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  1. A-20 is hands down the best plane that VVS have now in-game 😄
  2. All the MiG- 3 and IL-2 rebuilts are using Allison V1710 engine but neither of these used Klimov M105 .I think that the M105 should sound similar to Hispano Suiza Y12 because M105 was based on M-100 which was license build Y12 .
  3. This was posted on ATAG TF fusion forum by ATAG_Pattle
  4. Vespa: it is a standalone game you can buy it here https://store.steampowered.com/app/754530/IL2_Sturmovik_Cliffs_of_Dover_Blitz_Edition/
  5. Thank you very much for answers !!!! . i will get the RX 570 8GB
  6. Can the commander use the M2HB ???
  7. Hello guys , Im thinking about getting RX 570 or RX 580 Video Card , so my question is do anyone here have experience with this card on IL-2 BOX or what level of detail should i expect. Thank you for answer .
  8. Hello guys , I just installed the game and the avast anti virus detected Launcher64.exe as virus ??? Do you have any solution to this ??? Thank you for answer ----- REPLY FROM TF: - Some people who are running AVG or AVAST Anti-Virus are having problems with them blocking the game from running. Solutions: Add an exception in the AV program for the 64 bit launcher .exe in the main folder. If you still continue to have problems, then you may need to uninstall the Anti-Virus program, (delete all folders after uninstall), then restart your computer, run the game once, then re-install the Anti-Virus and add the CoD-Blitz launcher .exe to the exceptions before running the game again. Launcher is the file with the blue and red rondel.
  9. I would like to see any later P-40 model and also B-25 flyable that would be day 1 buy for me
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