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  1. im gonna order the Ju-88 C-6 a!! cant wait! i wonder will it have working radar?
  2. i would love a heavy night/dayfighter like a ju88 g6 or something like that
  3. i might be the only one here, but im hoping for a collector Ju-88 G6 model for fighting those b17 bomber formations i believe it was used as a day and night fighter even though probably more succesful as a nightfighter?
  4. awesome DD, looking great as usual. Does anyone know what the attacker / bomber lineup for axis gonna be? i play mostly attack planes and im guessing its going to be the already existing bf110 g2 and me 410 perhaps? i think the stuka was withdrawn from the western front by this time?
  5. I've played a couple of tank multiplayer matches on Efront tanks and some more on battle of prokhorovka (really liked that server) but lately i dont see these servers.. sometimes i see Efront with 1-4 players in it.. It just feels like nobody wants to play tanks? maybe im online on the wrong times? im not sorry for buying the tank crew because it helps the development of the game but it does feel like i only bought it for the single player mode. How do you guys feel about the future of tank crew? im hoping it will grow
  6. yeah i agree, i really dislike things like markers where enemies are, but waiting 50 minutes for a track repair, while i can also choose to respawn instantly is also "too realistic" for me so server settings will sort this.
  7. well, i know most people are hardcore simmers, but shouldnt the tank sim be a bit more about gameplay? To be honest, if track repairs wont exist i think the tank mode will be very unrealistic. lets say the game is finished, im driving around in my light tank or maybe a AA vehicle and i spot a 2-3 heavy tanks and decide to just shoot at the vehicles tracks and since i know they are immobilized i can just cruise around them stay out of theyre sight and eventually they will get tired of waiting for engagements with other tanks and decide to respawn. granting me 2-3 heavy vehicle kills. now speaking of respawning, if you want to make it a sim, you should either have to wait for a towing vehicle to take you back to base to grab a new tank or you have to destroy your tank and walk back to base. I know realism should be kept high and im in big favor of that but i really think there should be some concessions made otherwise realism will just be a suffering. and you guys all know that theres always gonna be players that will go for cheap kills like that. getting detracked in a bad spot will always result in the player respawning because who wants to sit in a tank an entire match and not being able to do anything and cheer at the end of the match i got 0 kills but i did not die in combat i was just merely detracked!
  8. only thing i have with the controls is that i think, turret movement shouldnt be mappable to mouse (the movement feels unrealistic) and i think mouse has a advantage over all else. as its more intuitive and faster to control the tank itself with the keyboard (so turning the tank) and moving the turret at the same time with the mouse. but thats just me
  9. Hey stupor, i think i actually killed you while flying the stuka G, but I love to switch it up a bit in tanks, tank a bit and when I get killed fly a bit and tbh im pretty good at flying the hs129 and stuka but im terrible at dogfighting so the tank server was great for me.. im really loving it but i think the Efront tanks server is a bit Mehh, dunno why too many IA lots of people flying and bigger maps make it feel a bit stale compared to the other server i think.. Anyway i hope for more tank content soon as im loving it and i hope it will bring new players though at the current state/price i cant say that i would tell someone to buy it. I good friend of mine likes this game as well he has the base game BOS, gonna try some tanking together soon, him being gunner or so multicrew tank think he will like it but cant really bring myself to tell him to buy the tank crew in current state.. like i said i really hope it will grow further. I am guilty of warcrimes I have killed a few tanks with the stuka G while they were in the woods (some of those is contributed to engine damage / track damage) repair system for the tanks would be nice for track repairs etc. because now people jump out when they are immobile thus granting the kill to the last player that damaged them. It is pretty easy to spot a moving tank while in a low flying plane the exhaust fumes are easy to spot and the dust cloud behind the tank which is realistic in summer but ive seen this also on a rain map and then the dust cloud shouldnt be there tbh. I will try to play less of a attack plane and more of a tanker, Its a shame the game dies but there is some things that need to be adressed by the developers and by the server creators as well, but its also very early in development. i think something like this would really help. The game also really needs flak trucks, then everything will balance out a bit more for example: 2 tigers in a big open flat area would dominate most russian tanks coming at them. but an airplane would be able to knock them out pretty easily (track damage or worse) but 2 tigers and one AA vehicle would make it much more difficult for a plane to knock them out and people will think about ammo choice (i would definatly bring HE if there are player controlled soft targets)
  10. i can shed my experience on this as well, left from commander position to gunner position and forgot to close hatch, got strafed by a plane (MP) and tried to go back to commander but was unavailable. plane strafed me again a couple of times i was in pz3 and he eventually knocked me out.. Im assuming he shot rounds in my still open hatch and those rounds ricoched inside the tank but i cant be sure.. would be nice to know how you died. (one of the few things i did like about the very very very unrealistic war thunder is that you knew how you died)
  11. im guessing its dead though? havent seen it for 2 days now? Tbh im glad I pre-ordered BOP but i told a good friend of mine to not pre-order it yet as i think the multiplayer BOP is just lacking severely right now.. Im fully aware that its not finished and all but its pretty much only QMB for tanks right now.
  12. really nice to hear things like this. im quite new in the community though i bought pretty much all the expansion packs, really hope this community can make the tank expansion battle of prophorochka (or something) just as "popular" i really hope it will attract more people as im a better tanker then i am a pilot (still love to fly the stuka G and the hs129 though) anyway props to the great community, i can say so myself that when i first started playing (in wings of liberty) people have been really nice to help with stuff like engine settings and directing to the forums (teufelhunden and a couple of others that i cant remember by name)
  13. loved this server not dead i hope? I really hope there will be a good tanks server that stays.
  14. awesome content comijg up! gj to the team. Do you guys think we will get the 50mm cannon on the me262 also? maybe as a ground strike plane or was it only used for bombers?
  15. Darn i was afraid of that i would love a bf110 with schrage musik i think that it would be awesome for teamplay but i guess well never get those in box
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