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  1. I just discovered these mission..Thank you! Neat models!
  2. Thank you. I didn't make myself clear. I do understand how to use the Commander's orders via the Tilde key. My real question is "how is it that the player's tank has Ai some of the time and not all of the time". There are some missions where the Player Tank Ai is NOT available. There are times where it IS active and I don't wish for it to be active and wonder how to TURN IT OFF. I don't believe it is related to the Auto Pilot function in Realism settings because I've turned that off and STILL have tank Ai when I don't want it. I thought it was a function that the Mission Builders could select when making missions in the Mission Editor, but one mission builder says it is NOT selectable in the Mission Editor, but rather, it is HARD WIRED into the vehicles. But if that is so, it would seem likely to ALWAYS be available. But that is not the case. Some missions do not have vehicles that the Players Ai is active (i.e. Tank Scenarios...Fast Tank Battle). Does anyone know how the players tank Ai is incorporated into a mission, and how it can be turned off (without issuing an order via the Commanders Tilde menu).
  3. Does anyone out there know how this feature works? I haven't seen a description on how this feature works. Someone has said that player tank ai is hardwired into the game. In SP missions I've had my tank ai start shooting on engine startup (not all the time..only on some missions)..even before getting into the Commanders position and giving orders. I have discovered that I can squelch the Ai gunner in Single Player missions from the Commander's position if I give the order to: "Do Like Me". That seems to stop the Ai gunner in my tank from acting on his own. BTW...the Ai gunner is good beyond belief..in one mission, I've seen him identify a target, switch ammo, and kill the target at 1300 meters even before the engine has finished starting. (Hope this Ai thing gets more more realistic in future editions). This is trial and error as I don't see any instructions on this...or am I missing something?
  4. I thought it could be changed via the Mission Editor because it's not in all missions. It's not in Multiplayer either. So, what gives? Does anyone know if there are game settings that are responsible for having Ai crew members performing unwanted functions in a mission?
  5. I haven't had much success using the tilde key and the associated time consuming order menus. I'd rather just handle everything myself and would like to make your mission suitable for my style of play. Therefore I ask again..please tell me how I may turn off that feature in the mission editor. Thank you
  6. Thanks for making this mission. I applaud your effort with this as I find using the mission editor especially daunting. I started to play it and noticed that my tank had Ai features I don't care for. I would like to eliminate the Ai gunner moving and shooting my gun when I'm in the Commanders cupola. I opened the editor but did not see anything in advanced properties for the Player's Tank that addresses this issue. I would appreciate it if you could please explain how I can eliminate this automatic Ai feature in your mission using my own IL2 Mission Editor. Thank you
  7. Type of improvement: Tank Crew game play Explanation of proposal: Model all tank commander cupola's similar to what has been done with the Panther. Make the distance to each view port uniform. Currently it is very difficult to see out of the view ports in the Commanders Cupola in all tanks except the Panther. Use the Panther as a model for all Commanders Cupola. Benefits: Improved game immersion for players who wish to command a tank from the closed cupola position.
  8. When selecting the Tank Commanders position in the Su 122 it's possible to open the top hatch, but not possible to see out of the open hatch. Is this intentional? If not, it would be nice to have the ability to see out of the top of the tank from the commanders position with the hatch open. Even if it takes more time for the commander to move to that position, it would be worth it in order to enhance the commanders situational awareness.
  9. Thank you Namhee! I greatly appreciate your effort in rounding up these fun community missions. They are indeed fun. I'm in awe of the mission builders who make these missions as I've found the mission editor to be above my paygrade. I can only substitute vehicles within an already constructed mission in order to play with a particular tank of choice. The actual mission construction with triggers and such remain in the realm of mystery. My request above to the developers is inspired by the fun I derive from the skulking about the village taking on the tanks that seem to pop up from all quadrants in the Fast Tank missions. Also, I would like to have the capability to use the mission editor on those missions in order to substitute a more difficult opponents into their existing missions. For example example...substitute a Tiger or Panther for a P IV G, or T-34' in place of armored cars and such. I don't know why their fast tank battle missions are encrypted, but wish they weren't. Hopefully they will change that. Thanks again for your kind consideration!
  10. I enjoy playing the subject missions in the Tank Scenarios and wonder if the developers would please add the new T-34-43, Su 122 and Panther to those missions? I would do it myself, but cannot find those files when I open the mission editor, or conduct a files search in my cpu, and assume they must be encrypted. Or better yet make those missions visible so the players can edit them and insert whatever tanks we'd like to encounter in the village.
