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  1. Yep, stutters in myltiplayer here as well, offline much better, investigating presently.
  2. Hi Jason, are you still looking for voice actors? Any Australian voice packs needed for Commonwealth pilots? A few of us would be ready to assist.
  3. I had the same following the last patch then updated graphics drivers which fixed the issue
  4. I experienced the same issue and I updated graphics drivers yesterday. It seemed to work fine until I rammed a Heinkel with pyrotechnics everywhere then the game crashed. I have a Geforce GT 660
  5. Come fly Thursday or Sunday nights from about 2030AEST, you’ll meet a few of us on official BoS TS3
  6. +1 and then some. the tactical analysis in that theatre is unique for that very reason
  7. Firestorm07


    Truer words never been spoken (recently). The doctrine work done by USN aviators in the prelude to Midway and Guadalcanal was arguably the best of the war and influenced air combat training at Nellis for Korea, Vietnam and beyond.
  8. That was my spine being crushed apparently in the 2nd A20... but the severity of the pull up from the skip bomb run (if that’s what you’re referring to) wasn’t that dire, lag makes it appear more severe. Awesome video Darbz, love your work!
  9. When UDP is tunneling inside SSTP does the VPN act like TNT for my ISP while the FTP links to my USB? And that's why I'm not working in IT.
  10. Jason, thanks for taking care of this temporarily but it looks like its down again?
  11. Have to say a massive thanks to the Devs for the A20, got my money's worth for BoK just in that beast. But from a simulationist standpoint, the cardinal rule should be - if the position could be manned, it should be available to us. Of course it would take longer. But it would be a complete product. In IL21946, the Beaufighter didnt have the rear position modeled and it was a definite miss. This is too in my opinion, it would improve an already magnificently produced virtual aircraft. For your consideration.
  12. That's a fantastic announcement with ground breaking work forthcoming in our beloved genre. I plan to be here for a while, enjoying the release of each component and watching this sim grow as it has done spectacularly well so far. Bodenplate makes sense, it effectively follows content likened to "Aces Expansion Pack" for the original IL2 series and Jason has said that they're moving in the spirit of the original so kudos to you guys for having that long term vision. Having said that I'm truly, genuinely disappointed that we aren't getting Midway in 2018 and we'll have to wait a couple of years. But good things come to those who wait they say... patience is a virtue and all that... and if in the long term it means this sim grows for the better then I'm all in.
  13. I completely agree with Flit's position. We came in here to discuss TS servers and now we are discussing software options - the complexity bar has gone up a notch for the newbie and every time we as the community migrate to some new platform without developer sanction or an official announcement of some sort, we make the entry level induction more and more difficult for new and up and coming pilots who have no idea where they need to go or what they need to get to become connected with the community. I agree that discord is better as a platform. Is it the right platform for maximising community uptake? Presently I doubt it. But, if there was an "official" Discord address announced here that was front and centre and easy for new pilots to access, then all for it. Its not about the software, its all about information exchange with the community.
  14. Agreed wholeheartedly, what's been achieved here is nothing short of spectacular. I'm very very impressed with the work that went into this patch on the back of all the work that's gone into this sim since the beginning and am very glad I've purchased the BoX titles
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