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  1. Thanks for the info, I will try install all again.
  2. Morning Canada, I just notice the my IL2/Updates folder is about 15GB. Is that normal? 😅 Also I found 20 GB in the Tracks folder...may I remove all tracks? Trying to save some space...
  3. So the +25 climbs better than any other fighter, is that historically accurate?
  4. I was wondering about climb rates, just to compare with 190/109.
  5. How much does climb? Thanks!
  6. Because is my money and I don't wanna be invest in a 1/2 improvement 😎 I will keep the Oculus 1 for the moment thanks.
  7. I cannot enjoy the VR experience if the sweet spot doesn't cover all the lens. I suppose the next Gen VR will be finally a VR 2.0. And the headset should be lighter for sure.
  8. If this guy leaves Oculus will be over. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Carmack
  9. CV1 Tracking is better CV1 Audio is better CV1 Headset is lighter Oculus S has better resolution. I really hope Oculus 2 will be like CV1 but better with twice resolution like HP reverb.
  10. Just returned my Oculus S. Sorry guys except resolution the old CV1 is far better than the S.
  11. La LW tambien disponia de diferentes octanages asi que para simplificar no han añadido el 25 por que significaria entrar en una guerra de combustibles/prestaciones. A mi me parece que con los aviones genericos que ya tenemos es suficiente y prefiero que se concentren en sacar mas aviones nuevos que meterse en lios...todos sabemos como acabo el viejo IL2, con aviones marginales con prestaciones de fantasia...creo que hacen bien los ingenieros simplificando ciertas cosas.
  12. IMO 109 G10. ...but what what I wanna really see are the Me 163, the He 162 and and the Ho 229 😎
  13. What about this? https://uploadvr.com/rift-s-hidden-resolution-setting/ Thanks!! Did you alredy try it then?
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