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  1. I don’t think I can agree with you. I am not a very good pilot, yet I have died only once this campaign (from a pe2 gunner sniping me while flying 600kph at a 60 degree intersect, so yes, gunners are a bit too strong). And i was rarely flying above 3km, usually right in the fight. The live system forces you to fly smart & I like that. Almost every time you get shot you can either bail or ditch & not lose a live. It punishes suicide attacks & that is good. After i was sniper in a 111 at 5km from flak I too thought it was too strong, but after flying some more I don’t think it is more dangerous than before. I have done plenty of bomb runs in a 110 against defenses & bridges and wasn’t hit by flak once. The 110 is also the solution against pe2s. I never flew it much in past campaigns but now it has become my favorite plane for the first few maps. You can bomb something & then protect friendly objectives against pe2s. Your armor mostly protects your pilot & the centerline 20mm with unlimited ammo allow you to shoot from far away. I lose an engine from time to time but luckily the 110 can fly home with 1 engine perfectly fine. The only plane that has a hard time dealing with pe2s are 109 e7 because of their low effective firing range. I’m pretty sure an i16 attacking a 111 or 88 feels the same way...
  2. You died, therefore gk are not counted
  3. If I remember correctly somewhere in the endless pages of this thread was a comparison of axis vs allies anti air. If I’m not mistaken the allied aa is simply superior to the German one
  4. The only problem I see with this is that it would make navigation way easier. No need to remember where you are, just press a button & see your coordinates in the chat
  5. I think flak might be a bit overtuned... I was just sniped out of the air after dropping bombs on a depot from 5km while evading, changing course & speed.. if you can’t level bomb from 5 km, how are you supposed to do it? Any higher and you get problems with rendering & stuff. Kind of feels lame to lose 1h+ time investment in this fashion..
  6. I like the K4 and it is a joy to play, but including it into TAW without a Tempest etc. for the VSS would be insane. It is not a UFO because the devs did something wrong, but because it’s powerlevel is way higher than anything else we have right now. The Spit or P47 are great planes, but they don’t even remotely reach the performance of the K4.
  7. That sounds great! Are there any plans to include BoBP planes yet? With the Jug & K4 arriving soon it would be awesome to have them included.
  8. My experience with the 37mm is kind of mixed as well. Was testing against a 111. Sometimes it went down after 2 hits, sometimes it took 4 hits and showed no sign of damage, not even smoking
  9. I really like the plane so far. It just flies so smooth. Of course climb rate & speed is not the best, but if you stay fast it is a pretty good aircraft. One thing that I love (and haven’t seen much talk about) is its dive abilities. We were fighting a 190 (A5 I think) on wings yesterday and he tried to get away with a 90 degree dive, us in 2 P39 in full pursuit. We won easily because the 190 ripped its ailerons off in the dive while we had no problems at all. It also stays controllable even at very high speeds, no problems to pull out of even the steepest dives.
  10. This is the only problem I have as well. I mean nobody would think it would be a smart idea to give the Germans a FW190 but no LA5 to the Russians. It is different with the Ju52 because I assume the Russians will get the possibilty to drop paratroopers as soon as a fitting plane is implemented. But the 37mm German flak is in the game, why not make it at least somewhat equal?
  11. Either that or give the Germans some larger caliber AA as well. Afaic they have nothing between 2 cm and 8.8 cm right now. I mean attacking Russian tanks is not impossible, the AA is no wonderweapon. But it seems to be much more effective than the German one
  12. So the 61-k shot down roughly the same number of planes as the German AA combined. I don't know if this is because German planes are more fragile, the 61-K has the blessing of the great leader himself or it is secretly radar guided, but these numbers can't be explained with tactics and smart attacking alone.. I think either the German AA should be buffed or the Russian AA be toned down a little. Like others have said I think part of the problem is that in the game the AI only starts tracking once the target is in range, greatly reducing the effectiveness of smaller caliber AA like the Flak 38.
  13. I have a quick question. Can 250kg bombs usually destroy the warehouses at the depots? Just did a 88 bombing run on the north eastern soviet depot. Must have entered my speed a little bit wrong, because only my 250kg bombs hit. One was a direct hit on the roof of a warehouse, but it didn't even scratch it. Kind of feels disappointing to fly a 1h 10m mission and only get 1 cm :D https://youtu.be/f22l5r_nEnY
  14. Where did you get that from? The rules on the TAW server page says something different:
  15. If this is the case then the plane chart in the rules section should be upgraded because it says that only the 1800kg is forbidden for the 88. I am fine with having only 500kg, but the way it is right now is kind of confusing.
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