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  1. Why would I do that? I think I know. So you get to make your own mission without boring bits. Right? Why not just have missions without boring bits? Or a faster time multiplier? Flying for 30 minutes for 30 secs of action is ...well....disappointing.
  2. Can you cut out the boring bits or speed up the time multiplier?
  3. Worked it out. Land and park. Remove VR headset CTRL+ALT+DEL Hit ESC twice Put on VR headset Now you can use the Esc menu and end your mission. How much did I pay for this game? Have to work stuff like that out for myself? Why is it so hard?
  4. I am having difficulty finding out how to end a career mission. If I finish it in the air then my plane and flight achievements are lost. If I land, I am unable to get the "Esc" menu to appear in order to finish the mission. Can someone please tell me what the criteria are to end the mission so that I can progress to the next mission.
  5. Is this coming any time soon? At least give it to single players.
  6. Thanks for replies. I have "moved up" from HiTech's Aces High, which I played for about 15 years, but they seem to want go more "arcade" than "sim" and I was looking for a more realistic experience. So I guess I cant complain that my FOV is like a WW2 pilot wearing goggles, though they were younger than me and could turn their heads more. HiTech have always combined hat switch with VR which works wonderfully well. As good as Track IR but way more immersive. I thought VR would put TrackIR out of business. I will persist with IL2, but I keep getting killed by invisible enemie
  7. I have Vive Pro with after-market lenses and I really love it. I can't go back to 2D now. It works fine in IL2 with 1080ti GPU. The only downside is that you have no rear view in VR. Unless you can 360 your neck. You can check six with TrackIR and in 2D but not with VR. Still love it tho.
  8. I have VR and don't want to go back to TrackIR. Can VR players have six view please?
  9. Cant log on since a few updates ago. Latest updates dont help. Still cant play. Money back please.
  10. Since you update I can't run this program. can I have my money back please
  11. I only play single player but I payed for the game so I would like it to work. It wont launch since a recent upgrade. Also I have Vive Pro VR but I dont want to use it In IL2 ,but it defaults to it and I cant figure how to stop it. The two issues are not related. The game would not start before installing VR.
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