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  1. Legioneod

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    There's always airstarts and what if scenarios. No reason not to have it just because the maps not big enough.
  2. Legioneod

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    The most logical alternative would be to continue backwards from Bodenplatte which means Normandy. Berlin wouldn't be bad as long as it has some western allied aircraft along with Russians. P-47M, Spit XIV, etc.
  3. Legioneod

    P-47 Collector version thoughts

    For Bodenplatte P-47 D-22 Razorback would be the best option for a collector imo, it would be good for all of 1944-1945 and some of 43 iirc. It has multiple power settings to accommodate 43-45 scenarios. Potential Engine Mods: - 52" - 56" MAP. 1943-Early 1944 settings. - 52" - 64" MAP 1944 - 1945 setting. - 150 Fuel with 52" - 70" MAP 8th AF setting from mid/late 1944 onwards. MODS Same bombload as D-28 plus some additional bomb types, etc. Mirror Gun Ammo/Selection Another consideration is that it served in the Pacific so it would be good for Pacific scenarios as well. Earlier P-47s (D-5, D-15, etc) would be better suited for a Normandy/Italy scenario.
  4. Legioneod

    High Altitude Bombing above +5k

    Imo draw should be separate for buildings if they can't make aircraft draw larger. Building is a static object so being able to see it from large distances would help greatly with higher altitude bombings.
  5. Legioneod

    T-34 2018 Movie

  6. Legioneod

    T-34 2018 Movie

    Basically how I feel, I watch movies for fun, if I wanted accuracy I'd watch a documentary.
  7. Legioneod

    T-34 2018 Movie

    Fury was realistic enough despite the inaccuracies. Overall it was a decent war movie compared to some others. The Tiger scene was probably the most inaccurate part of the whole movie imo, but there were some other scenes that were pretty bad.
  8. Legioneod

    T-34 2018 Movie

    Compared to this Fury may as well have been a documentary. This movie is way over the top like Red Tails.
  9. Legioneod

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    Like I said it all depends on how you classify "better" on paper the Panther and Tiger were better sure, but in the grand scheme of things they were insignificant and their quality deteriorated as war progressed. Overall the Sherman was one of the best tanks of the war despite it's deficiencies. There's alot more to being better than just armor and firepower.
  10. Legioneod

    Myths of American Armor. TankFest Northwest 2015

    The Sherman was on par if not better than the majority of tanks it fought against (panzer IV, Stug, etc.) Against a Tiger or Panther it was inferior of course but so was nearly every other allied tank in the war. Statistics show that the Sherman was one of, if not the safest tank of the war when it comes to crew survivability. As far as the gun I agree it was a problem for quite a while during the war, 76mm helped with this problem and HVAP though very rare improved the performance considerably. Armor protection was no worse than other medium tanks if the period and when angled the 88 (and 75) had a very hard time penetrating the front glacis. As for being the best tank of the war well that all depends on how you classify it. Panthers and Tigers may have been better overall in actual armor/firepower but they made no difference to the war effort.
  11. Legioneod

    Russia plans to disconnect from the internet?

    All major news outlets are bull no matter what country you're in. I don't trust any news for the most part. I check multiple sources and don't buy in to all the political propaganda. I most certainly don't trust any major news outlet from Russia or the US, they're both filled with BS.
  12. Legioneod

    Dog Mines in Stalingrad

    Interesting. I heard they destroyed more friendly tanks than German tanks, not sure how true this is though.
  13. Legioneod

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    If that's the case then I could understand. Though I haven't noticed many problems with playing with other players in the same tank. One thing that needs work is either better UI for knowing ammo types or for the Loader to call out what he is loading that way you can play without having any icons/hud.
  14. Legioneod

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    I'm confused by this. This is already possible so why is it just being brought up? My friends and I operate in the same tank on multiple occasions.
  15. Legioneod

    Developer Diary 216 - Discussion

    This is what you meant right?😋