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  1. Is $270 a fair price for Thrustmaster T16000 FCS Hotas with rudder pedals?
  2. Lolrawr


    why do i blackout and the enemy whos fkin behind me and is able to pull a lead never blacks out? im talking about continuous turn, everyfkinbody just pulls leads out of their asses at 800kph while my pilot grasps for air and goes to sleep wheres the logic? doesn't pulling lead require more Gs? am i wrong? wtf is wrong. i feel like im losing every g battle whats wrong with the spitfires? and the fws? u touch the stick on the spit and its instant bed time, with the fw on the other hand...haha whats G?
  3. No what? Like a year ago when everything was fine and dandy but the devs still changed/upgraded the spoting system? oh wait...it wasn't all fine but people still defended it religiously. I counter your No with a double Yes.
  4. Is there something wrong/different on old maps concerning spoting/visibility? On Stalingrad and Moscow maps its unbearable for me fly because even tho they look okeyish the spoting is simply awful. Barely can see anything, and i'm not overexagerating, literally planes go invisible when they fly over trees. Kuban and BoBP seem to be a bit better. Won't even touch those maps from now on. Yiikes.
  5. You seem to be contradicting yourself quite alot. Also, whats the reason for the G6 30mm also being very restricted? Some would say that it can shoot down Il2 and Peshkas which is a NONO in the VVS books.
  6. I don't think you understood my point. Let me try to explain it better. You said that Fw190 A3 is not available because it didn't fly irl on those missions that the ingame maps tries to portray, but almost all maps contain planes that didn't fly those mission irl. You insist that A3 is best fighter, whats the second best plane in your opinion? What about the 3rd best? 4th, 5th, etc.? When you remove number 1, number 2 becomes the new number 1 so your logic is a bit off. In my opinion of "a kind of noob" the FW is a weaker fighter than the F4/G2 when flown by an average Joe (of
  7. Its always historical accuracy when its in favor of the reds. Wheres the historical accuracy with Yak 7b available on 1942 maps? Maybe learn some engine management? maybe not flying at 100% all the time? i don't know, i think the problem here is between the chair and joystick. Press X to doubt. Give me a break on that one, i'm sure peshka, il2 and La5 flew over Eidenhoven. The server doesn't even trie to maintan historical accuracy. You can defend it all you want but that doesn't remove the facts that are obvious.
  8. Yes, the AI still has 360 degree unrestricted vision (from my tests). As soon as i'm in firing range the AI will start evading, no matter the angle of my aproach or if he is engaged with firendly AIs. Another issue was/is with bomber gunner AI, i don't if this has been adressed but in the past they used to track you trough mountains, this basically gave bomber pilots in MP pocket radars.
  9. I find myself in the same predicament, wanting to upgrade my simple Logitech stick to a hotas just to realize that the prices went up by at least 100%. A simple t1600 without pedals is around 250-300$. I`ve heard people saying that MSFS and covid are the main culprits for these price increases so all i`m gonna do is wait it out, these prices nowadays are criminaly high. Hope you can find yourself a nice christmas deal or something.
  10. The "It's only GAIM" pilot aka for fun gamer. Recognizable traits: Only plays for the fun of it, never bothered to learn anything or integrate into a comunity. He plays whatever he wants however he wants. Usually doesn't give damn. Common Location. Usually found in the nightmares of hardcore gamers/pilots. Typically Flies: The wrong plane for the job. He judges planes by looks, because reading stats is not fun, and if its not fun why play? Its only gaim afterall.
  11. Hi, my game randomly closes, no error, nothing. It does this while on plane select, while on the runway, while flying, no clear pattern and i have no clue why this is happening. This kind of behaviour does not happen in any other game i play. My spec: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 MSI B350M Pro VD PLUS 16 gb (8x2) 3000mhz ram HyperX Predator AMD RX 580 8gb Sapphire Anybody has any idee why this is happening?
  12. The Underdog Recognizable traits: This pilot refuses to fly anything but the least perfoming aircraft available on each map. Common Location: In a dogfight with one, preferably two superior aircraft, usually sealclubing them both. Typically flies: The weakest fighter available or an attacker/bomber in a fighter role.
  13. This is exactly what i was trying to do when i first flew online. It failed miserably.
  14. Yep, this is me. Never lucky all my life. Edit: whats a dunning-kruger?
  15. why is this server so red biased? BoBP map has no k4, d9, me262 while allies have tempest and 51s. Rest of the maps also la5s galore while almost no fw190s. i guess the russian have to win somewhere somehow. Pathetic.
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