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  1. Hoping for update before easter
  2. Played as fishey or Fischauge - loved my red painted A6M5-Zero and the KI-Fighters
  3. Do you wear glasses? That gives a reflexion depending on the angle your face has. I have those problems with my track IR. When I look up too much it jumps up or down.
  4. Lovin TC! I don't know any other tank simulator with this quality! And the work on on it continuous! Thanks to the team for that! And there is a lot of ccoperative team work when playing TC. More team work compared to sorties with a plane!
  5. I like very much the FW190 A5 and the BF 110, tough planes with great armament. The 190 has great sound.And the He111 because it is one og the biggest ones. Il 2 and Yak 1b are also my favorites.
  6. Thought it would be the trailer of the new TOP GUN movie! Great flight maneuvers! Enjoyed it!
  7. Mine did not start until 100 cm, so we called it "meter", I remember well, especially last 10 days in service!
  8. Game not starting due to version, but no download/update at steam. Think I will have to wait.... Was too close to announcement But now download started and is complete. Happy to be able to play now. Thx devs for quick update!
  9. Thanks for the hint, will give it a try
  10. I can confirm this. Had this bug 3 or 4 times, but in german (tiger). It was so annoying that I waited for a kill shot 😉
  11. Good news, especially for tankers. Hope it will be more realistic now. And will give tanks better chance against bombs! So, thanks!
  12. I can confirm this. Was kicked too along with many others. After rejoining, map was still there (no reboot of map) and some players maybe have stayed there too. I played red side too. Nevertheless: concerning the discussion about advantages of red and blues. I suggest to take blue or red side depending of players at each side. Means to try to get teams balanced. When I am in the lobby and I see more blue than red than I enter red side. It makes fun to play both sides. So I can't understand that there may be some players that play only blue or red. And: does
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