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    Stay alive in multiplayer

    I'd consider myself a pretty experienced pilot, and if I had some information to give then its... Don't carry over anything you learned in SP to MP. People move differently, think differently, and shoot differently. Learn your plane, learn the enemies plane, that means your strengths and weakness, and the enemies. (That means when you get in combat, ID the plane your against and remember what it can and can't do, EX. Its a yak and your in a 109, tell yourself mentally, I can dive, I can climb, but I can't necessarily turn fight, or its a LA5, I can Dogfight equally (meaning who ever is the better pilot will win) I can dive slightly better, I can climb equally above 3k, I go slightly faster above 4k) I know its alot but its what a fighter pilot learns to do to survive. Self discipline, being able to stop yourself from engaging into a turn-fight every fight and continuing to keep situational awareness will keep your alive! Being analytical, when you die or get shot down, figure out why!!! It's not the game most of the time, its you! Remember, their are just as many merits to a Russian aircraft as their are German, alot of people think one style is outright better then the other but its far more complex. A German pilot may be able in most plane sets (as in most of their planes can) run away or engage whilst the Russians are a bit slower, a good Russian pilot can prevent 5 109s from ever getting a shot on him by playing smart. OH! and also. I can't tell you how many times it's saved my ass but, learning your engine on the 109s is extremely important for your first few hundred hours (no I'm not kidding), learning to use between 82% and 92% can give you alot more horsepower with more time then just full 100%. That means in an F4 you can actually outrun a 1b on the deck, where as in a G2 you would actually be screwed. Learning your Engine is like learning how to breathe properly, become one with your plane (I know how cheesy that sounds) but when you know your plane you will only then master it. Also managing Stabilizer trim is the difference between pulling out of a dive or dying. It also makes it easier to pull onto enemies. (EDIT) I feel like everytime submit new stuff to this post I remember more!
  2. SCG_Sinerox

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Very fun, thanks to everyone who flew!
  3. SCG_Sinerox

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    I dunno if anyone has responded to you about this but. Those served with JV 44, they protected 262's on take off and landing, they had bright colors on the bottom so anti aircraft could ID them immediately and find the Americans and British easier
  4. SCG_Sinerox

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Nothing for me zigy, but I'd just like to say thank you for your continued generosity towards the flight sim community, and the company that makes it possible..
  5. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    Ivy, I don't think their trying to threaten the devs. They have lost interest and immersion or whatever the hell you want to call someone's version of fun. People generally dont play games they dont find enjoyable. This for them (I'm sick of this crap but I won't say I'll leave) is the icing on the cake. They obviously care alot about the game, but people can only take so much before they leave.
  6. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    Do this on wings, not here... please...
  7. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    First TAW I've seen so many red, good for a change!
  8. SCG_Sinerox

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    I did read the lines talking of the higher boost of the DC. But the gauge shows 1.8. So.... Talon is right. Their is 1.98 on the dial!
  9. SCG_Sinerox

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    Looks like no 1.98 ata based on the dials...
  10. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

  11. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    Faucon your one damn good pilot, it was hard trying to compete against you in Experience and in victory streak!
  12. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    Perhaps the Second proposed run then would be shorter to keep an Off season existent and keep the irregularity spirit of TAW alive making it feel important and special.
  13. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    @ =LG=Piciu I think the problem people are bringing up is that their are some individuals who are editing the enemies skin folder to make them bright colors and easier to see. It's a very slight advantage, as for Manfred atleast, he wanted the enemy pilot to fear him, and know who was on their 6 when they looked back. I'm completely with you in that Custom skins should be allowed. I support it because of the small advantage it gives the person who is cheating, that it doesn't justify restricting all those other pilots who love that aspect of TAW. I love flying with my custom 109 skins that were made by Riksen who puts so much attention to detail. Let's not let a few ruin it for everyone. That's just playing into what they want! #FreedomOfSkins #StopTheCensorship
  14. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    Yes Psyrion! We should'nt be punished for the actions of a few jerks. If you can't handle someone being able to have the slightest, smallest advantage then go on WOL and Finnish. I at least have learned how to fight with disadvantages as you do when your a fighter pilot. If I fight against someone using bright skins, well I'm worried about way more things, Energy, My 6, My situational awarness, and Energy awareness.
  15. SCG_Sinerox

    Tactical Air War

    Does it really matter? The pilots that are bad enough or have to resort to that shit anyway are'nt going to make a difference. When you look at the guys on the leader boards they all fly fair already and don't pull shit like that. At a distance of 3-10 km you can't even see the colors, its just a black dot. It does however add a ton of immersion and... attachment if you have a custom historical skin. It feels like your flying "your plane" It's the plane you have fought through hell with and achieved great feats. No don't add skin restrictions just because some jerks want to ruin it. You can try to remove "White 14" (my plane) from the sky but she won't go down without a fight!