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  1. My dream, but with no real usage in the game: He-219 A-1 Uhu Just should-be-there Do-17 and/or Do-217 Nice to have: Me 410
  2. +1 Personally I never fly with technochat on SP and MP, but I agree it should be server side option, not client side.
  3. You know what I dream of? There is 25, maybe 26.12.2018, some early morning hour, my Wife and Son are still sleeping, CD player is playing Frank Sinatra's Christmas songs that my Wife bought last year. I am starting Il-2, choosing P-51 and I am cruising and cruising and cruising over Belgium...
  4. Thank you. Perhaps if 9 of 14 posts (plus two posts made by trolls) in this thread were not about extremely funny typo, your answer wouldn't be overlooked. And unfortunatelly those axes does not move turret. It can be something about analogue stick though. (By the way, I have corrected my first post, no need to repeat this extremally funny typo over and over again.)
  5. Haha, it is just a typo;) I know it should be "turret", not "turrent". I am wondering how it is possible that I made it twice. Possibly because of tiredness... (and English it is not my native language). Ok, back to business: any tips regarding axes assigments?
  6. Hi, I am configuring my... gamepad to control tanks in Il-2. I have already set turning left and right on triggers, forward/back on left analogue but I cannot found the axis for controlling turret. I would like to have it on second analog. I think I have checked all the options, but nothing. Any help? Regards, sunrrrise
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