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  1. Legioneod

    The Big Fat Girl 7 Tons of Fun P-47

    Like a broken record 😋. In all seriousness sometimes the best way to get things changed is to keep talking about it and bringing it up. I do the same thing when it comes to engine limits and dive performance of the Jug and it's high speed authority.
  2. Legioneod

    The Big Fat Girl 7 Tons of Fun P-47

    I agree to some extent but I can pull out of a dive in a k4 much easier than I can in a P-47. All I'm saying is that the P-47s elevator effectiveness is lacking in the game, situations where I should be able to black myself out just by pulling on the stick is impossible in-game without trim, this is unrealistic.
  3. Legioneod

    The Big Fat Girl 7 Tons of Fun P-47

    He's speaking of widespread service. P-47s (and P-38s) did the bulk of the work in 43 and 44 and fought the luftwaffe when they still had some real fight left in them. P-51s came in later when the luftwaffe was in poor repair. If you want to look at the American fighter that contributed most in Europe it was most certainly the P-47.
  4. Legioneod

    The Big Fat Girl 7 Tons of Fun P-47

    Agreed. More importantly imo, elevator effectiveness seems a bit off from all that I've read, it was quite maneuverable at high speeds yet in-game it's quite stiff which makes it hard to BnZ effectively. 190s and 109s feel much better at higher speeds oddly enough, at least in my limited experience.
  5. Legioneod

    Spitfire Mk.IX vs Bf109-k4

    One of the reasons they need to figure out how to increase view distance, even 5-10km more would do alot to help imo.
  6. It wouldn't make a difference imo. If limits are removed everything will remain the same imo, you'll just use much more fuel. Multiplayer wouldn't change much at all since when you get into combat you're going maxed out most of the time anyways and using as much power as possible. The only thing that will change is that no limits will be a more realistic (not perfect) representation.
  7. I agree, there should definitely be a good mix of randomness in the damage dealt and I think that there is a good mix already, though there can always be improvement.
  8. Legioneod

    Navigation tool

    One of the reasons I was hoping to see some basic in-game map tools eventually. Just the ability to plot a visible course on the map would help alot, with some basic info on heading and distance.
  9. The thing about those probability test is that they are not instant kills like everyone is talking about. Iirc the test states that the 40% chance is for the P-47 to go down within 2 hours (minimum of 5min after being hit), the test isnt saying that it will be killed instantly. The chances of the P-47 going down within 5min (basically an instant kill) is lower than 40% iirc. I'd be happy to have the Mk 108 represented accurately in-game, I'm all for historical accuracy but I don't think the cannon problem is a serious as most claim it is, especially when you consider after 1-2 hits you're basically dead anyways even if the kill isnt instant. I think the problem stems from people thinking the aircraft should explode and go crashing down in 1-2 hits, thats not realistic. 1-2 hits can and will kill the aircraft but the likelihood is that it will go down later and not instantly.
  10. Odd isnt it. Imo just based of my time flying the new update the cannons are fine, they may need a little tweaking but it's not a serious problem like people are claiming. People won't be happy until cannons are one shot kills all the time I guess.
  11. Turbo collapse and pulsation aren't modeled in-game, though they should be.
  12. THIS. It really is a simple solution and should be the same for all water injected engines for the most part. The P&W R2800 was one of, if not the most durable engines of the war. A factory fresh engine would not fail after just 15 min of WEP, it was designed to withstand much much more. R2800s were boosted up to 150" (just for test) iirc do you really think an engine that can withstand that high boost will fail after just 15 min at a measly 64", no.
  13. Ah, maybe I have to go and reread it but I was thinking that you mean just extending/ lowring the chance of failure and not a gradual decrease in performance like JtD said.
  14. I like this idea as well, a gradual decrease in performance wouldnt be bad. I still think that timers should be increased a bit for the most part. I agree, but what I'm saying is non water injection aircraft like the P-51 should still be able to recharge their WEP while the P-47 should not be able to.
  15. I'm basically saying the same thing but really wasn't considering engine power as a factor. The P-51 could run WEP for much longer than the P-47 just due to the fact that the P-47 needed water. Thats why I was saying the P-51 and other non water injected aircraft should have "infinite" WEP because they weren't limited in reality like the P-47 was. It wouldn't make sense for the P-51 to only have 15 min of WEP total as this wasn't a real limitation unlike in the P-47.