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  1. I understand all of this but it would be great if it worked for my rotary wheel. I don't know why it can't be done. It's not like the X52 is like the real thing. It's a joystick for playing this 'game'. I'm not in a real cockpit. I want to be able to use my joystick to it's fullest ability. I fly the 190 a lot and it's annoying that I have to adjust my flying to use a hat switch to change my stabiliser when for all other planes, I use the rotary. I understand the 190 had a switch but why can't this not be added? For those that want to fly as it was flown, great. But I
  2. The stabiliser axis can't be mapped to the rotary it doesn't work dude. And I'm not the only one that has that issue. If the guns and cannons couldn't be fired separately then thats fair enough but the rotary not being read for the stabiliser axis is only happening with the 190. So, this isn't a issue pertaining to the real aircraft. It is a bug. Something that should work but doesn't. The Logitech X52 didn't exist in World war 2. I need to be able to use the rotary of the joystick to change my elevator trim/stabiliser axis. It don't work for the 190 so how the hell is this not a bug?
  3. Hi there. Ok it's been a long time yet it seems that some core mechanics don't seem to be addressed. What is a bit peculiar is things that don't seem like it's gonna be hard to fix are still not fixed after so so long. Anyway, I'll get to the point. Can the 190s stabiliser axis be fixed? You can't map it to the rotary of joysticks. All other planes seem to work with the rotary but not the 190s. This is extremely frustrating as when I fly the 190 which I do a lot, I have to use the up and down stabiliser on a hat switch instead of just using the rotary which I do for all the other p
  4. Suggestion. Allowing the same pilot names. Please read below for explanation. Explanation: Hello. I have noticed something that is extremely annoying. This can be rectified with almost minimal effort in the next patch. What I am suggesting is allow the same name as long as the squad tag is different. My squad tag is 453= and 1 of my old pilots rejoined the squad but couldn't use the name Murray. This is because Murray had already been taken. Now that is stupid because there are so many Murrays in the world but there is only 1 453=Murray. To have a restriction lik
  5. Hi there, Anyone from the old II/JG2 Aussie Squad that used to fly still around? I have put together the old 453 squad which was a combination of old jg2 and the old 452 squad. We are in the Air Attack Squadron league. If anyone that is in the Oceania region or US/UK/Asia interested in joining send me a msg on discord: 453=Kinninmont#9057 or email me bridgeburners@live.com. Thanks, Kin
  6. Pilots, I'm the CO of 453 aka Bridgeburners. We are starting a competition this Sunday and it will go for 10 weeks. They will consist of matches against 5 other squads. We have mainly australian pilots but have some asian and european pilots. This league has relaxed settings with Icons being on and other such things as optional engine management. This is a good opportunity for new pilots that have gotten into the sim to try it out. We need pilots. I have pilots all over the world. However I need more. Please send me an email and I will give you the details
  7. Hi, Error: 10009: Game server connection lost Ok I'm gonna keep this simple. Has any1 figured out a fix for this error yet? I can't believe that 4 odd years later we are still having this issue. This is unacceptable! I mean what the hell are all these updates supposed to do? Bring in new planes and new maps and campaigns for dollars? Here's some news for you devs. I solely play this game for multiplayer. I mean, who wants to shoot down AI 'Aces' that can't even fly? It's okay for some people. Yea that's great. But not for me. I keep getting this error and ye
  8. Yea I've done the 2-3 week thing before but I normally do this for a couple of months to make sure but it just wears you down you know esp. when I live in Australia and love WW2 theatre as this has been a thing for 4 years now. The amount of money I have spent to the satisfaction I have gotten just makes me angry. The thing is, DCS has no servers or gameplay on IL2. Anyway, I'm bugging out. Maybe it will get better.
  9. Thanks dude Ill try it without cloud. Though we really shouldn't need to do this. Developers, can you please try to optimise this update. I just spent another 108 dollars for loss of frame rate and all these bugs. This is simply not good enough.
  10. Hi, I have just noticed a marked drop in frame rate with the new update. Can this be looked into? The game was running really well and now with this update it's almost at half the frame rate. Looking at the posts, I can see there are other issues as well. Just putting it out there as these updates just don't seem viable if they make the game run slower.
  11. Hi there. It's been great flying on your server. One thing I have noticed though is the plane selection for the maps. I only have BoS and BoK so I was wondering why you have chosen all planes available for all maps? I'm curious why you are doing this as Wings of Liberty generally have planesets based on historical maps which I find way more interesting. If you need help with maps, I can help you select planesets. I will be getting Battle of Bodenplatte soon as it has some of my favourite ww2 aircraft but I think having all planes available in each map seems rather unbalanced and n
  12. This is the story of 2 friends on a Tuesday afternoon. They both love flight sims. One of them was a squad leader in IL2 1946. One of them owned most of the IL2 titles. Actually all of them except for Battle of Moscow. Right now they are both pissed off. They don't care about new (*&Y(*& planes or upcoming stuff. They are NOT going to be purchasing any more products as the money they have spent on Battle of Stalingrad and its expansions have been wasted. This game's bugs are a deal breaker. For some ppl to get it running flawlessly is just unbelievable. We canno
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