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    Me too. My tank blows up and I'm back at desktop. Something is wrong with this game.
  2. Yep, I just tested it and you're right. I also tested hitting trees with the tank and the engine is kaput just as before. The press on the new update indicated they strengthened the mechanical components. Evidently, not enough. The Tank has the capability of knocking down tree's and building on the new Prokhorovka and Rhineland maps, but the tanks still suffer severe damage. So again, what you said is spot on and is something that everyone who bought TC should fire a flare at the developers to get their attention. How and where do we all support your complaint so that it will be comprehended by the TC developers?
  3. You may wish to try the following two missions. Both the same only one is Russian, and the other is German. They are designed to be played in the Dogfight server NOT the COOP server, but they ARE Coop only..or single player if you just wish to play on your own. You only need to create a server in your game and go for it:
  4. I think trees only stop HE rounds. Seems AP rounds do go through trees, just as they go through some buildings. I always use AP when trees are a factor, even for soft targets. My guess is that the Ai is shooting AP rounds because that is what would be called for when engaging armor. I wouldn't mind the invisible trees if they didn't stuff up your tank. If they only stopped you and not wrecked your tank they wouldn't be that big an issue. Perhaps with this latest update the tanks are sturdier? I haven't been playing this game since the update and don't know. It's reasonable to ask the developers to make the tanks stand up to trees if they can't fix the invisible ones. In fact, the tanks should be strong enough to stand up to almost all head on impacts. Hitting a village well, or simple parked cart can break a tank engine, and gears. Hopefully, this was fixed with the latest update. If not..then we all have a right to complain about our tanks being weaker than most ordinary trucks.
  5. Yep, I've been totally clueless about ALL of them for a few months now...ever since I bought TC. Didn't watch the stream you mentioned. I think the one in the M4 would be even more useful if you could nestle up to it and move with it as is done in the other periscopes. With the M4 you have to be able to move your head inside the cupola around as it moves instead of just being married to the rotating view, as is the case with the SU-122 Commanders view. Speaking of which..I think the periscope in the commander's place is even more useful than the one in the M4 because as it stands now, the Su 122 commander cannot get out of the tank to view the outside. Without the periscope, the vehicle is a certain deathtrap in Multiplayer where situational awareness is paramount. Without a rotating periscope, it would also be useless in multiplayer for anyone who would want to play the Commander's role in the vehicle.
  6. KV 1: 1. Gunner: Rotates 360 degrees (SECOND nestle click to gunsight) M4A2: 1. Driver and Radioman have periscopes that rotate 45 degrees from center (With VISOR closed) 2. Commander: Rotates 360 degrees when with cupola hatch closed. (not actually a periscope, but just a view port that rotates from inside). SU 122: 1. Gunner: Rotates 360 degrees (FIRST nestle to gunsight) Note: VISOR must be opened..to see outside, otherwise the periscope only views inside of vehicle when the gunners visor is closed. 2. Commander: Rotates 360 degrees (First nestle to gunsight) Note: Not affected by the VISOR open or close command. T-34 (43 only): 1. Gunner: Rotates 360 degrees (SECOND nestle to gunsight note: Not affected by the Visor open or close command) The above information is provided for people new to Tank Crew, or anyone else with the English language edition that have not discovered the periscope controls within the key mapping pages. The periscope controls can be set via the Key Mapping charts in both Tank controls and Weapons controls. They are listed under "Actions" as: "VISOR". My ignorance of the periscope controls was removed by Yogiflight who corrected me after I had submitted a suggestion to include a rotating periscope in the Commanders position of the Su 122. I'm including that info here in Tank Crew forum for people like me who don't peruse the whole forum, but just go to the relevant forum topics to find information on a given subject matter. This issue is addressed to the English Language folks because for whatever reason, the TC developers have married the concept of visors with periscopes. Yogiflight says it reads as "periscope" in the German language versions of the game. Periscope availability is definitely tied to the visors in some of the models: M4 and SU where the visor position dictates if the periscope is available or not in some positions. The visor position has nothing to do with the T34 or the KV gunners, however. Recommend the developers include the word "Periscope" in the English language version of the game in the Key Mapping pages where Visor is indicated. I don't know if this is also a problem for other language editions.
  7. Yogi..you are indeed "Da Man!" Without your help..I would have remained totally ignorant. Ah yes, I get it: You are an "Enlightened" yogi...A GURU..who removes the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge, as the word guru implies! This knowledge will enhance my enjoyment of the game. I may again start to use the T 34/ 43 online again. I stopped driving it when I discovered the 42 was not only hardier, but also better for situational awareness. Getting to the external view in the 42 is faster as well as back to the gunsight view. Furthermore, the 42 gunsight seems to always be at the "ready" as it doesn't seem to require an uncage click like the 43. Also, it moves as quickly with the engine off as it does with it on. Not so with the 43. At any rate, I was feeling I'd been ripped off by buying Tank Crew when I actually preferred driving the free Tanks when playing online. Now, I find a reason to jump into the 43 just to play with the new toy, and also enjoy enhanced SA in the process. Well, maybe not..as playing online against Tigers..one needs some kind of edge 🤪 But, then again, if you can't lick'em..Join em and get yourself a Tiger! Yeah, that ticket!! Only kidding, as I don't always play online, and in fact do prefer single player. Thanks again for your help. You might also include this info in your message to the TC folks You are going to post this "new" info at TC aren't you? REALLY, I'm sure I'm not the only ignorant one out there. Without a manual of some sort, we the hopeless ones, need the wise words of our Guru to keep us on the right path!! Oh, I forgot to add that this periscope bit also works in the KV as well. Makes it more fun to boot!
