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  1. The Great Red Conspiracy As you can see in stats the blues always destroy more targets than the reds and yet the mission victory is given to the reds . that is because the reds have destroyed more mission targets . Upon careful examination we find that the reason why the reds have destroyed more targets is because there are less objects within the target to destroy . Further since the blues have to spend more time destroying objects within the target this increases the risk of being hunted down . The reds also have the advantage in some cases of using 150 octane which increases their intercept capabilities forcing the blue to wrap up and break or risk being shot down . Continuous negative results are leading the blue players to lose confidence and depression with all its negative effects post gaming .Please take into consideration in many scenarios we always play at an disadvantage due to inferior equipment . Therefore we kindly request the management to review the missions enabling them to be more balanced . tks
  2. Methods used by traitors and enemy players to increase their kill score I have been killed 5 times so far this month and guess by whome ? no its not by the enemy fair and square but by traitors , turncoats and cunning enemy players . What happened ? Well in the case off the traitors what they do is they stick to your side for weeks on end then in one go they will switch sides knowing that you are playing that mission , they do so because they already know where most probably you will be heading and bingo your dead . Check who killed you and to your surprise its someone you thought always played your side so you did'nt bother to check him out on stats when taking off . This has happened to me 3 times already this month . The remaining 2 kills were by enemy pilots using tricks such as in my case changing names continuously even up to 5 times so far , so that when they join your mission it is always after you have started your engines so your alarm bells wont ring since the name is unknown to you . Just thought of sharing my experiences .
  3. REF ME 262 Att Alonzo Is there always some form of notification while we are playing the above mentioned missions that they are now available ? I have seen it in the Eindhoven mission post arrival of fuel trains at Venlo . Are the take offs always from the ground engines switched off ?
  4. Battle of the Scheldt Mission ME 262 activation How do you activate the ME 262 in the mission ? i don't see it displayed in the airbases menu and yet i see in Stats players have used it just recently . List of missions which include the 262 Which are the missions which allow you to fly the ME 262 ? not sure but i believe the Battle over Eindhoven has it when the fuel supply train arrives at Menlo .
  5. Att Moderator Battle of the Scheldt today We played the mission about 6 hrs ago after mission 9154 and yet it does not appear in the list of missions played nor in the individual stats of pilots of those who played it nor have we received the credits for objectives destroyed . why ?
  6. playing CB Can anyone point us to a single month where the blue beat the reds ? and its going to get worse With the new Normandy add on and the new spitfire amongst others . Where is the Yak 3 ? There is'nt 1 single mission where the airplanes are balanced , there is a net 50 km hr difference in top speed at any time , climb rate and turn rate envelopes are one sided in favour of the allied late war machinery not to mention a little more octane here and there just for kicks . This website built semi arcade missions to please kids hell bent on shoot em up as easily and quickly as possible with a tinge of reality and then go off and play in the backyard . To make matters worse there was even an attempt to reintroduce some old missions so the players can use their newly purchased outdated Hurricanes !!! and what happened ? they all shelved their new gem and skipped the missions .
  7. penalty the 100% fairplay reduced to 90% . Return to base I took off from a base and landed in another official base marked with the usual blue ring yet i got a forced landing . In this server we must go back to our original base ? if so my base 1613 was removed after i took off and i landed on 1415 by the river airstrip allowed base yet i got the orange forced landing sign .
  8. refuel reload issue I tried reload and refuel for the first time during the mission and when i took of again to head back to target my Bf110 G was 140 km slower and the engines were beginning to overheat . the wheels were up and had no damage before landing , what can be the reason ? Crimea map missions Has this mission been removed for good ?
  9. i have installed TS and logged in to server site but i am unable to make the interface appear in the game , which are the hotkeys ? its for the new expert site .
  10. since its still in testing running mode please lift the penalty of 10% in disconnect until further notice , or reduce the penalty ,1 hr is a very long time .
  11. Vulching today i got shot down next to my airfield and the bot kicker did not react immediately to kick out the attacker , he took his time to shoot me down with multiple bursts . i was killed before it triggered and kicked him out . Should'nt the bot react instantly ?
  12. Team Speak settings How do you make the TS window overlay appear in game ? hot keys for chat , talk ? i see all the players are subscribed while i am guest , does that matter ? banning player If a player accidently shoots at a friendly and a vote is taken and the player is banned , how long is it before he can play again ? Disconnect I have suffered 2 disconnects in 2 days with the usual penalty . Is the problem with your sever ?
  13. Disconnect issues I just got disconnected while flying , there was no message end of mission with the usual time warnings and announcing the next mission map start , was this a real disconnect or was it the end of the mission ? does this server suffer frequent disconnects ? because its a nuisance to have to fly for 1 hr before we can score again for l reasons beyond our control . maps so if it starts in july it will be the summer map followed by the autumn map .
  14. Maps rotation Stalingrad . So far i flew only on the winter map , are there missions on the remaining 3 seasons ? is it random or does it follow winter spring summer autumn in sequence ? I ask because i have a hard time locating with winter maps when i haven't flown on the map frequently . I do use the planner .
  15. Vulching Can you attack planes landing , landed engines on , tacking off , approaching or leaving air base vicinity at reduced speed 2-3 km from runway ? On the Russian front it was like that every day and night from both sides .
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