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  1. WOKEUPDEAD Its working !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was using the wrong email !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a question before i start playing maybe you can help , since we do not know if we shot down a plane or destroyed an object "thats what i understood from game rules" we have to go back to statistics after the mission is terminated to see the results ? WOKEUPDEAD Please answer my question about game play above
  2. Username and new account If i change my username to my IL2 registration does that allow me to open a new account in combat box ? therefore i have more than one account . If yes how do you delete a previous combat box account and statistics ? i cannot recall if i had to register at combat box when i first started to play .
  3. no , aminx504 has never changed to another name . TAW allied is aminx504 and thats what TAW reads in game . When i changed my IL2 username as requested to adler and i created the the new registration at TAW for axis and i go to my game the name adler does not appear above quick mission and in game i'm kicked out . TAW refuses to let go of my registration aminx504 as allied even when i login the axis adler . i think its time to give up . thank you very much for your time and perseverance in this case .
  4. WOKE UP DEAD is it not working for me because the basic game ( battle of stalingrad) was purchased from Steam as aminx504 and i use gmail there ? the rest was bought from il2 directly using steam merged account later . i have logged in as adler_1 at TAW i am logged in as adler_1 at IL2 i start the game and this is the player name . what i also dont understand is why is TAW glued with my aminx504 as allied and side and wont accept anything else what ever i do ?
  5. i changed my account username to to adler_1 and i get the same message in TAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here you can see it does not add second account , it substitutes if i enter aminx504 , not add as per video tutorial .
  6. WOKE UP DEAD I did log in as dog1 and went through the waitting period to switch sides but when i chose the D9 i get the same message and it always reffers to aminx504 never dog1 . .
  7. which software converts the game video to MP3 or a format playable with VLC player and youtube ?
  8. i used google to translate the English to German phrases such as good kill !! land at base , alert soviet fighters , cover me , start your engines etc and then read them into audacity and created the MP3 files and attached them to the events of the mission . The German accent is easy . The British is more complex with snob , cockney , Kiwi and Aussie accents while the US accent again can depend on the region the pilot comes from .
  9. would be nice if we could also add keys to sound , this way we have triggers and when giving orders .
  10. LLv34 I play online everyday and honestly i dont see how adding audio to events can work , its too much . However you could try contacting the experts such as Alonzo at Combat box red flight and see what he says .
  11. ICKYATLAS hello I just installed Audacity and set up my microphone and saved as MP3 , tried it out and works perfect . I am going to include them as i said in triggers events and go from there . Thanks for pointing out the proximity MCU trigger which i have never used in a mission to generate a file at start up or in a proximity situation . As you point out making authentic like sounding files is the challenge . I dont speak German even though i am Swiss as well "ticino" retired , i can do maybe achtung !!! Amerikaner !! schweinhund !! i have many voice files of different nationalities from the old IL2 mods . Will take a look and see if they need to be converted to MP3 . With panopreter 64 can i type a text in English and will it translate to another language and record as well ? If yes i could memorise the phrase and record with the countries accent .
  12. so how do i make the custom calls for single missions , not online . what is required ? microphone , which recording software and type of file ? mp3 ? they are activated by the trigger MCU and draws from the play sound folder i believe .
  13. hello what is needed for me to record chit chat during missions to be played during the mission either with keys or random . so for example if you press patrol , cover me , attack , go back to base the sound plays .
  14. here is the download link at M4T finally http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&file=details&id=612
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