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  1. I never said it wasn't nonsense. I don't like it anymore than anyone else. I am just showing you there is a way to get stuff unlocked without having to play through something you don't want to play (campaign). I even used Team Viewer to connect to my PC from work so I could have the autopilot unlock stuff for me while I was at work. I'm not defending this system, but if I can't change it, than I have 2 choices, learn to live with it, or dump it and move on. I tried to convince myself to forget about it and move on to something else, but I enjoyed the visuals and feeling of flight in BOS that I just wasn't getting in other sims, so I went this route. I hope the unlocks come off someday, I really do. but, in the mean time, this is one way around it. Rob
  2. I hear ya! Its a shame that it has to come to this, but rather than putting BOS aside and hope that in the future the unlocks will be removed, Id rather get it all out of the way now. like pulling off a band aid. So I spent my 1st 2 weeks with this game letting it iron itself out for me and clear the unlocks. Now, I can go ahead and enjoy it (which I am). It Is sad that it comes to this and I agree its a little insane to do it this way, but there was enough in this game that impressed me that it was worth my time. I don't regret it. Rob
  3. I hesitate posting this, but I hate to see people give up on it because of the unlocks. It took me 2 weeks and 2 days to unlock everything. (Playing 2-3 hours each day) When I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. All Planes, Campaigns, Skins, Weapons, Airfields whatever. Nothing is locked on my account. Get this, I didn't even set up my joystick yet. How did I do it? Simple. Select plane and airfield, select normal flight. Select bombing or a ground attack mission ( most likelyhood of success). Press "A" and let the autopilot fly the entire mission. Press bracket key for 2x acceleration. Turn off monitor and go do something else. I went outside and racked leaves, got the car washed etc.. Came back in about 15 mins. Mission should be over by then and plane should be back on friendly airfield. Collect your unlocks. Keep repeating this and once a plane is unlocked, move on to another plane. Now I can enjoy the sim, go on multiplayer and have everything at my disposal. I am playing the campaign again, but this time, I'm doing all the flying and have everything available to me. Its awesome! Its not fun to do it this way, but it gets it out of the way and you can enjoy it once your done. Note: the autopilot will get shot down or crash once in a while. I figured about 2 out of 5 times it never returned and I didn't get any XP or unlocks. If that happens, just restart the mission. some planes took longer than others. Stuka gets shot down a lot and so does the LA5. They took the longest to unlock. Once you unlock everything, the is game is awesome! Don't give up! Rob
  4. Great story Bob. I too am glad your here. You had a lot to overcome in life and a lot to be proud of! My name is Rob I just turned 51. I'm married for 10 years to wife #2 and have a wonderful 9yr old son who keeps me busy. He's into PC games too, but not flight sims. I grew up in a suburb of NY City. Went to college and majored in Aerospace engineering but never pursued that as a career. I was an average student. Nothing to brag about. I went through a confusing period where I really didn't know what I wanted to do and wound up in the Army where I went to flight school. Learned to fly helicopters in the UH-1 and later to the AH-1 Cobra(1989-90). Washed out of flight school at the very end (night vision goggle stage). My eyes just could not adjust to the NV goggles. After my time was up, I did not want to pursue a career in the Army. I wanted a more dull, yet stable life with a family etc.. After that, I worked in Computer tech, support and as a programmer on an IBM AS400 (RPG). I spent a lot of time (and money) building and upgrading computers for myself just to play these games. Somehow, I wound up working for a major NY newspaper, where I work in the newsroom as a manger. I've been here almost 15 years now. I've been into PC's since Gunship 2000 I bought from the Army PX back in 1991. I've had anything that was flight related since then. spent a lot of time in FS9, FSX and X-plane but I enjoy the combat sims the most. I'm a big fan of the old Janes and Microprose games from the 90's I'm currently having a lot of fun with BOS but also play a lot of Clod. Rob
  5. I have just finished unlocking all the aircraft in BOS. The hardest for me was the 190. I'm just not very good with this aircraft. I now have all the aircraft, weapon mods, skins and campaigns unlocked. My XP is 19500/19500. I noticed there are still some airfields locked on the 3rd campaign (Unternehmen Wintergewitter). This is th eonly capign that has locked airfields. How does one unlock those? or can they be unlocked at this point in development? Rob P.S. I'm have a blast with this sim!
  6. The box art and map look great! I think I will buy the boxed version in the US when available. I'm a sucker for nice packaging!
  7. Great post. I agree completely!
  8. Surprised no one mentioned the Yak 1. Although I havent flown it too much yet, its starting to grow on me as my favorite fighter. Rob
  9. Ive been running DSR at 4x for the last week and it works fine. No issues with it. Not a major improvement but it does look a little bit sharper but its hard to tell. I saw i bigger difference in ROF where the support wires are much sharper and no longer have any jaggies. Rob
  10. I spent the last 2 weeks, jumping around between all the different planes and came to the conclusion, I like the PE-2 Il-2 best. I enjoy the ground attack and bombing missions and to still be able to shoot down an enemy plane if I get lucky is a big plus. Also, they seem to be pretty sturdy in comparison to some of the fighters. Whats you fav?
  11. Ive had this happen to me 3x so far and each time, I was in the PE2. Not sure if it was just a coincidence or if its something with this plane. Rob
  12. I agree with OP. Best of Luck to 777/1C Looking forward to a bright future with this product. Rob
  13. I just finished the campaign last night and had a few thoughts. First off, I flew mostley with the Stuka, ME109, and PE-2. Missions, were fun for the most part. Some did get a little repetative and need some variation. Dusk and dawn missiions were awesome! I thought the ai was very good. I thought back to my early days of combat sims (Gunship 2000 and other Microprose/Janes games from the early-mid 90's). I remember being able to set my own waypoints using a point and click with the mouse. Not only for my own flight, but for the other aircraft in the flight. It was up to the player to determine the best/safest path to the target. This gave the game a kind of stategy/chess like element that gave the player the feeling that he/she was in control. If things went bad, you could try again with a different approach. It was very immersing. I dont mind a random mission generating system, It works fine for me. It doesnt have to be a truly dynamic campaign, but there needs to be a little bit more fexability and planning involved so the missions dont feel so repetitive. As it is now, you can choose to not follow the way points and try to meet the enemy from a different angle, but if there is no chance of meeting anything outside of the pre detemined path, why bother? It would be nice to have enemy targets (both air and ground) way outside of the waypoints and then let the player determine what those waypoints are and be able to select different waypoints for friendly Ai aircraft as well. So,(for example) I could have me and my wingman fly ahead and take out flak near the target and then have 2 bombers take out the target itself and then have 1 or 2 fighter perform escort for those bombers. Maybe im dreaming, but we could do this in the 90's, it would be awesome to do it on BOS. Im not a programmer, so I have no idea how feasable this is in BOS. I think this is an awesome sim and the creators should be very proud of it. It just needs a more gameplay development to pull the player in more. Rob
  14. Don't know what was changed. I haven't seen a list yet but the autopilot is back (thank you!). Accel time is still limited to 2x (I can live with that). Rob
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