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  1. 23 - 24 in (cant remember the exact one of the two). 1080 x 1920
  2. This spotting discussion shouldn't even be a thing. IL2 is supposed to be a simulator, trying in its best capacity to recreate what pilots went through in the air war. The touching up the dev team made to fix up-scaling was the right call if you value realism. I know several pilots who have told me that spotting in RL is difficult even when ATC gives you a heading of a contact and essentially what direction to look for said contact it can be extremely difficult to see it still. Being able to see 15-20km is realistic, and that is the name of the game for IL2. Realism. So shall we become closer to War Thunder or be what Il2 is meant to be... Thats really the question.
  3. This actually sounds like the 109s DB engine. Before it was a high pitched squealing noise that made it obvious when you were pushing the throttle up and down but didn't sound anything like the real thing. To me the DB sounds better then any other engine... even the merlin. Thats just me thou, either way the sounds are realistic and if you listen to a real 109 it will sound almost exactly the same.
  4. I thought Kami was good until I found out he used gun pods... now need to destroy him... YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!
  5. To make a new TAW for Western front would not replace those you would lose from splitting part of the TAW playerbase into two servers. If you look at steam charts alone you can see that even when they released the 47 and spitfire, their wasn't much player retention.
  6. Be careful. You wouldn't want to split TAW numbers even lower especially during NA times.
  7. I think its the plane tbh. I know my 109s quite well and the G6 is not a good climber, or anything in fact compared to earlier 109s. She gets better firepower and thats where it ends. The ingame "stats" are rarely right I find and dont show the full picture. How many degrees are they climbing at? What engine settings are they using, furthermore, what are their rads set at, is this only attainable for a few seconds or minutes? It's a very two dimensional analysis and leaves out way to much context for me to give it any thought other then a general idea and one with a pile of salt on it to keep in mind. If someone could show a video of a g6 out climbing a la5fn that would be great, but again then theirs the problem of what was that la5fn using? No boost, to many rads? Stuff like that. Also have you ever gotten to or close to the states ceiling height of an aircraft before? I know I haven't (I fly fighters only so it might be different for bombers/attackers that have a relatively low ceiling)
  8. And yet I fly both Russian and German Thats fine with me, again I fly both sides Have you actually tested this or are you going off soley in game stats. Ill tell you from experience that the g4 out climbs the g6 and only barely does the g4 out climb the FN. Remember as good 109 pilot isnt going to put her at 45 degrees, you should only be putting the aircraft at a slight climb or else you risk getting shot at by a prop hanging la5 Also a bit of a citation, I fly the Russians more casually then the Germans but I do fly them nonetheless
  9. G6 doesn't beat it in a climb, the g4 does above around 3k. Again, the time period difference is a stretch but TAW doesnt strictly follow it. But it would be larger then anything else so far so fair enough.
  10. So on the last map why is G14 simply not a thing. It balances against the FN quite well, and still served on the Eastern front. Obviously its a 1944 Aircraft, but the 190 entered service before the g2 and yet we still dont see until after the g2. Just a question/slight suggestion.
  11. Overcast was a big part of the Eastern front, bad weather was a huge problem for pilots, makes no sense not to have it. It sucks, but its a sim, we shouldn't not play because its harder to see in these conditions. As for the pe2 gunners and all. The Pe2 is also substantially alot more resistant then the 110, 88, or 87. The amount of times I've been in a Pe2 and had everything filled with 20 mm holes and still gotten back does not compare even slightly to the amount of times you get back in a 110. The pe2s resilience coupled with gunner accuracy and bad tactics by German pilots makes it so deadly. You dont need to have a good approach on German bombers as you typically don't need more then a few passes to down one, granted the german gunners are also good.
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