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  1. Hello guys , I just installed the game and the avast anti virus detected Launcher64.exe as virus ??? Do you have any solution to this ??? Thank you for answer ----- REPLY FROM TF: - Some people who are running AVG or AVAST Anti-Virus are having problems with them blocking the game from running. Solutions: Add an exception in the AV program for the 64 bit launcher .exe in the main folder. If you still continue to have problems, then you may need to uninstall the Anti-Virus program, (delete all folders after uninstall), then restart your computer, run the game once, then re-install the Anti-Virus and add the CoD-Blitz launcher .exe to the exceptions before running the game again. Launcher is the file with the blue and red rondel.
  2. I personally can't wait for 5.0
  3. I would like to see a Battle of Leningrad
  4. bubo942

    Next Colloctor Plane

    I would like to see any later P-40 model and also B-25 flyable that would be day 1 buy for me
  5. bubo942

    Giveaway ENDED, thanks for participating

    Adding it just for fun !!!
  6. bubo942

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Yeah i know but the carrer timeline is not only for Bodenplatte but also market garden and other operations that followed . I know that the 310 sqn do do recon mission around belgian and dutch coast.If the game timeline will even include events before normandy landings the 310,312,313 sqn were doing sweeps into enemy territory . Ok, thank you for answer
  7. bubo942

    Developer Diary 211 - Discussion

    Hello i have a question, can we also expect a No.310 Czechoslovak squadron to be included ???
  8. bubo942

    Possible content for TF 6.0

    If there will be P-40F and Operation Torch so there is hope for P-38
  9. bubo942

    Developer Diary 199 - Discussion

    Is the photo taken at aviation museum Kbely ??? It looks at least very similar to it with this layout
  10. bubo942

    Career mode

    I hope atleast for WWI scripted campaign
  11. bubo942

    Clod Graphic settings

    Thank you very much it helped i also lower texture settings to medium and now it works fine !!!!
  12. bubo942

    Clod Graphic settings

    Hello guys , I have issue with the graphic when i look down on the instrument panel the game frame rate drops down to 30 fps ,but when i look outside of the panel game runs always 60 fps with no drops even when heavy combat,effects and clouds appears on scene .Do anyone have same issue ??? Thanks for reply
  13. So we will be surprised with how quickly the release arrive , that means maybe it will come in 2 months ??? ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜
  14. bubo942

    TFS Developer Update - July 2018

    Nice update , will there be also further game engine optimisation ???? Thanks !!!
  15. Burton_92 : are you satisfied with the quality of this joystick ??? Thanks for answer