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  1. Fearless Prediction

    But the plane set for the Solomon campaign wouldn't fit much in a European scenario (depending on what part of the campaign is covered.) Italy offers a planeset that is nearly complete except for allied aircraft and the allied aircraft can be used in the Pacific. I just think that they should flesh out Western Europe before going to the pacific, Italy would be a good place to go and would leave us with a 1943-1945 timeline in western Europe. Later on (after the Pacific) they could go to Normandy to fill Western Europe even more.
  2. The Matrix Effect of oil on the screen...

    Interesting. Looks like a skull with a crown on it I wonder if they will ever update the oil to act like the new fluid/water effect. When you have an oil leak it could spread across your canopy like the rain does but it will block your vision and eventually turn the whole canopy black.
  3. Fearless Prediction

    Great post. Pretty much my thoughts on the subject as well, glad you could explain it much better than me
  4. Fearless Prediction

    I want the Pacific just as much as the next guy but I would also like to see western europe fleshed out more as well. The invasion of sicily and Italy would be a good addition imo and would give us a nice timeframe. With Italy we could get earlier aircraft from 43-44 like the Razorback or even a early model Mustang. It would also go well with bodenplatte because both involve the 9th Air Force and we could have a good career mode going from Sicily/Italy-Bodenplatte. Battle of Italy/Sicily makes the most sense imo. Leaving western Europe half finished and going straight to the Pacific is a mistake imo. Also, many of the Axis aircraft are already here so the devs could focus on adding more American/British aircraft and only add a couple interesting German ones, this way we get a complete planeset spanning from 1943-1945 I vote Il-2 Battle of Italy
  5. Heavy Bomber DLC- Would You Pay ?

    I disagree. Plenty of players level bomb in-game from a decent alt. Though, bombing from 500 ft wouldn't be so unrealistic it happened once or twice during the war. I remember flying heavy bomber formations in 46 and its some of the greatest experiences i had of that game.
  6. Tank Crew Speculation

    One of the things I want most for this game is voice chat. Would make is so much better and easier to communicate with other players. They could make it simplified and have channel 1-9 or something and have one global or team wide channel. A chat system similar to squad would be nice, where you can chat with your squadron/crew or chat with the whole team.
  7. Tank Crew Speculation

    Will tank interiors be fully modeled? or will it just be certain parts like the driver, gunner, and commander position? I hope to see full interior modeling with all crew positions. Would be really nice to have to work as a team with other players in order for your tank to operate efficiently. I really hope the loader position is modeled as well, I know most people would think its boring pressing a button to load a round but it'd be interesting if they could come up with a way to make loading the gun more engaging.
  8. Weathering

    I agree with you about the glossiness, I haven't edited the Alpha channel at all yet so its still glossy, once I'm done it should have a nice variation between gloss and matte depending on if its bare metal or dirt/grime, etc.
  9. Weathering

    I agree with you about the invasion stripes. Probably gonna back it down some and do something similar to this. Looks like the black paint lasted a bit longer than the white, gonna try to represent that. Also probably gonna add more variation in the colors, something like this:
  10. Weathering

    Here's some of the work I've done so far. Hows it look? Good or Bad?
  11. Weathering

    Ok thanks.
  12. Weathering

    Thanks. Just having a really hard time trying to get it to look right. Do you just do it with brushes only or do you use mask or other techniques?
  13. Weathering

    All the references I've seen don't show this severity of weathering. I could do it for other aircraft of course but I haven't seen any real references for it.
  14. Weathering

    Yep, can't stand super clean and shiney aircraft. I prefer a worn and used look. Always thought the aircraft in this game were to shiney. Thanks for the suggestions. I really can't wait for the japanese aircraft so I can do some heavy weathering like this:
  15. Weathering

    What are yalls tips for weathering aircraft? Do you use any custom brushes or just go at it with references? I'm having a hard time getting the right look for weathering be it oil/dirt or paint chipping, etc. How do yall go about it?