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  1. Thanks, guys! That's what I understood - what I can't get is how I can assure that my configs and local settings will be from the Il-2 store version, ie. how I can merge these both versions' files safely without losing my control and graphics settings, for example. I purchased the Steam version, but then it started downloading to a Steam library folder instead of my " X:\Il-2 BoS " folder, so I'd have installed two versions of BoS on my PC. Steam library folders has a different folder structure than the one I have for Il-2 BoS (installed at the root of a dedicated HD) and I'm afraid of losing my configs and controls, so I stopped the download until I get a clearer picture of this process.
  2. Hi, guys! I bought all BoX releases directly from the store, but now that there's a 75% off BoS sale on Steam I wanna buy it again from Steam so I can get rid of the Il-2 Launcher slow update speeds - my games on Steam get updated very fast. I've searched everywhere, but couldn't find a clear explanation on how I can make Steam to "see" my current Il-2 BoS folder and whenever I update or launch Il-2 it starts from my "store version" folder keeping my current config and settings - it is not listed as Steam library folder since it is a separate hard drive just for Il-2. Also, on the account integration tutorial, this situation is not covered as far as I could understand, so I don't feel confident that I can keep my current install and configs of Il-2 "store version" - In other words, I just want Steam to see my current Il-2 install and add it to its library without downloading the whole game and risk overwriting my config files. Is that possible? Any help is appreciated!
  3. Great job, guys! The physiology effects are a very welcome addition. I guess the physical limitations will be applied on WWI planes as well, since they run on the very same simulation engine.
  4. This is interesting, perhaps with a shader app, such as ReShade, this could be corrected...
  5. Awesome! Still at work, but already thinking about how to take-off that Schwalbe...:D
  6. Not very savvy in game programming, but would such news make Il-2 closer to real time ray tracing? https://wccftech.com/crytek-neon-noir-ray-tracing-demo-amd-rx-vega-56-30fps-1080p-nvidia-rtx-boost/amp/
  7. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the case of a mod or if it is down to source code programming (devs), but it would be nice to be able to play tracks backwards, just so you can get to the desired point without re-loading the entire track and resetting the camera setup. As a movie maker, in the case if you missed a "scene", you can't rewind back to that point - instead you should click on the timeline at the bottom to get to the point you've just missed and then await the track finishes loading up to that point. If the track is a few minutes long, it starts getting cumbersome when you need to do it several times, plus if you're doing the take with another than default's camera, you ought to setup the camera again as the track re-loading resets it. Or perhaps there is already a solution to this and I'm not aware of... Thanks!
  8. I've just stumbled upon this... amazing work!
  9. It is very possible to do the "guncam" mod without the need to activate the Mods ON in-game: - Do your show (get some kills) while recording the track - Install ReShade and apply some adjustments to get it matching the WWII cameras look - With ReShade installed and working in-game, go replay some of your tracks - While replaying, activate ReShade loaded with your guncamera settings (I have the .ini file at my computer at home, may share it per request) and voilà. There is a topic about it on the Videos section of the forum.
