able to defend your work . If you use reliable sources that already is a major filter . 2) You dont have to worry about the Mustang units present at Bodenplatte and beyond . I am ready for the Blue noses ,yellow noses etc a soon as the template is out . There is a lot of available documentation for the P51 units . I have done most of them for IL2 previously , all available at M4T . I will do them all for this sim . 3) I dont skin 2 engine bombers , boring . 4) P47''s are all about nose art and i have never mastered that . 5) P38's , this fighter is going to be a major problem , in previous sims you could not skin the outer section of the opposite boom and rudder , some technical issue , lets see if the issue does'nt exist with this sim . 6) i play the career mode on both sides as part of my exploring the game and tips for mission building and i do take note of units needed . So this is an ongoing operation . 7) when playing career i find the best way is to fill the skin folders only with what is available and with similar alternatives needed for the mission to look as realistic as possible , So if you dont have staffel 2 group 1 you might find staffel 3 of the 2 or 3 group . the work continues
  12. dog1

    Stalingrad movie sound as intro

    How can i replace the intro sound with that off the movie Stalingrad , the German one . easy steps please , i'm no engineer . https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108211/
  13. dog1

    P-39 Skins...

    212 GIAP soon at M4 T the last image number 47 with a slogan is pilot unknown .
  14. dog1

    Bf109 G14 skins

    FRENCHY56 thank you for pointing out , i am correcting and will reupload today as V2 with comment .
  15. thanks crazyduck , i use the russian language from windows and downloaded copy image russian/english keyboard . seems to work well . Revenge is a verb , its an action as far as i am concerned .