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  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Yak 1b please.
  2. Battle of Bodenplatte Premium. Thank you for doing this giveaway.
  3. This subject is taboo around here, i wouldn't hold my breath for that response.
  4. As the title says, i'm looking for a squadron or simply people to fly with on WoL, Taw or CB, flying alone sucks. I'm not the best so don't expect much.
  5. It cannot be the main focus because you can't sell a new graphics engine, what you can sell are new expansions and collector planes. I've got the game in 2016, it was a big problem then, it is a big problem now, nothing has changed. If a AAA studio put out a game in this state it would have been slamed to hell and back. Spotting, the bread and butter of combat flight sims, where who sees who first has the advantage has not been adressed yet can tell you alot about the developer. They are lucky the sim community is small and that they don't have any competition, otherwise they would have been put out of business long time ago. Imagine a popular FPS game that had this level of spotting how long would it last? I repeat myself, they only lasted this long because there is no competition, what else are we going to play? They know this, they know that you will dish out those $40/80 because what else are you going to do? Can they charge $40/new graphics, $80/premium graphics? Don't get me wrong, i love this game, but the vision and sniper bomber gunners are infuriating. Maybe thats what gets me mad, i care to much and want it to be better. inb4 the fanboys come at me with their lame propaganda that everything is fine and they see no issues, please, stay under your rock. my 2 cents, and excuse my grammar errors.
  6. Will the patch improve visibility? No amount of yaks will make the game more enjoyable for me when planes at 1km are invisible or 1 flickering pixel large at most.
  7. Hello fellow virtual pilots, As the title states i'm undecided on what to pick up with the 50% and 75% discounts. I'm a newbie to flight sims, i did pick up BoS quite some time ago but didn't invest much time in it back then, but lately i've started enjoying the game more and more as i start to grasp all the components of the sim. I do own BoS and BoK standard and i was thinking on picking up BoBP but i don't remember seeing BoBP match on WoL where i play, so i don't know about that. My biggest dilema is if to buy BoM or 1 collectors plane (with the 75% discount), and if its a plane, which one? I did put my eyes on the Spit V, La-5 (both of them), Yak 1b and i can get only 1 now since money is really tight atm unfortunately. Wich one would you guys recommend? - I mostly fly Allied since i find them easier for a noob. - And do you think BoBP is worth considering since i only play online (single player bores me) on WoL? Thank you. I apologise for any grammar errors.
  8. Hi, I have bought BoS yesterday and i could login to the server but i kept getting an error "No connection to authorization server" and "Your connection to Master-Server was lost. Check your internet connection" but after another try it worked fine. Today however i can`t log in at all, i keep getting the same message. I tried on Win 7 and Win 10 with the same results. Both OS`s have firewall disabled, no antiviruses installed and Win 10 is a fresh install. Is there a server maintenance and i missed it? Is the problem from my side? I did write a ticket to support but did not receive a response yet. Anybody else have the same issue? Any advice is welcomed. Thank you.
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