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  1. Hi guys, I'm thoroughly enjoying the game so far but looking to find a group I can regularly fly out with, who also wouldn't mind me asking a few silly questions every now and then. I'm UK based so preferably people in a similar time zone. I fly with a thrustmaster HOTAS X currently but looking to upgrade to warthog and some pedals soon. I don't mind which faction you guys fly from, although I have purchased a few additional planes (fw190 and p40) just for fun. Cheers, Daryl
  2. All good advice so far, thanks! Energy management is definitely more difficult (I come from war thunder - I know, I know) than previous game I played!
  3. Hi guys, I'm new to both IL-2 and flight sims in general. I have a thrustmaster HOTAS X stick and have been trying to do some campaign mission to get used to it. However, when comparing my own experience with the videos I watch, it is very different. When I am trying to get on target, my reticle seems to 'bounce' a lot even with only very small stick adjustments. I also seem to stall at the slightest of things where other planes of the same variety will turn on a penny. This isn't the greatest example but here is a clip of what I mean by bouncy aim. Just can't ever seem to get a smooth flow regardless of how gentle I am with stick. http://plays.tv/video/5813a072f4172c73d2/bouncy-aim Regards
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