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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to BoS though I've flown quite a bit in 1946, however this game is very different and I need to get the hang of it starting from the basics. I'd like to find a squadron which can help me improve putting me through the paces. I usually have 1 hour in the evening (21-22 GMT+1, Italy) and slightly more time during the weekend; My favourite plane on which I'd like to fly is the 190, but I'm more than happy to use the 109 Thanks!
  2. So today I downloaded the FacetrackNoIR software and followed this tutorial to make it recognise BoS: http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/17154-how-make-facetracknoir-recognize-il-2-sturmovik-battle-stali/ But I still get the ID 1008 error, anyone can help?
  3. Hey guys, I have a problem with running BoS via Steam, but since there are many techies here I hope there's someone on the forums who could help me out with the issue. I play BoS on my Lenovo Y580 laptop which happens to have two GPUs - an integrated Intel card and GeForce GTX660M. For some reason every time I start the game by double-clicking on the executable file the game starts using the default graphics processor, which results in very low FPS and bad performance in general. To go around it I need to right-click on the .exe icon and then select 'Start with high performance graphic
  4. Thanks chaps, I appreciate all the input. I've done some more reading and went back to my favourite unofficial IL-2 forum to check out opinions about the Warthog. Although the Thrustmaster is almost universally praised for its incredible feel and precision, almost all users have had technical problems with it, most of which required sending it back for a service (under warranty of course). No such problems are to be found with CH equipment - some of you have had your joysticks and throttles for half of my lifetime and they didn't break even once. One of the users on the aforementioned foru
  5. Are you afraid that the long-haired General is going to kill you after she finds out how much you've spent on your PC?
  6. I hope that's true. My Lenovo laptop already has some good hardware in it (i7-3630QM, 16GB RAM DDR3, GTX660M, full HD 15,6" display), though I think I'll have to toss out my HDD (1TB, 5400rpm) in favour of a 256GB SSD. I run War Thunder on medium settings and get between 28 and 45fps, on average it runs at about 38. That should be enough for BoS.
  7. Gavagai, I don't really need FFB. I've used it for a while on both the Logitech and the Saitek. While it adds a lot to immersion I found it to be a hindrance in competitive online play. Crossfade made a good point about the additional functionality of newer joysticks - the fact that I'll be able to fly a plane without having to use the keyboard would make this much easier for me. Crossfade, thank you, that speaks volumes about the Warthog's build quality. So far all opinions about the Thrustmaster I read were positive (though some Amazon reviewers had concerns about its reliability). Does
  8. Manfred, Tektolnes, thanks for the info about the Warthog, based on reviews and user opinions it seems to be very well made and has a great feel. Kestrel, as I said in the OP I had a Saitek stick before and was rather underwhelmed. Of course times have changed and so did Saitek, but I'm willing to pay more for a premium product.
  9. Hello simmers, I'm in the unenviable (because of the sheer number of joysticks on the market) position of having to choose a proper flight controller for the next couple of years. I'm looking for a solid, long-lasting and precise piece of equipment compatible with many sims and other hardware (i.e. throttle and rudder pedals). I've done some reading and narrowed my choice down to two sticks: - CH Fighterstick (plus Pro Throttle); - Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. Where I live both sets can be obtained for a similar price, both also come with a 2-year warranty. In the past I had
  10. I bought my copy of vanilla IL-2 back in 2001, one month after its initial release. Played it for a couple of years all the way until the introduction of 1946. Prior to that I played European Air War, Jane's World War II Fighters and some other sims (including Dawn Patrol on my sister's Amiga - anyone remember it?). :-)
  11. American-built Lend-Lease aircraft and earlier Soviet fighters and bombers could also open up a possibility of introducing the Winter War and Continuation War into the game. I'd love to see Curtiss H.75s, Morane MS.406s and Fokker D.XXIs fighting it out with LaGGs, SB-2s and Ishaks.
  12. No problem mate, glad I could help! :-)
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