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  1. bubo942

    Career mode

    I hope atleast for WWI scripted campaign
  2. bubo942

    Clod Graphic settings

    Thank you very much it helped i also lower texture settings to medium and now it works fine !!!!
  3. bubo942

    Clod Graphic settings

    Hello guys , I have issue with the graphic when i look down on the instrument panel the game frame rate drops down to 30 fps ,but when i look outside of the panel game runs always 60 fps with no drops even when heavy combat,effects and clouds appears on scene .Do anyone have same issue ??? Thanks for reply
  4. So we will be surprised with how quickly the release arrive , that means maybe it will come in 2 months ??? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜
  5. bubo942

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    Nice update , will there be also further game engine optimisation ???? Thanks !!!
  6. Burton_92 : are you satisfied with the quality of this joystick ??? Thanks for answer
  7. bubo942

    Worst enemy for germans

    PE-2 with its laser accurate gunners
  8. bubo942

    Tank Crew

    I think numbers of Panther and Tiger will be limited as well as SU-152 . I'm personally waiting for PZ IV G which is still capable to destroy both T-34 ,KV-1 and still survive .
  9. bubo942

    Developer Diary, Part 196 - Discussion

    Il-2 team is supplying us every week with fantastic news !!!!! Thanks IL-2 Team
  10. bubo942

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    Nice !!!!! I'm excited .
  11. bubo942

    Bombers in MP

    I got more air-to-air kills in PE-2 (and also score) than in any fighter
  12. bubo942

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    I don't want to sound negative , i appreciate TF hard work but some update will be good for keep us in attention
  13. bubo942

    TFS Update: Tobruk Discussion

    Any news about 5.0 patch is welcome
  14. bubo942

    replacing graphic card ?

    Also adding another stick of 8GB DDR3 memory will help ,but if you know that you have weak CPU replace it .