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  1. LuseKofte : thank you very much i was not expecting that 😄 and BOS gift shocked me .I think i can send you the BOS back as gift if you want ???Again thank you very very much for nice gesture !!!!
  2. That's very nice gesture . I always wanted to try P-40 ( one of my fav WWII planes in reality ) in this game , but i bought MC 202 instead :D ,and it was not a good idea :D
  3. bubo942

    TF is looking for Mission Builders to join our Team

    I agree with mysticpuma ,also dynamic campaign for both sides will be awesome
  4. bubo942

    Steam/DVD - Questions

    Hello , Will the DLC be playable standalone or they will require original Clod Blitz ???? Thank you for answer .
  5. I would like to see P-40B,M ,hurricane ,B-239 and IAR-80
  6. bubo942

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    Team daidalos is making a great job keeping this old gold alive .Just look at this link http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=230149 at their newest adition to the game
  7. bubo942

    PO-2 collector plane

    I think the trainer variant of any aircraft is needed from DAY 1 in this game (and as you said same as Clod have Tiger moth Bos should have something similar ).But i want to try to be night witch
  8. bubo942

    PO-2 collector plane

    Hello , I have a question will the PO-2 also available as armed variant or only as two seat trainer ??? Thank you for answer .