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  1. I believe you are right it should do more to aerodynamics but i really dont agree with the API going to cause more damage than regular AP rounds only when it hits a fuel tank.. even if it was a wooden plane like say the mosquito the incendiary wont do much when it travels through a plane unless theres fuel vapors it just wont do much when its in such short contact with something even if its wood.
  2. Yeah thats true i believe even mythbusters covered this. Only the vapor is flammable but if fuel spurts out of a leaking tank it will make quite a vapor trail. Dont know how well self sealing tanks prevents this though. Just saying i dont think ball or API is going to make a difference in hole size.
  3. I really doubt API .50 is really going to make a different size hole compared to ball .50 Its not gonna explode into shrapnell like a HE round. Sure if API hits a fuel tank thats a big difference compared to ball hitting the fuel tank.
  4. haha i think deleting the wing guns on the fw 190 also reduces drag, try the duck without the 30mm gun and it flies a lot better, the total weight and less drag means a lot (although the wing guns on the fw 190 dont make much drag compared to the ducks mk103
  5. I agree with the ammo count staying too long especially multiplayer it will cost you. I doubt the 55kg will be noticable though.
  6. Only the HE rounds had a reduced propellant for the mk 103 the AP rounds had the same velocity as the mk101. So the best choice is still the mk103
  7. I agree that the recoil doesnt look all that much ingame, also think the sound of the bk 3.7 could be a bit beefier but i think the stuka really becomes a lot worse to fly with the bks installed, even though i can easily rack up a few tank kills with it.
  8. I too have read that the gun pods on the ju88 damaged the plane when shooting i believe they have tested 75mm pak40 and also 50mm but it damaged the airframe. I agree that a lot planes with at guns strapped to them failed. Makes you wonder how sturdy the stuka actually was considering it has 3.7mm bks strapped to each wing also i've read many records of stuka's disabling tanks with it seen some pictures of t34 with twin 3.7mm holes in them.
  9. Awesome info, im trying to contact an old colleague he has a pilots journal or whatever its called i believe theres also notes in it he was on a modified ju88 train buster i believe im not 100% sure but i thought it had twin 40mm in underbelly pod
  10. Hahah you guys make me happy! We should make a zerstorer squad sometime! Im gonna pre order bon as soon as i see work in progress screenshots of the ju88c6 😁
  11. Yeah i really hope theres an option for removed gondola for tripple 20mm
  12. Curious if theres more people like me who want to try it online when its released. Im afraid its going to be a suffering but im also curious if it can pose a serious threat to bomber crews.
  13. First time in a real airplane (cessna) And one from when i was still in service Hopefully ill soon have more time for BoX again.
  14. might as well try my luck! and awesome to support the devs like this hope that community also grows. Jann3man + BoN
  15. I have used the hs129 and the stuka with the bk3.7 in multiplayer in tanks and both worked really well, sometimes i killed player tanks in a short burst but sometimes it also took almost all of my shots (most kills were t34's) i believe i managed to destroy one kv1 but im not sure if he actually got killed or exited because of engine / track damage.
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