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  1. Same here. Same error message. Maybe today!!!
  2. Hi, I have a few questions about 4K skins. How does 1 get to have them and use them on the Wings of Liberty server. I used to be able to use all my custom skins there but now when I try to select them, they are all locked. Noticed now we have a 4K skin section but not sure what to do any more. Tried to download I 16 skins but doesnt seem to work like it used to. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Thanks guys, That got it......... Happy new year!
  4. May have missed this. Bought trac ir 5 pro and love it. However, all planes work great with the exception of the F4. My front or forward view is backwards. When I f 12 to center, I face the tail section. All other planes in this game and in CloD are ok. Thanks!!
  5. Sorry, late to the party. Is there any thread here with a procedure. Searched but cannot find. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, this is my first post i think. Why, why, why must we have to earn skins and other unlocks? Before all you guys get upset, just listen. Im 52 years old. As like alot of you, flight simmed for 20 years. I enjoy this sim. I do however also enjoy CloD. Im no noob and do love full real. I paid for them, just give em. Thanks, a old gammer who doesnt hve time for earning accolades i already paid for.
  7. Update...cleaned out drivers with driver cleaner program, reinstalled letting Nvidia tell me what I needed. Installed java cause Nvidia said it was necessary. Not sure about that but all working now. Thanks for all suggestions
  8. Well I put my gtx 770 back in and it works. (Headscratch). I'm not ready to think it's the card because it works with every other game. That just wouldn't make sense. I will try the gtx 970 on my son's computer to see if it runs the game. He has a copy of the game on his pc.
  9. Well we're getting closer. Numbers at bottom were 720 and 1280 or something like that. Now the game launches but desktop screen just flickers. I'll keep trying but thanks for your suggestions. They are getting me closer......: )
  10. Hi. My error message is 0x0000000A3B860 referenced memory at 0x000000000000000 memory could not be read. I tried the help topics and tried running as admin. The game is playing in the background. I could here the startup sounds of planes,welding and a fire but have no picture.I even went as far as going into start up cfg and changed fullscreek 1 to 0 to see if I get a small window. It's there because my curser dissappears wen i move it across screen. Any other suggestions would be great. Thanks
  11. Hi! I must apologize for im at work so i can only provide limited info but I purchased game right before christmas. The game ran very good on my system. Santa brought me a Zotac 970 gtx and a new Asus VG248QE 144 hz monitor. Since the upgrade BOS no longer runs. Not sure if the monitor is the conflict or what. Grafix cards is an improvement over gtx 560, and all my other games work flawless with my new hwd. I thought it was a windows 10 issue but many people are using it. I get a memory could not be read with an error code. I will provide the exact error code later. I launch the game and scree
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