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  1. Surprised there is none , so important . I played a whole months RED FLIGHT campaigns daily last month and the info is absolutely essential in so many ways . too bad really .Maybe one day .
  2. STATISTICS Can you pls give me the servers players statistics web site link please
  3. Great to read all the above . IN IL2 we have the mission planner map tool as you know which helps a lot novices at the start until i soon was flying without plotting the maps . You also have TS which is a great add on for those who wish to use it . TKS support
  4. hello I play combat box red flight online missions mainly late war scenarios . I am contemplating buying this series and wish to know wether the online server is the same in comparison to red flight missions . i mean is there a new mission at random every 2.30hrs for BOB missions over London and the coast ? no navigational aids such as GPS .
  5. hello Is the latest NVIdia driver 451.67 which i use for IL2 valid for this sim as well ? no need to roll back to play ? does the mission builder allow to place ground objects and build scenarios ? i found the mystic puma templates for the Blitz range in templates thread here while at ATAG i see only the skins of these templates , Are there any Desert edition templates available yet such as the BF109 F4 , P40 E and Warhawk ?
  6. are there no official templates for all the flyable aircraft for COD blitz and Africa edition ? is this game without the Viewer for skining ? will it not load third party skins ?
  7. hello I used to have COD through Steam years ago and deleted it soon after my purchase due to many graphic problems i encountered at the time , even the driver was a problem with flooding around the coastal area and the single mission mission builder being almost unusable with issues such as setting up ground scenarios objects and taxi to name the least . Since then 2 add ons have been added to the basic game .What has changed ? are there still issues with drivers , graphics and ground scenarios mission building ? Does the Blitz edition replace the original COD and is it bug free ? Do i need only this version to add the newly released desert add on ? I note there are no templates for skinners for both editions , what is the reason ? Will it not accept and load third party skins ? No viewer tool for skinning ?
  8. WOKEUPDEAD Its working !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was using the wrong email !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a question before i start playing maybe you can help , since we do not know if we shot down a plane or destroyed an object "thats what i understood from game rules" we have to go back to statistics after the mission is terminated to see the results ? WOKEUPDEAD Please answer my question about game play above
  9. Username and new account If i change my username to my IL2 registration does that allow me to open a new account in combat box ? therefore i have more than one account . If yes how do you delete a previous combat box account and statistics ? i cannot recall if i had to register at combat box when i first started to play .
  10. no , aminx504 has never changed to another name . TAW allied is aminx504 and thats what TAW reads in game . When i changed my IL2 username as requested to adler and i created the the new registration at TAW for axis and i go to my game the name adler does not appear above quick mission and in game i'm kicked out . TAW refuses to let go of my registration aminx504 as allied even when i login the axis adler . i think its time to give up . thank you very much for your time and perseverance in this case .
  11. WOKE UP DEAD is it not working for me because the basic game ( battle of stalingrad) was purchased from Steam as aminx504 and i use gmail there ? the rest was bought from il2 directly using steam merged account later . i have logged in as adler_1 at TAW i am logged in as adler_1 at IL2 i start the game and this is the player name . what i also dont understand is why is TAW glued with my aminx504 as allied and side and wont accept anything else what ever i do ?
  12. i changed my account username to to adler_1 and i get the same message in TAW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here you can see it does not add second account , it substitutes if i enter aminx504 , not add as per video tutorial .
  13. WOKE UP DEAD I did log in as dog1 and went through the waitting period to switch sides but when i chose the D9 i get the same message and it always reffers to aminx504 never dog1 . .
  14. which software converts the game video to MP3 or a format playable with VLC player and youtube ?
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