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  1. I fly multiplayer mostly. I do well in it sometimes but not often, I don't hate it but its certainly a challenge to fly compared to all the other fighters. Maybe. 20-25K is nest performance. Besides no-one flies up there in multiplayer and in singleplayer everything is down low. Also power at those altitudes is lower than it should be so performance does decline a bit more than it should. Also the P-47 doesn't handle very well at high altitudes imo (contrary to real life). I find it stalls very easily, when trying to pull any sort of g or maneuver it just stalls or goes into a spi
  2. P-47. It's a love hate relationship. It's both my favorite and least favorite aircraft. Multiple reasons for it being my least favorite: Gamey engine time limits, improper power at certain altitudes, .50s lack of a proper harmonization pattern (and somewhat due to their performance), and it's damage model (mostly the aerodynamic penalties it receives from even (seemingly) minimal or medium damage, I find it nearly impossible to keep in the air when I've taken damage (unless it's just .50 hits or 7mm). As far as the fm goes it sometimes feels right and then sometimes wrong, can
  3. War on the Sea. A bit clunky in controls but not bad overall.
  4. Good channel I watch his stuff sometimes. He has some real good videos on sonar and breaks them down to help people understand. He was a sonar tech in the navy back in the day iirc.
  5. Thought this game was dead. I heard rumors but it's nice to see it's legit. Call of Pripyat is one of my favorite open world games.
  6. It's interesting that the bombers could have had better protection if the AAF would have given the thunderbolts drop tanks earlier (which they had already developed but never supplied until later for some reason) lot of lost life that maybe could have been prevented to some small degree. Greg goes into detail about it, lot of stuff I found pretty interesting.
  7. Agreed, I think they have done great work with the DM and it is far better now then what it once was. I just hope they keep improving on it in the future and hope they take the step to using hitboxes for most if not all systems one day. The visual damage model isn't something I'm overly concerned with but any improvement in this area is welcome. Either way, devs are doing a great job.
  8. I'd love to see this as well but unless systems actually have their own hitboxes we're not gonna get very realistic results imo. As long as it's up to some form of rng then we won't have realistic results, believable maybe but not realistic. I still think Il2 has the best DM in the flight sim world but I want to see it improved even if it means more demands for my pc. We need hitboxes for the systems like Main spars, oil system, coolant system, fuel, control rods, cylinders, crankcase, hydraulics, electrical, landing gear, supercharger, turbo, etc. All these systems need their
  9. In the store it is the normal G6. G6 Late (the one just released) is for Battle of Normandy. You'll have to buy Normandy to fly it. How do you know? Iirc there are still more 109s that they could make. G10 for instance.
  10. I've always felt the Il2 and DCS P-51 were pretty similar in feel, in fact I do better in the Il2 P-51 than I do in the DCS version. With the P-47 it's completely opposite, to me they feel very different from each other and the DCS version feels much easier/capable vs the Il2 version. Sorry for the OT post.
  11. Is the grass really that tall that it can hide a tank? Just curious, as I haven't played a ton of tank crew. Also how far is the render range for grass? If only only makes a difference up close and not rendered at 1000yds or more than imo it's not gonna change anything to have it permanently on.
  12. I don't see much point honestly. Grass has a limited render range iirc and has no effect on air combat/gameplay. Tanks are a different matter but even then I've never seen grass have a huge effect on tank gameplay. I don't see how shadows have an effect on anything.
  13. That's unfortunate but I can understand the reasoning behind it. Having hitboxes for those sub components would make for a much more accurate model though, I know DCS is doing it for their new DM, I was hoping Il2 did the same.
  14. They can't, at least they aren't combat effective once hit. If you expect a one hit kill then you'll be disappointed, not even real data supported a 1 hit kill all of the time, there is a chance the aircraft could limp home. In-game getting hit by a 30mm is pretty much a death sentence unless you can find a way to escape (if you didn't already die from the hit) The hit makes you so combat ineffective that you don't have much chance of fighting back, 30mm completely destroys aerodynamics. No one is saying this. Depends on the hit angle and if the round has to
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