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  1. Germany is the only country in game currently with medium bombers, every other country either has attack aircraft or fighter bombers. B-25/B-26 are the first allied medium bombers in-game and they are AI only. Hopefully we can get them as flyable one-day so the allied can have a proper medium bomber. B-26 served mostly in ETO so just from a scenario standpoint it's more desirable to have a B-26 vs a B-25 for Bodenplatte/Normandy. B-26 also has a higher bomb load and higher top speed down low iirc though it does have a lower service ceiling. I do think the B-25 has a better defensive armament depending on the model but overall I'd choose a B-26.
  2. I'd recommend reading the test report of the P-47 ballistics testing vs various types of rounds, it doesn't match up with what we see in game, though I understand it's difficult to translate into a DM. Imo if they can get the P-47 correct then they can use it to judge other aircraft DM, whether they be too resistant or too fragile since the P-47 had actual testing done to it to determine probability of survival.
  3. Not sure what you mean, everything (mostly) for DCS on steam is listed as dlc and requires the base DCS to play, nothing is listed as a standalone that can be used by itself.
  4. Bodenplatte is standalone, the problem is that steam doesn't list it like that and the devs can't do anything about it iirc.
  5. Agreed, the engine DM imo is the worst part of the P-47 DM. P-47 got hit and lost a few cylinders and still made it back to base safely. I think this is 37mm (report says 40mm but could be less) damage to both wings.
  6. The only things that really disappoint me with the map are the lack of small towns/villages, and lack of freight yards/industry (I haven't found any) it makes the world feel a bit empty/fake.
  7. Click pits would be nice to have, it adds a nice level of immersion. At the same time I don’t currently see a “need” for them until il2 gets more advanced systems modeling like DCS. Im all for having them as an option, not sure why anyone would say no to having options.
  8. Plus it has a decent mirror (same as P-38 except not see through) ,hopefully they don’t model the spitfire style mirror for the Razorback.
  9. It’d be nice to have. Razorback won’t have much to choose from in the way of mods unless they add an engine mod for 150 fuel and the Malcolm hood.(or more bomb options) Itd be good to have just for some options.
  10. Yep, it’s a shame that the people who want instant kills were listened to instead of people who want a more realistic approach. Im not knocking the Il2 Devs but it’s obvious that the P-47 DM isn’t modeled as it should be, we have real test/combat reports and photos to back this up. Hopefully when DCS comes out its its improved DM (looks promising so far) it’ll cause Il2 team to take a look at their own.
  11. Yep. Imo the best option is just to buy Stalingrad through steam and then buy everything else from the website.
  12. They made some CAD models when first rebuilding the D-23 not sure if you can get them though. Some pics of the model. It's a ton of work to build a model like this, lots of blueprints you have to go through and find and then understand how to read them.
  13. This. I use them all the time. Was using some of the blueprints to model a P-47D-22. Lots of good stuff on there.
  14. Wasn’t our war at the start so why join it sooner than we have to?
  15. Is it still in 2k? I thought they were all updated.
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