  10. Post-mission debriefing - Luftwaffe defensive CAP - Mission report. Mission: Intercept enemy bombers Schwarm: 4x Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-6 equipped with 1x 20mm cannon + 2x 13mm machineguns. As the sirens started blaring at about 10h00, the on-duty pilots of II/JG 52 were already strapped to their seats while the mechanics were doing that last-minute repair work. The day was calm so far, it was the second sortie for the Gruppe, as a few hours very early in the morning another Schwarm had took off but couldn't find any enemies during their patrol and had just landed from their sortie. The Eastern front was slowly taking its toll on the exhausted veterans and novice pilots that had just arrived from training. "As the refreshened pilots started scrambling to intercept, the ground control reported while the Schwarm was climbing heading South-Southeast: possible altitude 3500m, enemies coming from East, number unknown yet, but it wasn't a small number. While climbing, Oberleutnant Karl von Rümmingen, leader of that flight, started planning his attacks and its variants if the enemy were bombers or fighters. As they took off without external cannon gondolas to keep climb rate fast if needed, they weren't on exactly best weapon if the enemy were to be though bombers, but it was his tool and he had to take it." The first dots started appearing from East, spotted by Oblt. Karl v. coming slightly below the sun. The Schwarm was at about 4000m, south of the enemy formation. As Karl approached and positioned himself high and to the left of the formation, there they were: twin engined bombers, probable A-20s. His wingman, the recently comissioned Leutnant Werner Hauss was on his second sortie, but Karl trusted him a lot and started the first pass with a dive at their 8 o'clock. Confirmed: A-20s, about 12 of them and also smaller dots slightly to the north, possible escort fighters, but the priority was to defeat the bombers as they started the run to their airbase and nearby installations. The first pass was successful - somewhat. As Karl shot very close, debris from the crippled bomber started to disassemble and a good sized chunk of metal debris hit his left radiator, under the wing and also blown out the left flap. Oblt. Karl didn't have the time (nor the will) to abort his attacks and kept his speed high while the oil coolant temperature started rising. Carefully throttling back and forth to keep engine as smooth as possible, Karl checked around to see if his wingman was still with him, as he heard a lot of chaos over the comms. Second pass was good: another A-20 shot down to an out of control dive and plummeted into earth. At the 109, Oblt. Karl watched the oil coolant temperature rising to near critical levels, but kept pushing - the airbase must be safe. A third pass and the 3rd enemy bomber broke into flames, with the crew quickly jumping out of the burning wreck, 4 chutes accounted for. As Oblt. Karl was aligning for the fourth pass, suddenly a burst of metallic sounds rattled around loud, for a few instants overpowering the engine roar and a hole through the cockpit window appeared. On Oblt. Karl's words: "It was a La-5 behind and was a good luck his bullets didn't hit my head. But I was very close to my target, must kept pushing! My aircraft was starting to get hard to keep stable, instinctively I felt that it must have got some wing damage; anyway I got to keep my aim steady and very closely shot another burst of 20mm cannon shells that exploded on the enemy's tail. Rudder and both elevators blown away and that airplane departed an uncontrollable dive. Lt. Werner jumped on that La-5, making him break off my tail so I could keep my crippled plane somewhat flying for another last pass as the oil coolant was nearly depleted and engine started running very rough, and to help with the situation, Kommandogerat kept the remaining radiators fully open, adding a huge drag and making even harder to keep speed. To make the mess worse, the right leading edge slat was hit and stuck on the forward position, together with the missing left wing flap caused strong wing asimmetry, beside the small bullet holes on both wings. But the next target was worth a try as I had potential energy remaining for a last attack before RTB - if possible. As I dived in and landed a few shots, my aircraft started losing speed very fast, engine's roaring sounded even more sick than before and the plane shocked on a violent jolt to the left, silence and then I could only hear the wind - the propeller stopped! And that damaged bomber got away on a slight dive. Damn, I still have some shells left onboard!" Few moments later, Oblt. Karl von Rümmingen was making a forced wheels up landing on a grass field just short of the runway. Pilot was unhurt. Aircraft was a total hull loss. That damaged bomber was a confirmed kill a few hours later as some observers reported that they saw it hitting the ground and exploding just about 30 km north of the combat zone, probably due to loss of control and engine power. Confirmed kills: 5 (A-20) Intel staff developed the film of the onboard gun camera, as follows:
  11. Didn't know of this mod. Will try it when I get home. Thank you!
  12. Post-mission debriefing - Luftwaffe defensive Combat Air Patrol over one of its airfields. Weapons: 1x 20mm cannon + 2x 7.92mm machine guns An undisclosed Luftwaffe pilot was tasked to fly as a wingman within a Schwarm of a classified Jagdgeschwader issued to CAP defensively one of their airfields against ground attack aircraft and their escorts on the Eastern Front circa Spring of 1942 using the recently deployed Bf 109 F-4. After the mission, intelligence staff gathers with each pilot and together they debrief and check the guncamera footage to see how both pilot and the newly deployed aircraft performed. Individual result: 3 air-to-air kills (2x Il-2 Sturmoviks + 1x I-16) confirmed. Tactical victory. Attackers were repelled and airfield was slightly damaged. 1x Bf 109 F-4 was lost to enemy fighters.
  13. One more testing of the processing. What I like about ReShade is that you can tweak on-the-fly the post-processing VFX, but the video editor (like Shotcut, which I'm currently using) gives a nice final touch with some filters, besides joining the individual clips together. This one is about 109F against P-40's sturdiness.
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