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  1. Doesn't help with the lack of new planes Last TAW on map #8 we had almost full servers if I remember correctly...
  2. Really disappointed with the choice to not include BOBP Aircraft for the final map... Probably doesn't help NA times...
  3. Gonna take the time to clarify two things. It was in fact 3 of us only, and we took you guys down twice that Taw map... It's ok to get shot down, in fact my first taw I had 80 deaths... Eitherway, just learn from them (deaths and mistakes) and take us down next time! Secondly... It's Sin-er-ox. Or Sin for short. Thanks Math for Sine, Cosine, and Tangent! Also... Really nice to see the improvement in pilot skill this TAW, alot of you have gotten much better (especially VVS pilots!). Thanks for this Taw everyone, I look forward to running away from more LA5FNs again! http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=73541&name=SCG_Sinerox1 My sortie for the fight Looks like a bit of friendly fire aswell
  4. Hey guys, regarding pe2 gunners. Just this night my mates and I rushed hopelessly to HvB and Kondor while they got intercepted before target. They died within a minute. I myself have become pretty adept at shooting down pe-2s over my time in TAW. I'll list below what I've found to be instant death: If you are climbing up to them you will die If you are on their 6 and keep on it after the gunners lock onto you are dead If you come in from a low angle of attack If you get close and aren't coming in at 600+ kph If you try to squeeze those last couple of seconds of cannons you will die If your in a rush you will die! What I've found to work: Coming in fast and getting out fast Use climbs and dives, between the too get kinetic energy to make it less likely to die Shooting from afar Pull out as soon as the gunners start to open up, no hesitation Dive! Dive! Dive! on them! Pull into them to get maximum damage in smallest window of firing (go through after firing, don't fly above them, fly below, through, climb, repeat) BE PATIENT AND DISCIPLINED WITH YOUR SHOOTING AND ENERGY, rushing will get you killed Take armored glass Learn how to manage a damaged engine (.7 ata, just above 1500 rpm, without critical damage you can get quite far) Go for head ones, deflection from below or above works best, if you do it dead on you risk .50 cal or ram) It takes patience and time mainly, but its completely doable and you get the hang of shootin em down. You must also understand that sometimes you get unlucky, I get sniped by pe-2s, 110s, and 88s aswell. Sometimes stuff like that happens, and adapting to minimize risk instead of threatening and complaining is what makes a good pilot... So become the best Pe-2 killer in the game, instead of ramming them and withdrawing monetary support. It's not like the pe2 pilots are laughing at our misery (sometimes but are'nt we all) and do it out of hatred of 109 pilots.
  5. So, then it begs the question. If Germany had sufficient manpower until 1944, why did the Germans have giant holes in their flanks at stalingrad, why was the front in Russia in 1941-42 so stretched. Surely if they had more manpower they could have filled those gaps, those flanks. Why is it then that they had to resort to pulling men off the coast of France and redeploying them in Russia. Why is it then that they had more planes then pilots, surely the luftwaffe would've just put more men in the sky to protect Germany from B17s. If Germany has so many men, then why the Volkstrum, or put Women into factories if there was so many men. I apologize for derailing the discussion but this guy is completely wrong.
  6. Late to this, but Germany also didnt have the manpower to field more Panzer 4's so that wouldn't work either. When the Tiger was used correctly (it usually wasnt), it worked amazingly. Germany also had oil problems so more machines that use more oil is not the problem. The problem is the Soviet Union, there was NO WAY for Germany to defeat them. The Tiger is a small part of a lot of problems within the German Reich. Germany had been suffering manpower issues since 1942... btw Torrens. Since 1942 the quality of weaponry had been going down as more and more men were replaced with slaves and forced labour in the factories. Don't forget about the Oil aswell! A big part of the problems for the Tiger was it's inappropriate use. A F4u is great until you put it into a dogfight, when used correctly in a BnZ scenario things change. Same thing with the Tiger.
  7. I didn't particularly like VR either. The game looks... bad with it, things are in low res and the game just looks bland... Perhaps in a few years, that'll change. Not to mention the price of a rig that can handle VR, the game, and the VR it's self is... no there isn't really justification I feel. I'd rather pay to some real flight classes.
