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  1. I know, but this is not what I whant.Working as a mouse stick moves a camera when I push it, but not retorn it to the canter when I release it. Of course I foud the setting. And assign the ministic axis to camera controls. But nothing happens. Camera still controlled only by and POV and mouse in spire of I turn them off. It seems that no alternative controls can be assigned to camera. All not default settings are ignored.
  2. Brief description: Unable to setup ministick to control the camera. Detailed description, conditions: I set up settings/camera controls/rotate camera up/dn and left right to use _proportional_ mini stick of my Saitek X56, and turned mouse and POV camera controls off. Nothing changed camera still controls by maose and POV but not with mini stick.
  3. Hi I have Saitek X56. Haw can I set up my ministick on the throttle to control the camera? Or I am really forced to use lousy defaul camera controls?
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