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  1. Stats are the facts .What was the first thing pilots did when they returned from a mission ? loo exempt . If we cannot update our situation that means we have to keep exiting to read the table and back a billion times to formulate and update our mission strategy . thats a headache .
  2. Kill notifications cannot see kill notifications during mission of self and all players since yesterday , whats the reason ?
  3. Att Alonzo Subject : deaths and captured penalties The handicap calculation is done on the number of the players recent deaths in proportion to other players deaths as a whole during the month ? or recent mission ? or is it his single death calculation ?
  4. ATT Alonzo Moderator I repeat my request for an explanation , why are my credits recorded then removed again one mission later ? can you pls explain ? i was over 100000 points 3 hrs ago and now 1 mission later for the second time i am again below 100000 ??!! what is the reason for these deductions ? i play to get points and instead they are recorded then removed why ? explain please . i have lost 0ver 4000 points in 2 days !!! what is the reason ? i am 3 ranking in the stats . there must be some explanation . Its bewildering to say the least .
  5. ATT Moderator Score question I noticed my score was reduced by approx 2000 points in the last 24 hrs and i did notice differences in the past as well as for other players , what is the reason ?
  6. Fenrir my message is directed to the correct department and section and i await their comments and solution to the issue .
  7. ATT:Technical development flight dynamics Hello On 2 occasions one of my engines was knocked out by enemy ground fire . They only damaged the engine , all flight essential parts such as stabiliser flaps rudder boom was not damaged at all . Even so the plane veers to starboard side(port engine damaged ) and begins dropping and loses power . its impossible to stabilize it horizontally and fly back . This should not be the case . The aircraft was designed to fly on 1 engine such as the BF110 . In the pacific the pilots relied on this factor to get back to base when damaged . Could you please look into this issue and correct . Regards
  8. Warnings This is a true simulation of facts during combat in any war wether defensive or offensive , it was vital . In the Pacific they had volunteers all over the islands with radios and message boys trekking over the mountains to get messages relaid . In Europe they were all over official and none , the Brittish and Germans had them all up to the coast in layers even later when radar was introduced , had the early warnings at Pearl Harbour been handled properly maybe the damage could have been much less just sight one of many badly handled early warning messages . In France and other countries they got executed if caught .
  9. Disarray so the first thing i must do when these obscure events occur is to go and check the other parties log . https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/951267/?tour=27 thank you for the detailed explanation
  10. from the stats how did you read it was the AAA or other party and not the player that caused the damage ? what do the red rectangles on the left side of the events log mean ?
  11. REDKestrel i am kampfpilotJG3 , so as soon as i hit him the Flack hit him going down soon after as well !!! that explains the assist . my bad luck . where do you see in the log the AAA hit him subsequently ? is it the red rectangle on the left of the log report entry ? red means AAA damage ?
  12. ATT Alonzo Disconnect a bridge too far mission , today . Did this player disconnect ? i short him down from astern very close straight line and he went down in smoke , when i looked down there was nothing there . i circled the area but found nothing . https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/951268/?tour=27
  13. ALONZO B : i see many times alerts over such player fields and cannot understand why the enemy is there , its happening all the time . I also noticed recently one player destroying over 30 parked planes in 1 mission and there was only 1 target airfield so obviously i thought maybe he was picking from main airfields as well , thats why i ask .
  14. 2 questions A) the satelite airbases such as Woensdrecht which are not the official ones that do have the yellow smoke for rearm refuel . When landing there and use the facility you still have to go to an airbase to finish the mission or do or can finish the mission there if you wish and what happens to the credits if any? B) The hard objects , parked planes and vehicles which are present at the main airbases of the enemy are valid targets irrespective of the protected area against vulching ?
  15. ATT ADMIN ALONZO I suffered 2 disconnects on the Paravane mission through no fault of my own 2 days ago and i was reduced to 90% fairplay , i even had credits on my way back when it happened the second time just before landing , so i also lost points due to penalty , Pls explain
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