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  1. After 2 years of somewhat dull existence skin downloader tool is going to retire. I'd no enough time to implement what I wanted, and there is no need anymore for the tool, e.g. there is a collection of skins on il2skins.de for a long period of time and well populated forum threads for skins. Server will be shut down in a few hours because of my greed and a lot of potentially exploitable vulnerabilities, for scanning of which bots spend more time than pilots for skin downloading. Archive of all uploaded skins is available here (~240 Mb).
  2. If game is playable, but editor fails to start, then it may be caused by changes in registry settings for editor, which were introduced some time ago, you may need to reset those settings. There is .reg file for resetting somewhere on forum. Try it, it may solve this issue.
  3. From what I see it's probably regional settings issue. 1. Try to reinstall .net 3.5 or 2. Try to change regional settings, especially fraction separator symbol. it is probably ',' (comma), change it to '.' (dot). It is not used directly by launcher as xaml (user interface model) is loaded by .net, that's why reinstallation of .net 3.5 is the first option to try.
  4. If you have launcher.exe.backup in you game folder, then just rename it to launcher.exe. Sometimes antiviral software denies access to .exe files and thus although binary is backed up, launcher can't create it's own .exe file. Also, Steam versions doesn't include launcher.
  5. no. Actually even if it was, the .Mission format parsing takes time enough to hate it (at least in used parser). Thus it is not good for fast conversion of .Mission to .msnbin. There is non-public tool which can do this conversion, but it's performance is not quite good (same parser). There is demand for public access to command line tool, though.
  6. Well, on bitbucket I host sources only, thus you can't find it there. But here is version of binary, which is able to process log with errors, but without crash. Please note, that if you're using .json files produced by this tool, there were slight changes in its format somewhere in September. And there were some changes in kill accounting: to avoid kill stealing, only maximum damager is awarded kill and only if damage was not too long time ago. It is not perfect solution, though, but a bit better than it was before. As for issue with posted by you log, most probably I'll be able to look to it tomorrow. plog.20151222.zip
  7. If you're using tool from first post (not compiled it from sources), then it is a bit outdated. Newer version writes --- Vehicle type BotGunner_Ju87D3 has wrong binding, check GameObjectsData.json. Results will be wrong. --- and doesn't crash. However that behavior is strange. It may be related to message above: attempt to create turret object failed because bot with the same id is still exists. I'll check it later, today is a bit busy day.
  8. First screenshot is Map view, there is no landscape there. Second one is ortho view, although it looks like some videocard issue. Just click once more on ortho view button, it will become unpressed and editor should switch to 3d view mode. View map related buttons in toolbar are: coloured icon - toggle GUI Map view coloured icon next to it - toggle minimap (on second screenshot it is displayed in the upper right conner) icon of arrow directed down - when it is sunken (pressed) it means ortho view, when it is unpressed - 3d view. You can switch view modes by Ctrl + F9 or Shift + F9 as well.
  9. You don't need it. Fix for related issue is included to the dserver in 1.105.
  10. If the game is installed in Program Files, try to run it as Administrator.
  11. First screenshot: Probably you've changed sds file manually, because mission filename specified there includes Multuplayer/Dogfight. It shouldn't. Second: check IP in SDS as suggested by Jacko.
  12. That's weird. Game Installer is a standard install shield (and launcher is sandboxed to game folder), it can't delete anything randomly. I suggest to perform virus check by some tool like CureIt or something.
  13. AFAIK, it was debugging related log entry type. After debugging was finished, those entries were excluded from logging.
  14. SmartScreen is enabled by default. You can disable it during installation (at least it was in Win8.1, I've not installed Win10 myself) and after installation in control panel (BTW, in Win10 you need to visit control panel anyway in order to disable telemetry related stuff, which may log and send some keyboard/pen usage data and is considered by many users as violation of privacy). I don't think VPN can help, because if it worked before and the only change is Windows version, then it is unrelated to network at all. But If you have some time, try to install version of Windows you used previously and see, if it works.
