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  1. Hello everyone, we are the Brazilian Jambock virtual squadron, since 1997 we have fought in the virtual skies in defense of allied forces, to enter our squadron access our official website https://jambockvirtual.webnode.com/, through the site you will find the necessary information for joining the squad. Maj: Jambock_Polaco Esquadrilha verde D1 Flying for the allies, fighting for the freedom.
  2. Hello Developers I have been a pilot of simulators since the time of the Warbirds III of the IEN and IL-2 1946 , like many who fly today, I know the history of World War II, as well as, all the aircraft involved in the unfolding of the conflict, your work is great, but like me, other enthusiasts miss the unheralded historical aircrafts so far: *Avro Lancaster *De Havilland Mosquito *North American B-25 Mitchel *Consolidated B-24 Liberator *Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress *Boeing B-29 Superfortress *Bristol Beaufighter *Vought F4U Corsair *Grumman F4F wildcat *Hawker Hurricane *Douglas C-47 *Grumman TBF Avenger *Focke Wullf FW-200 *Bristol Blenheim *Vickers Wellington *Mitsubeish a6m zero *Kawasaki KI-61 *Nakagima Ki-43 of these listed airlines, will not any of them be produced? I created the topic, because I did not find in the ads anything related to these aircraft, thank you very much!
  3. Hi, happy new year, thank you for Keys, i like de BoKp please, thank so much!
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