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  1. Legioneod

    Turning Tank Turret in Commander View?

    Most of the time he would have to be sitting, though in some tanks there are two seats so the commander could be sitting up out of the hatch. The override switch is near the commander so I don't think he'd have much trouble using it while unbuttoned. The override switch has no control of the gun whatsoever, it's only to slew the turret in the general direction of the target, after that the gunner would take over and do all the aiming and corrections.
  2. Legioneod

    Turning Tank Turret in Commander View?

    Irl there was a commander override to the turret controls so the commander could slew the gun towards the target. This greatly helped the gunner find the target in question due to the gunners limited visibility. I was hoping this would be a feature but hopefully it can be added at a later date. I think it's going to be needed when players start to multi-crew tanks. Not all tanks had this control, but most that I know of did have some sort of commander override.
  3. Legioneod

    Tank Crew

    Tiger 1 traverse is very slow irl, could this be what you are feeling? Ballistics wise you can't really rely on what looks right or not, you need data and evidence. Also, the ballistics change depending on what type of round you are firing, the higher velocity of the round the flatter the trajectory.
  4. Legioneod

    I said I would support....

    Very nice gesture, I'd like to be in the draw if you don't mind.
  5. Legioneod

    Sturmgewehre StG 44 in Syria

    Unfortunately those types of prices are for guns that actually work. It would be impossible to sell these in the United States though due to the current unconstitutional laws in place.
  6. Doesn't really bother me much. I don't use them in flight but I don't care much that others use them, its not going to affect my attack or defense in any way.
  7. Legioneod

    Cool collector plane idea.

    Is what it is. What else would he spend it on? I do agree with you that it does seem like a waste but I'd probably spend it on something just as foolish, like all the guns I could ever want, a tank or two, and some AT/ARTY.
  8. Legioneod

    Controls Responses

    Yep, it's the way the aircraft is meant to be flown, without curves you get full control. If you use curves you restrict the responsiveness of the aircraft and it becomes more sluggish and slower to react in some cases.
  9. Legioneod

    simple sketch i drew.

    Yep, never quit. I made that mistake and now I have to relearn all my skills, I used to be a pretty good artist but I've forgotten most things over the years. One of the reasons I'm going to school in the fall for art and animation, want to relearn all my lost skills. It's a very nice sketch OP, keep at it and you'll only improve. No you can't, it's like judging between a Picasso or a Monet, two very different art styles that really can't be compared. Both are good in their own right.
  10. Legioneod

    Thoughts about the FC map

    I don't think ambient flak will be in-game. I don't think its even in the current BoX, the flak I see in game is always shooting at a target. Hopefully ambient flak is a thing of the past.
  11. Legioneod

    Worst enemy for germans

    Political obligations would be my guess. Russia would have had a much harder time holding back germany without intervention from the west. As for the OP, the worst enemy for the Germans hasnt arrived in-game yet. As for the current aircraft I can't really say, I fly red most of the time and I do well in the Yak and P-39.
  12. Legioneod

    Controls Responses

    I doubt it but maybe. We can't do it in the current BoX so I'm not so sure they are going to add it. Personally I stopped flying with curves in RoF, it dampens some controls and really limits some of the aircrafts capabilities. It gets tiring after a while but in a fight it helps not to have any curves set.
  13. Legioneod

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Ok cool. Can't wait to get my hands on Flying Circus and Tank Crew. Great job all around.
  14. Legioneod

    Developer Diary, Part 197 - Discussion

    Really excited about this coming out. One thing I'm curious about though is the sounds, will the sounds be updated to higher quality or will they just be reused from RoF?
  15. Legioneod

    Let's talk about our favorite warplanes

    1. P-47 Thunderbolt 2. B-24 Liberator 3. B-26 Marauder 4. P-51 Mustang 5. B-17 Flying Fortress Battle of Peleliu - A battle that never really needed to be fought but resulted in the highest casualty rate of any battle in the Pacific War.