  15. Your issue is that something blocks connections. I don't have Win10, so I can't guess what is wrong with it. The only option to try except those we've tried with you already is to disable Smart Screen. Our support guy have installed Win10 with all default settings except SmartScreen (he just disabled it by his habit) and had no any issues with game installation or updating. I doubt that SmartScreen can cause connection blocking (its purpose is to check downloaded content) but try it.
  16. Complex Triggers have many conditions that should be checked, comparing with other triggers. Not all of them can be omited in runtime. It affects both multiplayer and single player. If you have many complex triggers in mission, it may cause bigger CPU usage. I'm not sure about resources used by deactivated trigger, though. AFAIK, you don't need check entities if you don't need selecting on base of object names or scripts. At least it should not from logical point of view, However most biggest CPU users are AI-controlled bots, especially aircrafts with several crew members. Proper usage of triggers is needed just to free more CPU resources for those bots and is useful mostly for MP.
  17. If you see exactly same faulty module, then the reason as in last cases is not in launcher, because as you see in posted event logs - faulty module is kernelbase.dll, which is windows module. Without proper debugging on PC, where this error exists, it is impossible to nail down the reason why WPF based GUI forces Windows system dll to crash. WPF is default component of .NET Framework. Sometimes it is related to SweetFX, but current versions of launcher use software rendering mode to avoid problems, caused by SweetFX mangling of system shaders. The only solution for now is to use either headless launcher (updating in console) or simple launcher (which doesn't use WPF).
  18. Complex Triggers are relatively heavy and depend on object count in mission (more objects - more heavy), try to avoid them if there are other ways. Logically "check entities" is required for objects with entities (e.g. planes), I'm not sure why it is changed though. In fact, complex trigger's code was not changed in this update at all (although it should be addressed some other day, because it is too heavy), it is caused by changes in some other module, which caused possibility of different names for object and its entity, which obviously was not in previous versions.
  19. There will be another test tomorrow (Tuesday) for about 2 hours starting from 21:30 Moscow Time. The test is planned to consist of two sessions (with different dserver settings), each session will have the same map as in previous test + one of Wings of Liberty maps. Player limit is 75 this time. Both Wings of Liberty and Normal server will be shut down during test. Feel free to heat up server CPU once more.
  20. AFAIK, some information about it should be posted in one of the next developer diaries.
  21. Just unpack archive and start plog.exe in command line, specifying log to parse. It will present stats in console and save in .json files as well. Attached in first post tool is a bit dated, more fresh can be compiled from provided sources. Probably I'll update it later and reattach to the first post.
  22. Unlocks are coupled with progress of aircraft, not pilot level. You can check it in profile.
  23. I don't know, which version is on DED server right now. However we've not planned any tests this weekend. If it is really new version is up now, then different issues are possible, because server version differs from client version: it uses latest sources, while client version is about month old, there were changes in code of several subsystems. However, even if it is possible, it doesn't mean that it was actually caused by version incompatibility. It may be bug or whatever else, it is difficult to tell without more details and information from other players. Some missions on normal are relatively heavy and have big impact on server performance, though. AFAIK, there were no any input related issues on test server during test, we had more than 45 persons for about a half of hour (45 at 21:15, 76 (80 including spectators) at 21:52, when server kicked all players), nobody reported something similar to your experience. The only possible reason I see is that during tests "ping of kick" option was set at 250ms, then it was switched off for another test that day. May be this kicking parameter is not enforced now and slow down is explainable. As far as I remember, If server is overloaded it will broadcast chat message "Server is overloaded. Contact server administrator". Was message about restart in chat area or at top of your display? It does not look like what server broadcasts.
  24. It was test indeed. Limit is still 64. Performance test was conducted after we have tested successfully fix for annoying issue of dserver. It should be included to next version of the dserver. As for performance test... we'll perform another test after tuning here and there on base of gathered statistics.
  25. Well, no. I've no such list, I've looked to xedoc's sources and RoF's wiki, which is now offline but available in web archive (I've link to Russian version of it only). Plus a bit of guessing in some cases. If you're familiar with C# or any other language with C-like syntax you can check my code of plog, especially file LogEntry.cs. At the top of it there is enumeration of all ATypes, rest of file contains different classes for each log entry, some examples, copied from logs, and regular expressions I use to parse log.
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