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  1. That is the main problem with this forum and its moderation...people defending the status quo or disturbing fm discussion (especially german) , no matter how wrong it may be ( 190 threads anyone? yak flaps change was fought with teeth and claws also ) get free reign to derail , distract and provoke with anything out of the trick-box. moderators letting people post basically ANYTHING that is off-topic or derailing , as long as its not against devs or game but is there against complainers and people trying to argument FOR a change of fm/dm. this is also one of the reasons that this game gets c
  2. Im paying respect to whom i like , not to whom im told to, that suggestion is the same to being ordered to like the leader of some dictatorship. And what tells you he was a something better man then anybody? just because he did his job? im sorry thats borderline of being a cult follower. Its my OPINION and maybe not yours...but dont try to tell me what to like or to say. Oh and to tell me he achieved far more than i did IS offensive...not matter how you put it. EDIT: Seems [Edited] have got their win....for sure now the Thread will be closed...oh and look how they all jump on one se
  3. What exactly where those modifications then (apart from slightly improved engine with differnt supercharger switch heights)? the only set of modifications i could find are those: Upper decking of the fuselage behind the cabin was lowered, providing pilot all-around view; Windshield side sections and the sliding section sides made flat to reduce optical distortions; Rear view mirror installed; Canopy shape was changed to reduce drag; Armor: Front and rear bullet-proof glass plates; Armored head cover on the sliding section of the canopy; Left arm protection; Armament: Two ShKAS machineguns rep
  4. Wheres the hard facts that support the current elevator stiffness? only anecdotes from often biased test pilots (just look at the browns opinions about Messerschmitt) ...yet no chart to be found for stick forces that support that ... Yes the 109 had high stick forces at high speeds , just like any other fighter got stiffer with higher speed... ever thought about the fact that the low dive limits for russian planes stated in the manual have a reason? flutter and bad control authority at higher speeds...but yet they easily pull harder at high speeds Yet theres the Spit , which could rip easi
  5. The way i see it : The 109 was the BADASS plane that every other design got compared to . it was the BEST fighter up to 1942 and stayed competitve through the whole war.There is a certain attraction in flying the "bad guy" and best fighter and many will flock to the better planes. BUT that doesnt mean that there is nothing wrong with FM/DM or gun modeling of it or the other planes. So just because many people want to fly it or the german side doesnt make any discussion about the FM/DM irrelevant. If you have nothing constructive to say other then painting others as whiners or complainers
  6. I suspect that there is a error in the drag model of the YAK 1b , where the airframe itself is modeled with way too low drag , making the radiator position this influental. It was surely a relatively clean airframe , but for sure not ways better then contemporary designs.Especially the bubble canopy is known to be a source of drag and turbulence behind it ,as can be seen in the P47 early models , where the razorback (697 km/h) version was faster then the bubble canopy (690 km/h)one or the P51b (710 km/h with 1490 hp) and P51d (705 km/h with 1590 hp). EDIT: Could a Moderator please move
  7. http://naca.central.cranfield.ac.uk/reports/1920/naca-report-62.pdf
  8. Just to back his argument up : - 190 FM got changed for the better and the F-engine mod of the La-5 was introduced (wheres the late 1.42 ATA 109 G2 ? the g4 is not a substitude) - german HE got changed to better and suddenly the stiffening of the 109 was introduced , while russian planes still have zero problems with control surfaces at high speeds AND the DM of the german planes got weakened to a point its ridiculous...wings fall of on a glancing on the 109 or your pilot killed, the 190 and the 110 is constantly either pilot-killed or looses a wing , the 88 or 111 losses wings regu
  9. Yet you come in german FM topics to derail , accuse and call other people whiney , while bringing nothing relevant to the discussion. I posted actual Pilot interviews with actual 109 pilots who had to face russian planes , wheres your interview of ONLY ONE russian pilot from a lagg3 or a la5 (not fn!) or yak that he could easily dive with the 109s? i have not seen any of those... so what i see is that russian planes could not and should not dive with german planes as they often do in this sim and that the momentary high limits are to forgiving for the worser diving planes , bringing them clos
  10. this "argument" is clearly disqualifing your opinion as a whole.... just stay out of topics if you can only accuse other people of being "butthurt".
  11. The reason for the soviets not diving after a german plane were not doctrine (absolutely ridiculous to suggest that) , but the dive limits of their planes. See manual. Its absolutely irrelevant if LATER tests on a good build of soviet planes revealed that they could dive better then in the manual, as there were severe flutter problems with the planes as the manuals were written. As a pilot you dont exceed VNE given in the manual . Especially at the start there were severe problems in build quality , often leading to planes way below specs. "The Russkies never followed to a dive. Their m
  12. Cockpit Instrument indicates IAS (= Indicated AirSpeed) , TAS (True AirSpeed) is a calculated value taking air pressure (Atitude) into account , on lower altitudes IAS is almost TAS (errors from how the airspeed is measured still occur)
  13. Thanks for the nice test.... if possible could you do the same on a winter map? I suspect that the 1b cooling is too good in winter... so it can fly with closed rads pretty long.
  14. How convenient... no kiln left to reproduce , resin composition unknown , no complete press left..... sounds like fairy dust material to me... Also it is known that "DELTAwood" would shatter under explosive pressure (HEI-M Mineshell springs to mind )
  15. Did you actually read what i wrote? that i was chasing a 1b ON THE DECK for 5 minutes? how could i dont have the energy while following 2 planes straight , while the A5 with strike mod should be 40-50 kph faster on the deck? fact was that the 1b did not slow down after several minutes of chase , despite it should have lost any potential energy it gained from a dive after this time... Its the same damn argument always brought here....aka "your too dumb", "you need to aim better" ,"you were doing something wrong" a etc....i cant hear that crap anymore..
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