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  1. Rough fight on Combat Box. Luckily I made it home safe, though I had a bit of a rough landing. Went head on with a D9 and luckily came out without a scratch. He wasn't so lucky, caught him on fire.
  2. You're more likely to do damage from hitting the roof than you ever are by trying to bounce rounds off the ground, it simply wouldn't work.. Not sure how thick the Ferdinand top armor is but if it's thin enough you could do some minor damage. I know things like Panzer IV have pretty thing roof armor iirc. Either way, best just to use a bomb. Leave the 50s for light targets and aircraft.
  3. Same thing is happening to me. I was playing fine earlier today but now I'm unable to play on the server.
  4. Anyone else having trouble connecting to the server, I load in but it just says please wait and it never fully loads.
  5. 150 was in use in the UK before D-Day iirc. Not 100% sure though, I just know P-47s from the UK were using high power of 64/65" starting around Feb/March and got rated to 70" around June/July iirc.
  6. Around that time yes, it only has a 15 gallon tank which only allows for around 7min WEP.
  7. P-47 should be faster than the 38, 38s top speed is only around 420 iirc. Cruise is probably a bit faster in a 38 though, idk.
  8. not that I'm aware, the razorback is released though
  9. D-28 and Razorback both have the same power settings available, the Razorback is lightly faster and has a bit better climb, it carries less fuel and water injection but overall it'll probably be a better choice in multiplayer for the sped advantage alone. With 150 grade fuel you don't need water injection to use 65" so you are able to save water a bit.
  10. Basically allows you to talk in-game without the need for discord or teamspeak {I think). I never really used srs for DCS so not exactly sure how it worked but I'm assuming its similar.
  11. Torque is so under modeled in this game, it's not a huge factor imo on take off and landing. Probably just need to get used to the game. Do you have rudder pedals and brakes set up, because that can cause you some trouble taxiing/ taking off even with little touque.
  12. Only thing I'd really like to see is first person bailouts and the ability for the pilot to run a short distance from a crash landed aircraft, don't care if it's player controled or not.
  13. Interesting. I didn't mean me though, someone else was lagging and warping back and forth, he only started doing it once my friend was on his six. Previously he had been on my six and he was fine no lag or warping, then when my buddy came to help me out he started very conveniently warping all over the place so my friend couldn't hit him very well. It actually caused my buddy to crash due to the guy warping into my friends and destroying his wing.
  14. More common on console but I think it's possible on pc as well. You interrupt your connection just briefly so you lag basically. It can cause things like warping and damage not registering, etc.
  15. Has anyone else seen any lag hacks or similar? I;m not one to accuse anyone of cheating but there was some suspicious stuff online with one pilot. I usually just chock it up to bad connection but this was a little too convenient to be a connection problem imo. Not gonna post his name or anything here but if the admins are interested in a clip just let me know. It may have been just server instability.
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