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  1. That P-40 fly-by at the end !!!!
  2. Hello beermajkl379, You will have no problem running FC vol.I on GTX 1050 Ti i also use this gpu no issues. I can send you print screen of my settings but im using i7 4770 cpu. Also if you have any question about FC i can answer it in Czech language :) because its my native language.
  3. i cant wait to see it !!!!! (Kittyhawk or tomahawk)
  4. He is also making 1:1 replica of PFALZ D.VIII with original Siemens-Halske Sh.III geared rotary
  5. this is simple question the A-20B the best VVS plane (and best bomber in the game / also can be used as fighter )
  6. I bought the EA of FC Vol .I and never regret it best expansion so far (for me at least)
  7. Halberstadt and Bristol Fighter looks amazing
  8. A-20 is hands down the best plane that VVS have now in-game 😄
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