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  1. A couple of questions: If i close my account do i lose all my purchases ? Can i still play online through my Steam account which is merged ?
  2. ATT: owners Combat Box Red Flight server Dear sirs I am being taunted , harassed and abused by a player while on your server , forum and I am also receiving private messages in my box which I have not read but I have no doubt as to their origin . I have written today to IL2 management support requesting their input and guidance since this is the first time I am faced with such a situation . At no time have I ever replied to any of the abuse in chat in game or messages nor did I cause such reactions from a third party , On the contrary it was I who began reporting unorthodox game pl
  3. RED Kestrel First of all i am not a dude so respect others and yourself . My message is to the moderators and is clear . I and we wish to know if it is legal within the frame work of this website to have 2 accounts with 2 stats as i have clearly demonstrated above . To the best of my knowledge you are allowed 1 email and 1 account .The issue of adding more names under the same account has been clarified as long as its not too close to someone else's name as we have seen lately . I now await the comments of the owners of the site and the moderators .
  4. Playing with 2 registered names in stats There is a pilot Rache der Boot position 84 in rating who is playing under another registered name as 10211 position 372 . I was shot down by 10211 who strangely enough does not have my kill registered as a medium kill and the name was printed below the title as pilot Rache Der Boot one moment then the second time I checked the name was removed " how did he access the stats official page edit " . It now appears only as player 10211 in stats . I checked again Rache Der Boot and the kill medium Crimea mission 8 feb is registered there and not in
  5. gameplay questions 1) Crossing the rhine mission : I took of from Limburg and landed at Bonn Hangelar and i got the ditched result Landed not on airfield . Why is that ? 2) Recon : I tried recon for the first time and flying at 1000mt over the objects i encountered heavy flak and more the recon was aborted and i was told to repeat . Does recon recognize if i fly low say 300mt at high speed but not exactly over the object but 100mt away ?
  6. REF : RACHE Der BOOT issue PSYRION what he did today 31 january 2021 3 pm BKK time the 262 menace mission was to join another teams name initial , in this case its the TWC_.... players and added a name to it , it was TWC_Plimp , he then exited the mission about 45 mn later after his 2 kills and relogged in again using one off his previous names , its right now Rache der boot . I did run a check when the mission started and i saw the TWC-name was displaying all the TWC-'s 9 of them but not his , so i suspected it was him again and surely enough it was . So now he is even using tr
  7. you can ID them if they take off from the tarmac only but if its the first time they use this name it wont appear in the stats history till the mission ends . So if you run a check on your laptop of the players present in the mission after you take off his username wont appear and therefore you cannot check whether he is player so and so and he knows that and that is why he is using this tactic . I hope Alonzo can address this issue like i requested much earlier of limiting if technically possible to say 3 per month . This particular character is now going as far as using other players names
  8. ATT moderator ref currently using player 128151 the 262 menace mission Ban the use of username numbers once and for all please . He is using this trick in every mission in order to not get identified during a current mission , further if he does not take off it does not register in stats i noted . Why are you not taking action on that player using other players usernames or extremely similar ? take a look at how many names he has used and why he moved to player number strategy .
  9. ATT moderator Alonzo Please clarify the following : How can player CIA_Elanski 11 in ranking have another player using his username ? the player is 31237 rank 62 who by the way is now changing username almost each mission .
  10. The Great Red Conspiracy As you can see in stats the blues always destroy more targets than the reds and yet the mission victory is given to the reds . that is because the reds have destroyed more mission targets . Upon careful examination we find that the reason why the reds have destroyed more targets is because there are less objects within the target to destroy . Further since the blues have to spend more time destroying objects within the target this increases the risk of being hunted down . The reds also have the advantage in some cases of using 150 octane which increases their inte
  11. Methods used by traitors and enemy players to increase their kill score I have been killed 5 times so far this month and guess by whome ? no its not by the enemy fair and square but by traitors , turncoats and cunning enemy players . What happened ? Well in the case off the traitors what they do is they stick to your side for weeks on end then in one go they will switch sides knowing that you are playing that mission , they do so because they already know where most probably you will be heading and bingo your dead . Check who killed you and to your surprise its someone you thought alway
  12. REF ME 262 Att Alonzo Is there always some form of notification while we are playing the above mentioned missions that they are now available ? I have seen it in the Eindhoven mission post arrival of fuel trains at Venlo . Are the take offs always from the ground engines switched off ?
  13. Battle of the Scheldt Mission ME 262 activation How do you activate the ME 262 in the mission ? i don't see it displayed in the airbases menu and yet i see in Stats players have used it just recently . List of missions which include the 262 Which are the missions which allow you to fly the ME 262 ? not sure but i believe the Battle over Eindhoven has it when the fuel supply train arrives at Menlo .
  14. Att Moderator Battle of the Scheldt today We played the mission about 6 hrs ago after mission 9154 and yet it does not appear in the list of missions played nor in the individual stats of pilots of those who played it nor have we received the credits for objectives destroyed . why ?
  15. playing CB Can anyone point us to a single month where the blue beat the reds ? and its going to get worse With the new Normandy add on and the new spitfire amongst others . Where is the Yak 3 ? There is'nt 1 single mission where the airplanes are balanced , there is a net 50 km hr difference in top speed at any time , climb rate and turn rate envelopes are one sided in favour of the allied late war machinery not to mention a little more octane here and there just for kicks . This website built semi arcade missions to please kids hell bent on shoot em up as easily and quickly as possib
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