  11. I enjoy playing the subject missions in the Tank Scenarios and wonder if the developers would please add the new Su 122 and Panther to those missions? I would do it myself, but cannot find those files when I open the mission editor, or conduct a files search in my cpu, and assume they must be encrypted. Thank you
  12. To be fair I would say to limit the Heavy tanks and make it a medium tank battle if one is set on just doing tanks. In an air ground game, all if fair. If the game is not meant to be fair then no one should complain, but the fact is some would like to engage in a tank match that is not unbalanced, like as you suggest a KV1 against medium tanks, or Tigers against all else, or tanks verses air. Anyway, my point was not to debate the fairness of the game, but to suggest that the map makers can put together a tank only map where there is balanced play. Accepting the game is unfair is OK too, but if one does accept that, then there's no reason to complain. I'm not complaining, I only making a suggestion in response to the complaint that started this thread. I agree, that the Tiger is dead against an IL-2 as it will be against the rocket Typhoon's when they are available. In fact all tanks are dead against air power.
  13. The TacView issue is news to me, but I do wish to address your initial issue. I am just the kind of guy you're addressing in your initial comments. I've only recently ventured into the tanking portion of this game and until reading this post, thought nothing of going back and forth between tanks and planes. I see your point and understand your concern but have to say that the better solution would be for servers to have TANKS ONLY and no planes. I wouldn't mind playing in a tank only game, and would in fact welcome it because when I do choose to drive tanks, I don't like the distraction of an air threat either. I often play online with a teammate and we sometimes work as an air ground team. The rationale for that is generally when we are unfamiliar with the map and are getting killed by hidden anti tank guns one of us will take to the air in an attempt to find their locations. Maybe that wouldn't be necessary if they didn't shoot through buildings and could be seen without air reconnaissance. When a map is new to me I find it necessary to fly around in order to discern where the flag is located as the icons on the map are not specific. Also, it's necessary to switch to the air rapidly in order to combat an air threat since there's no decent anti air capability with the tanks. Regarding spotting from the air. I don't find it that easy either. Sometimes the arty is almost impossible to spot, and tanks that aren't moving are also incredibly hard to spot. Maybe it's my not so hot system at fault, but I often have to have my teammate launch a flair in order to find him when he's tanking inside a town, and that's even after I know his general location. So, unless you're speeding down a road in a tank trying to get to a capture flag, I don't think the air threat is as great as you're portraying if you're using the normal cover to mask your movements. Although my teammate and I play both Red and Blue, we often have been compelled on some maps to switch to the air in order to combat Tigers when driving Red tanks. In one map, I even had a Tiger player complaining that the map was designed for tanks only and I should hop into a T-34 to do battle with him and his other Tiger teammate. Although new to tanking, I know enough to know that's a one sided battle, and just as in the actual war, the best way to combat the Tiger is to attack it from the air. So, my feeling is that if a map is really meant for tanks only, then there shouldn't be any air available and also, it should be a fair matchup. Regarding the Tigers, there should be some restrictions on them as they completely dominate tank play so that in a tank only map, it's a very uneven match up with the current Red inventory. Maybe experienced T-34 tank players know how to kill them without getting knocked out first, but I don't. So, now days when my teammate and I join a server, we look to see if there are Tigers, and then go to that side and grab a Tiger in order to avoid getting the crap shot out of us when we are skulking about trying to take out enemy arty and capture a flag Also, often even when driving a Tiger we still get shot up by the unseen Arty and find it necessary to stop tanking and grab a plane to locate and destroy the arty. On more than one map there are ridiculously accurate artillery that spots and shoots tanks no matter where one is trying to hide or how fast they are travelling. Need a plane for those situations. To conclude: It would be best if there were maps dedicated to ONLY TANK WARFARE and the maps were designed with a fairness and balance in mind. Until the developers get the AI anti tank guns conform to actual line of sight and no shooting through buildings, the map maker need to set arty in positions that can be fairly combated against. I don't know the requirements for the long range howitzer field of fire, and accuracy, but do suspect that hitting a Tiger moving at 45 kph is highly unlikely. That kind of arty is no fun in my opinion. So, a carefully crafted map with tanks only and a fair balance of play would make for more fun for people who just want to do tanking.
  14. Also played this map the other day and had the same problem. Finally saw the Arty shooting from the village as it was shooting at my teammate. Took it out with HE and captured the flag. I personally don't care for the "all seeing arty" that seems to be unrealistically accurate no matter how fast you're travelling or where you're trying to hide. I've experienced it on other servers and maps as well. Seems to require flying spotting missions to take out the flak and discover the arty locations before hopping into a tank. If you're only interested in driving a tank..you're kind of screwed if you don't have a tank teammate to help draw off the arty enough that you can discover its location. Not a lot of fun because it's so frustrating.
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