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  1. Once the Germans get a bit of a better engine, and when they expand the timeline backwards a bit then the Alby (hopefully we get the D III too!) and the Pflaz should fair better. These planes weren't as outclassed as they are in the game, it just happens they are the most obsolete aircraft being the oldest at the start of this time period. They would usually be facing a fair amount of older craft aswell but instead its mostly camels, spads, and a few R2bs
  2. He said 9t on accident. He meant he preferred the 9
  3. Sorry. I don't record videos. Just anecdotal, but their is a ton of people saying the same stuff if you would listen to them. Let me clear this for you lawyer... its a moving target. It is above you by hundreds if not thousands of meters. The target is moving left and right, up and down. And your telling me you dont think that is hard for aa to hit, especially on the first volley. The chances arent that low for it to hit the aircraft for the FIRST volley? If so... well shoot, I guess my whining has been in vain. Clearly you've never shot a gun at a stationary target either. Its like you think these are cold war radar guided deflection shots by a zsu 23 4 shilka.
  4. A few pilots? Barely any of the taw players participate in the forums. But still quite a few people have experienced very laser accurate flak and voiced their complaints to be told off by you and two others... It's almost like your trolling? We think aa should shoot things down. But we don't think it should do it on the first volley of fire as the probability of the human eye to accruatly guess where to aim exactly is extremely extremely rare. If you fly in a stright line you should get hit. But it seems not to care if your moving around, and you don't get much of a chance either as the aa has been hittting us the first time it opens fire.
  5. First of all... I don't know if you remember Lawyer, but I spared shooting you down last taw when I saw you in a po2. I flew past you and gave you a roll as I flew past at 700 kph. I try not to shoot poor buggers in po2s. I don't see a point in shooting down PO-2s, they have the balls to fly up in that tractor engine of an airplane, and just for that I'll let them fly unheeded! Back to the forum warrioring through! There should be and is always going to be a risk when flying over enemy territory with AA. Once again you've competently (I do mean competently) missed the point. We want AA, especially at airfields (I bolded, italicized , and underlined so you can see). You talk of Realism, as a supporter of "expert view" and as someone who complained like a whiny 18 year old I am all for realism. But do you have any information, primary sources that state this? Mind you, the claim you put forth is that AA is supposedly realistic when it can shoot down aircraft in the first volley or two of fire at an object 3 thousand meters away moving at 500kph... I've seen documents and articles that have said AA was more effective at shooting down enemy bombers during defense of the Reich then fighters were. But these are huge aircraft (to russian and german fighters) that fly in mostly straight lines(I mean that they flew in straight lines when on their bombing run). But fighters are completely different objects, especially on the eastern front (the weather should arguably be worse, realistically it was very cloudy, and overcast was common, especially during autumn and winter, sorry, sidetracking). Also it still on average took several thousand rounds from an 88 or 128 to take out b17s, and b24s. I'd really like to see some hard data where this is concerned before we dial flak up to 11 because we want ourselves to suffer more, as if more death equals more realism?
  6. Funny thing is lawyer. You've actually gotten me to agree with Ogg for the first time. In fact, most people seem to agree that the aa is redicicoulus. I can't imagine what flak crews are bribing you with that makes you stand by them. Perhaps they've promised not to shoot you down?
  7. Lawyer, Wulfe and I aren't bomber pilots. We don't intentionally find ourselves near flak. But as it happens, you will randomly run across a non identified position near the front lines sometimes, and even chase down aircraft past destroyed airfields and defenses. Problem is that they immediately destroy our small 109s, fast, and constantly moving single engine aircraft. This is different to the bombers you fly which are atleast twice as big, aren't as fast, and can't move as rapidly as we can. Yet we are still suffering major losses. From what I've seen above, many people are experiencing the same problem. You go on about how this is realistic... Do you know how hard it is to shoot down an aircraft with the first couple of rounds? Damn near impossible when you haven't even allowed the first shot to reach around the aircraft so you can correct. You talk of Realism, Russian AA had ammunition shortages during the initial invasion. Not to mention, what type of joke is it to be shot down by AA. When I get shot down by one of your pilots, I know I either screwed up, or they out-played me. I learn something new, or reinforce an idea, eitherway, it was within my abilities todo something about it. With this AA, I see once tracer, or one smoke puff and then I see my screen go red, my plane is spinning, and I am falling towards the ground. (Actually the falling to the ground hasn't happened to me just yet, but to my wingmen). What type of fun is this?! (obviosuly taw isn't meant to be fun but you see what I mean) There isn't any control, you say oh, then avoid it, don't fly there. How am I suppose to know about hidden positions until they open up on me UNDER ME and I can't see them shooting at me because for some reason the AI underleads almost always instead of overleading, which means you don't usually see tracers ahead of you but behind you, meaning if you aren't checking your 6 at that exact moment you wont be taking evasive action and you will die. Clearly Lawyer, you have some deal with the AA crews, what is it? Do they give you their victories for some cigarettes and Vodka? I really don't know, but this AA has got to stop, its un-enjoyably, and frankly, I've seen more death to AA then aircraft... this is insane.
  8. The g10 is much more aerodynamically cleaner and has a stronger engine. So yes it would be faster down low. The as has a bigger supercharger and can go faster down low because its also aerodynamically cleaner to! Not by a lot but a bit
  9. I thought pilots referred to "Die Beule" as the bulge?
  10. Etendard. I fly g14 almost all the time on Combat Box. I enjoy it, its a fine aircraft, but realtive to aircraft its fighting against its medicore for 10 minutes. The la5fn came out in 43 and is still faster then the 14 (not that speed is the only variable but you get what I'm saying). Shes still maneuverable but she lacks speed to catch anything but a spit with no 150 oct. Shes outdated... I still love her of course I didnt say that... I'm talking about a good 109bfor bodenplatte that we can realistically expect to receive given the variable that the devs are under.
  11. I believe in order to simplify production and reduce hours per unit they always simply sprayed mw50 into the supercharger intake. That never chaged Ok to clear up some stuff : Each factory had slightly different features on the 109. A 109 out of the Erla plant was not the same as one from Regensburg. They had little minor differences. Different fittings, different parts, some plants made tails out of metal some switched to wood. 109 production was extremely decentralized in part due to bombings but also was neccessary to keep production numbers at maximum. They caused tons of problems with repairs but thats getting ahead of this. So you can't definitively say what belonged to this g6 and this g14. G14s as a general rule had a wooden tail, erla haube, mw50. But some 14s had metal tails, and different oil coolers. Its a mess. That was one of the promises the k4 brought to the table, standardized 109s. Imagine the trouble the devs have to go through in trying to find and remove all these nuances. So lets not make it infeasible and ask for a late g6. It would be a nightmare for skinning, decoding what the hell a late war g6 is. Something alot more feasible that fits current devs constraints would be the g10. Shes a bit more standardized. And their isnt nearly as much randomness between the mess that was g14 and g6 production. If were going to get another 109 it would most likely be g10. Thats what I'm putting my money on and I'd suggest you guys do the same.
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