  8. A new era of plane. In 40 years we went from below 100 to almost 1000kmh. Very excited to try to 262!
  9. Will you be able to restart the engine in cases of a flameout? I know some skilled enough pilots could if givenlong enough
  10. Just because I'm that person... the flying tank was the il2... or literally the A-40....
  11. If you want something that really captures the essence and starts the standard for 109s it's probably the F4. It really takes the 109 to its next and best level in the triangle of speed, maneuverability, and firepower. It retains the e's agility, increases firepower (if your a good shot its arguably better), and improves upon the f2's speed with a modified db601 that gives it that extra push. If you want to master the 109, I started with the F4 and shes been a great place to move up and down the 109 tree. Downside is that you never get something as well balanced as the F4, she spoils you. You are the fastest pre 1944 109 at deck, which is slightly better against Yak1bs, and the only time I choose a G2/G4 is when I see a LA5 on the enemy team. The climb rate on the G's even with the slight decrease in speed makes it slightly better. In any case the F4 (maybe the G4) is where I would place my money on starting (It's where I placed mine and continue to and it pays off) I don't recommend the K4 or G14 as those won't train you to fly the 109, they train you to fly a 109 post 44. The basics are in the earlier models.
  12. Could do with some serious forum reformation, this just get people to hate each other and tears us apart.
  13. Thats nothing, 33,000+ 109s were built and only a handful can fly
  14. I'd consider myself a pretty experienced pilot, and if I had some information to give then its... Don't carry over anything you learned in SP to MP. People move differently, think differently, and shoot differently. Learn your plane, learn the enemies plane, that means your strengths and weakness, and the enemies. (That means when you get in combat, ID the plane your against and remember what it can and can't do, EX. Its a yak and your in a 109, tell yourself mentally, I can dive, I can climb, but I can't necessarily turn fight, or its a LA5, I can Dogfight equally (meaning who ever is the better pilot will win) I can dive slightly better, I can climb equally above 3k, I go slightly faster above 4k) I know its alot but its what a fighter pilot learns to do to survive. Self discipline, being able to stop yourself from engaging into a turn-fight every fight and continuing to keep situational awareness will keep your alive! Being analytical, when you die or get shot down, figure out why!!! It's not the game most of the time, its you! Remember, their are just as many merits to a Russian aircraft as their are German, alot of people think one style is outright better then the other but its far more complex. A German pilot may be able in most plane sets (as in most of their planes can) run away or engage whilst the Russians are a bit slower, a good Russian pilot can prevent 5 109s from ever getting a shot on him by playing smart. OH! and also. I can't tell you how many times it's saved my ass but, learning your engine on the 109s is extremely important for your first few hundred hours (no I'm not kidding), learning to use between 82% and 92% can give you alot more horsepower with more time then just full 100%. That means in an F4 you can actually outrun a 1b on the deck, where as in a G2 you would actually be screwed. Learning your Engine is like learning how to breathe properly, become one with your plane (I know how cheesy that sounds) but when you know your plane you will only then master it. Also managing Stabilizer trim is the difference between pulling out of a dive or dying. It also makes it easier to pull onto enemies. (EDIT) I feel like everytime submit new stuff to this post I remember more!
  15. I dunno if anyone has responded to you about this but. Those served with JV 44, they protected 262's on take off and landing, they had bright colors on the bottom so anti aircraft could ID them immediately and find the Americans and British easier
  16. Nothing for me zigy, but I'd just like to say thank you for your continued generosity towards the flight sim community, and the company that makes it possible..
  17. Ivy, I don't think their trying to threaten the devs. They have lost interest and immersion or whatever the hell you want to call someone's version of fun. People generally dont play games they dont find enjoyable. This for them (I'm sick of this crap but I won't say I'll leave) is the icing on the cake. They obviously care alot about the game, but people can only take so much before they leave.
  18. First TAW I've seen so many red, good for a change!
  19. I did read the lines talking of the higher boost of the DC. But the gauge shows 1.8. So.... Talon is right. Their is 1.98 on the dial!
  20. Looks like no 1.98 ata based on the dials...
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