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  1. In this new video, I added some train's onboard footage. The challenge: P-47 vs train - guns only. Enjoy.
  2. Nice! Very curious to see what great stuff we'll have, the dev team is always pumping out good stuff!
  3. Great book and thanks for the videos!
  4. Hi, guys, here just to say that I noticed this judder effect as well. I have my fps at a rock solid 60, with low GPU and CPU loads, but there is still judder when panning, the aircraft's movement doesn't look smooth. This is very visible on my last video (Thunderbolts!), when on the landing this issue becomes very evident while panning the camera to film the landing roll.
  5. Very nice and convincing. Which editor did you use? I'm learning DaVinci Resolve.
  6. Now here it is... about Thunderbolts!
  7. New video is up. A flight of Hawker Tempests giving support to ground troops against JaBo Fw-190s circa November, 1944.
  8. Hey guys, I'm experimenting with editing my own guncamera videos, trying to achieve the most convincing look as possible. Here are two of them. More to follow as I'm going to record more sorties in the future, as I lost some nice tracks after some updates. Cheers!
  9. I see. Perhaps your install doesn't have this folder structure? Mine is like this: "\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\LuaScripts\Worldobjects\Planes" and all .txts are inside this folder. Maybe it works if you manually create such folder structure? EDIT: Now I see the (possible) mistake: there is no such folder called "fixcameras". Check my folder structure above, it is taken directly from my install.
  10. The first post on this topic sums it up very well in the first paragraphs. There's nothing to do with the scripts.gtp, but with the .txt files on a folder, explained on the first post I mentioned.
  11. DaVince Resolve 16 beta, the free version. Awesome piece of software and there are tons of tutorials on YouTube.
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