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  1. FW190 A5 BF110-G2 IL2 1943 Il2 is not enough realized in my opinion as a good plane. Its slow, but can take hard damage and its 37mm is out of question. And the game is named after it. Prefer two engine planes and bombers. Would be nice to see the B25 Mitchell flyable and would be superb to have a four engines planes, such as B17. Flew it a lot in IL2 1946 (mod).
  2. I agree with SCG_Riksen. Made same experience at Attention server. At the moment it is not worth playing there as a blue tank. Camping and ramming are frequently. So I decided not to play there anymore since some weeks. DM model is better but still not good. But it is surely under progress. I am hopeful. Some days before, I was able to kill 9 T34 (AI and player controlled) in heavy combat in one run at Official 1CGS EU server. Than I was killed by bomb dropped by plane. So when TC comes out it will surely make a lot of fun and will be more realistic.
  3. I made the same experience in the last months, sound is wrong or missing after playing a while in MP. One has to restart the game to have sound back again. It is so obvious, that I am wondering, why it not has been solved yet. there are plenty of players (in mp) that tell the same. Curious thing is, that sometimes only sone parts of the sound disapper, means that you can hear some sounds very clear but no engine sound. Strange behaviour. I am still hopeful, that the well known sound bug woll be fixed soon. So please devs consider it in one of the next updates. Thanks.
  4. Directly after 3.010c update I made some quick testing and short MP gameplay. The "special" vulnerabilty of the tiger against T34 HE shells seem to be fixed. Can others confirm this?
  5. Thanks for this hotfix!! Tiger bug (can be destroyed by one HE shell) seems to be fixed now. This is a big step towards a more realistic gameplay. Thank you team from a pilot and tiger crew man!
  6. Yes, player controlled AAA is truly needed. Would give a more realistic feeling for gameplay. I would use AAA for sure.
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