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  1. Legioneod

    Does IL-2 GB need to return to the Eastern Front?

    MacArthur said that? You sure you're not getting that confused with "Retreat Hell" Motto of 2/5 Marines. "Retreat, Hell!, we just got here!" Major Lloyd W. Williams
  2. Legioneod

    DD today?

    Call it what you want but he was American immigrant when he designed the aircraft and it was an American company. Also, you act as if he alone designed the whole thing. The P-47 was a fully American aircraft.
  3. Legioneod

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    P-47D was also razorback up until te D-25. P-47 Razorbacks were actually very good aircraft and remained competitive until the end of the war. The only real disadvantage of the razorbacks were their lack of visibility, other than that they were just as capable (even more capable in certain areas) as the D series bubbletops. The only time bubbletops really outperformed razorbacks was when the P-47M and N were produced, but they had a C series engine and were very powerful aircraft. I'd love to see an P-47M in the game, that was the hotrod of all the P-47s. D-22 or D-23 would be my choice when it comes to the razorbacks.
  4. Legioneod

    DD today?

    Can't get any more scientific proof than that.
  5. Legioneod

    Me 262 Questions

    Not my first choice, though it was one of the fastest piston engined fighters of the war along with the Spitfire and P-47. The thing is too ugly to fly, I'd much rather a Komet or Arado, though I'd like another allied aircraft as a collector since we are only getting one western expansion as far as we know.
  6. Legioneod

    DD today?

    Hope so.
  7. Legioneod

    DD today?

    Agreed. One of the reasons I haven't really been flying lately, I need a new allied aircraft. I'm tired of flying russian aircraft and I'm waiting anxiously for some American muscle.
  8. Legioneod

    Developer Diary 207 - Discussion

    Razorbacks actually had some advantages over the later bubbletops, they were more stable and I've read pilots say they could turn a bit tighter than the bubbletops. They were also faster in certain situations (well not really faster but was able to obtain it's max speed at lower altitudes)
  9. Legioneod

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    We really won't notice the difference in all honesty, max power only takes a few seconds off. We won't be getting 150 octane so we will only be able to pull 64"-65" which should be around 2.1 gallons a minute so it will gives us 14.3 minutes of water at max power. If we ever do get the 70-72" it will pull around 2.5 gallons per minutes which would gives us about 12min of water. Either way, 14min is a very long time considering what we have now with other American aircraft. Never said it would last long but it will run for a time.
  10. Legioneod

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    This was in 43, time limits for water were increased to 15min on later D blocks due to a larger water tank.. Total power time limits remained the same throughout the war however (5 min WEP, 15 min Military, etc) The R2800 was more than capable of going over 5min at WEP and the 15min of water allows for it with little risk of failure. The time limits were for preserving the engine for future use, as was the case with most aircraft at the time. Realistically in-game we should be able to do the total 15min of WEP with either a break in between or nonstop.
  11. Legioneod

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Here's two videos I've never seen before, pretty interesting. Couldn't find part one. Part 2 Part 3
  12. Legioneod

    K-14 Gunsight throttle grip rate request

    Agreed. When mapped to buttons it's very slow. I don't mind it being slower than the axis to help with getting a smoother setting, but I really hope the speed it increased. DCS has a good example, when mapped to a button the K-14 works very well and is still fast.
  13. Legioneod

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    Not necessarily, I will agree that it will stop most of the time but I've seen engines run without oil. True we do have to consider survivor bias, but when there are many accounts of it being able to sustain damage we can't really just say it was a rare occurrence. Considering the amount of P-47s lost per sortie is lower than any other American fighter irrc I think there is quite a bit of truth to it's durability. Doesn't mean the whole engine will seize, also if the engine has already taken damage you can bet there is plenty of metal bits in it already. I'm not saying the R2800 should be some crazy invulnerable engine, but radials were tougher by nature than inline engines and this should be reflected in-game along with all the other radial engines being represented.
  14. Legioneod

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    I've read that many times. I saw an interview once where some of the pilots and ground crew stated that they saw P-47s come home with multiple cylinders shot out on more than one occasion.
  15. Legioneod

    On the topic of Thunderbolts

    I think it will be this month. I hope it is anyways.