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  1. Very nice, you plan on carrying it or just use it at the range? Blackpowder is definitely fun to shoot, Pedersoli makes some really nice replicas.
  2. My problem is that at certain angles/distances the aircraft completely disappear or only a few or even a single pixel is rendered. I feel the rendering needs to be more gradual or smooth? What I mean is that the airplane pixels shouldn't become smaller as you get closer like in @-=PHX=-SuperEtendard post above. If an aircraft is rendered as 3 or more pixels at 5km+ it shouldn't drop to a single/less pixels when getting closer. (I know angle of aircraft and lighting has to be considered as well but aircraft shouldn't render smaller than their farthest distance.) Currently I have situations where I'm closing on an enemy just to have them render out or render in very small pixels when I get closer. Having a contact disappear/become nearly invisible when you are looking right at them is very frustrating.
  3. I do find landing in DCS far "easier" (or better) than in Il2, I've never been able to get a smooth landing in Il2 like I can in DCS, I usually float alot in il2 and then bounce a bunch of times. Can never seem to get it right.
  4. Pilot fatigue should really be increased/modeled for things like this. You would tire yourself out doing things like this.
  5. Legioneod

    slow p47

    The P-47 is too slow above 23,000ft. Top speed should be pretty static up to a certain altitude. P-47D-22 top speed at 29,000ft (8839m) was 443mph with design load, in game I have yet to reach this speed at 29,000ft. P-47D-28 should be similar top speed at 29,000ft. We are also getting less power than we should, currently we are only getting around 2000HP (52-53") at 29,000ft but we should be getting around 2220HP (56")
  6. I think it works but I've never tested it specifically, I usually just keep it neutral. Use it to regulate your carb temps. You should see a raise or lowering in temps on the carb air gauge when opening/closing it.
  7. Strange, it shouldn't take any longer as far as I know. The engine setup was identical for both aircraft iirc, I'd imagine the thermal model should be similar for both aircraft.
  8. .50s aren't broken in singleplayer. If you can't live with it for now in multiplayer I'd go and play singleplayer for a while or just take a break from the game maybe. The 109 tail can still be damaged but something seems off with how damage is registered in multiplayer. It could be a number of reasons and some of them aren't even directly tied to the damage model.
  9. Well I'm on the side of the devs with this one. I was there during the whole testing period of the new DM and the 109 tail section was extremely weak. It's not something that can be fixed overnight either like some here think. It's linked to the 3d damage model of the aircraft and in order to be fixed the 3d model needs to be changed iirc.
  10. Thats not really how it happened. The testers and the devs discussed the problem and agreed that its better to disable the damage than to have the whole tail come off in 1-2 hits. No offense to you or anyone but I'm seeing alot of hate thrown at testers and the dev team for no reason. The devs are working with what they have and imo they are doing a good job. I agree the .50s seem a little lacking in some areas but that could be due to a number of reason and not necessarily the damage model itself. The devs explained their reason for the tail lock on the 109 and until it's fixed thats just how it is. No they don't have the same problem. The whole entire tail assembly of the 109 would come off with a few hits from .50 cals (the rudder, elevators, and vertical and horizontal stabilizers would come off) That is why they blocked it for now but you can still damage certain parts of the tail until they fix the problem. Believe me, the 109 during testing was one of the the most fragile aircraft in the game because of it's tail. I agree with the decision the devs made, I'm sure they will fix it eventually.
  11. https://combatbox.net/en/sortie/819004/?tour=25 128 total hits on the aircraft, only around 37 registered or showed up as doing damage. Someone did say that it only counts hits that do above a certain amount of damage. Seems odd that out of 128 hits most did less than 0.1% damage if any damage at all. Something seems off to me.
  12. It does everything I need it to do pretty well. It can climb, dive, turn, and roll. Other aircraft can do some of these things better (190 can outroll it, 109s can turn better depending on the situation/speed, P-47 can dive and maybe zoom better, etc.). I don't consider the P-51 to be superior in any one category but it was decent in all of them imo. It's a good all rounder imo, and I can adapt to nearly any situation. In aircraft like the P-47 I have to fly in a very specific way.
  13. Jack of all trades master of none is pretty much how I look at it, it does everything well enough and has little trouble dealing with 109s or 190s. Easiest allied aircraft to fly imo besides the Tempest.
  14. Was my friend that did it. He hit the aircraft over 120 times but when you look at damage done only around 30 or so hits showed up, mostly as 0.1% damage.
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