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  1. DUTCH2 Most probably they wanted the kids market and for that they coul'dnt have kids getting scared and panicking or feeling dizzy . The Fresnel lens apparently helps with this . If you take a look at VIVE web site you will see all their programme is around kids stuff .
  2. HunDread What if MOOSYA's tip works as i am to find out would you do it ?
  3. IMO those who criticize so openly have not been through the manuals and practiced , i practised for months before i started getting a little sofisticated . In 1999 when Combat Flight Simulator 2 came out the developers even forget to declare it in the manual and was found later by chance by enthusiasts digging in the files and it popped up with start up icon and all . Years of enjoyment followed through the SOH website . Today we have the most advanced ME since the CFS2 ME which is still very valid . There is lot off room for improvement in what we have with multiple choices for each trigger and event , so the sky is the limit . The ME of the old IL2 was and is way too simple and extremely limited , i think Maddox was more interested in online . I remember then he did take a look at the CFS2 ME and was thinking of copying some of the ideas .
  4. MOOSYA hello Before i begin ordering stuff from outside thailand which is extremely expensive due to customs added tax , up to 100 % plus freight , may i ask you wether you went through this experience and you solved the issue this way ? can you see clearly the objects such as aircraft with their markings , airfield objects such as AAA etc at a distance of say 150-250 mt ? parked , flying ? to put it much easier will it reach the standard of what we see with a 144HRZ monitor ? we cannot expect better than that for the coming years taking into consideration all technical aspects and hardware available . Is this the one i must order ? Samsung Gear VR (2016) - GS7s, Note 5, GS6s (US Version w/ Warranty - Discontinued by Manufacturer by Manufacturer) The downloaded files i must send by email to the printer company listed above ? I believe zips dont go through gmail anymore , do i upload to mediafire for example and give them the link ? how do i get the printed units to my address ? international courier ? sorry if i'm tedious but i've never done this before and i really want to go ahead now . the printer is not replying to day being Sunday but i'll be on to them in the morning their time and get going without delay . the video is excellent explaining all the details for replacement and eye tests . appreciate support thanks
  5. hello Its a month now since i purchased my HTC VIVE set and i am disappointed . I am looking through chiseled glass and all aircraft and objects are not clear at all . Tried everything . When not in VR using TRACK IR the limpidity of my monitor is amazing in comparison . I have a 144 hrz 32 inch curved and i get up too 150 FPS , no complaints here . In VR i started using my glasses in the set but still no improvement , can someone recommend some kind of glasses i can use when in VR which improves the resolution , limpidity , clarity maybe some trick to do away with this chisel effect on the screen . i am using the steam developer mod super sampling but i dont see any difference with or without .
  6. ignore , i found out my rear VR box station was on and when i switched it off it ceased doing so .
  7. hello Today and for the first time my TI began flickering at random , i changed port and also reinstalled the driver but exactly the same issue . Found nothing useful on google . Can someone please help.
  8. Spawn its way too much work if we are talking about 30-40 planes involved . Just imagine what the mission looks like , hundreds of criss crossing lines and total confusion once you start fine tuning . I also remember clearly with combat flight simulator 2 20 years ago the spawned objects pop up on the mission map only when ordered to . Maybe spawn MCU could be modified to be more independent by link to object or objects unlimited , one start and timer and same timer to one WP if they are all linked to leader going to that WP or WP's if others are not following the leader of the flight but at the same time . Then again a parallel set up for another flight with a different schedule and flight plan . just a thought .
  9. i tried placing one begin and timer for each object with different timing , for example in my case its 3 planes on the runway , in one case 2 planes took off and one disappeared , in the second attempt 2 disappeared on the runway before take off . If i dont bother about delay timing just one begin and timer is enough for a large number of objects activation .
  10. the objects "planes " attached to the lead plane do not react . i tried adding as object the spawner to each plane but no improvement . Does spawner work only for one object ? and if so you have to repeat adding begin timer spawner for each object ?
  11. HETZER what was the violet message from the spawner and to what MCU or object ? I have tried spawner but without the violet message and strangely enough it deleted the object connected to the spawner while the remaining 5 planes remained on the runway .
  12. Panp the 2 red dots are equally spaced out in the camera screen above the monitor only , not in the TRACK IR set up display screen , all the the rest is fine .
  13. STUTTERS ONLINE hello when playing online i 'm having stutters when looking out of the cockpit , i am using track Ir , smooth to maximum , my FPS is very good always above 100- 120 , can someone pls give me some tips or where to look to remove this problem . tks in advance .
  14. Talon thats strange , yesterday i died but got my 3 parked planes points in that mission . thats what sparked my question today .
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