  8. Yep, I can relate to that..comes with being long in the tooth. Back to the periscope issue: I noticed the T-34 43 has a periscope and the the "visor" keys work when in the gunner's seat without any actual view out of a periscope. I don't see how one can nestle to the "apparent" periscope. Would you happen to know if this is something else I'm ignorant of, or is it that the periscope is not actually installed and working?
  9. Funny! Did you use a mirror..or just bend over to check it out?🤣
  10. THANK YOU!! I really appreciate your response and insight into this issue. Without your help, I would have remained clueless about the periscope feature! I'm not a student of the forum and generally am unsuccessful finding what I'm looking for using the search engine provided. If this information that you've provided me hasn't been addressed before (I don't see it when I perform a search), I feel you may well do others in the "Tank Crew" community a great service by submitting a post explaining what you've told me. I see that you've posted a lot, and hence have the credibility that will draw attention to what you have to offer. I suspect I'm not alone in thinking the Commander's position in the Su 122 was worthless. The fellow I often play with online until now was just as clueless as me. There's bound to be others..especially in the English speaking world, who would benefit from your post in the Tank Crew forum. I doubt many will ever have a look in this section. It's not a place I ever look to except when I think something needs to be suggested. I'll do it if it hasn't already been addressed, or you simply would rather not, but like I said: "You're the Man" and I feel it would be something others appreciate..(if you're a female..I hope I haven't offended you ) Many thanks!
  11. After reading your post, I've revisited the Su 122 in game and experimented with all the key settings and still cannot get the Commander's periscope to move. Please kindly explain exactly what keys and in which key setting page controls the periscope. There's no periscope key in any of my key pages. I can hit: Nestle to the Gunsight Key and move in to view the periscope..as if it were a gunsight. But if I hit the usual Turret key which normally moves the turret and gun sight for the tank gunner..I get nothing when I move the mouse (the usual turret control). The mouse does however move a white reticle within the parameters of the forward facing periscope. I simply fail to get the periscope to rotate. Your explanation regarding the operational design of the vehicle makes sense, but it doesn't rule out the option of a commander driving with the hatch open in order to gain a clearer perspective of the overall situation on the outside. Regardless, we who would play with this beast should have the option of standing up in the open hatch for better SA in order to employ the machine in an Anti Tank role. Really, what other role is there for it in this IL-2 game? In the following link you see a depiction of a Su 122 with a crew member standing in the open hatch: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/soviet/soviet_SU-122.php
  12. I'd like to add something else to improve the Su 122. The Commanders periscope is fixed in one position: "Forward". Recommend making it a rotating periscope in order for the Commander to have situational awareness when buttoned up. I "think" this feature was how it actually was in Soviet tanks with a pericope. I base my reasoning on features I've recently discovered with the excellent game Steel Fury and the mods associated with it. Tank Crew got me interested in tanking, and that led me to Steel Fury. Steel Fury with its plethora of mods have opened my eyes to the extent Tank Crew could be improved. Seems they and the modders have really nailed it with Steel Fury, and although tanks in Tank Crew have superb graphics and such, their crew operational effectiveness leave a lot to be desired. The Su 122 is a case in point. As it is currently modeled, it's a poor choice for multiplayer. There is only the Diver and the Gunner available for suitable multiplayer positions. The Commander position is worse than useless because his position does not add to situational awareness but only takes away from it for the Gunner. The Su 122 has the capability to counter a Tiger threat in IL-2 multiplayer, but as it's currently modeled, it's not very effective in that role because its situational awareness is so poor that it's severely handicapped when fighting tanks that have far better SA due to opened commanders cupolas, and cupola view ports. The Gunners position is not acceptable for even minimal SA. The only way to improve SA in the game is to beef up the Commanders position. Given the poorly modeled commander's station in the Su 122, it seems that expanding TC to include another tank modeled in the same manner(Su-152. Su-85, Su-100?) will not enhance the games attractiveness.
  13. Ok thanks. Ran a systems repair tool that found errors and replaced files but still had no luck on your server, but still good on others. Thanks anyway.
  14. I can't connect to ANY of your maps. I connect OK in all other servers. I deleted all files in Multiplayer and tried again with no luck. What happens when I click on your server is: The game IMMEDIATELY stops responding and I have to END TASK in Task Managers to exit game screen.
  15. I've enjoyed playing on your server and until recently have had no problems connecting. However, ever since you changed your missions beginning with Kalinin map, I haven't been able to connect. In fact, as soon as I select your server and attempt to enter my game stops responding and I have to quit my game using TASK MANAGER. I don't have this problem with E Front and wonder if you..OR anyone else may have some idea of what my problem is and how to solve it?
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