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  1. Not good screenshots but I'm really liking the new Mount and Blade so far. Needs some optimization and bug fixes of course but it seems pretty good for early access. Frames actually weren't that bad for 600 units, I'm doubtful my PC will handle 1000 units though and definitely not 2000 unit.
  2. Irl this wouldn't work at all. Even at minimal throttle the wind noise alone would drown out most sound. Even Il2 doesn't get noise correct, in reality would could barley hear your own guns if at all yet in game we hear nearly everything. Realistically about the only thing we'd hear is the engine, everything else would be through vibration/feeling (gunfire, hits to your aircraft, etc.)
  3. Don't really get comics or graphic novels for the story. I usually just get them for the artwork. Low is very interesting art wise, lots of cool work.
  4. EDIT. Nevermind I was mistaken. API isnt modeled as of yet.
  5. AI can give a false impression, wait until you try it for yourself. Also, he's shooting from a very high angle, the rounds could potentially pass through the wing and miss any important load bearing structure like the spar.
  6. I've seen the video countless times and people love to bring it up when talking about the Mk108 to try and claim it was a wonder weapon. I've given you the report with factual data and not just some video with the greatest possible result.
  7. Il2 has testers for the game so there's no reason to have a Beta like in DCS, imo it's a poor way to do things. Stable version is all you need for the public.
  8. How so? I linked official documents that show the numbers. I haven't seen any official documents that show 5 hits were all it takes to down a B-17.
  9. Here's the report. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a800394.pdf
  10. Take this with a grain of salt. It really depends on the location of the hit and at what angle/direction you hit the aircraft. US did testing against the B-25 with the Mk 108 and with 10 random hits the probability of a shootdown was around 70% iirc. With the P-47 the probability of a shootdown from a single hit was only around 30-40%. You could certainly bring any aircraft down with a single hit but don't expect it to happen every time. Well placed hits matter even with a Mk 108, don't think that just because it's a 30mm cannon that you don't have to aim. Not saying you think this way, just saying that alot of people have this misconception that any hit with a 30mm will bring the aircraft down. EDIT: Added the report. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a800394.pdf
  11. Shallow angle hits will always do lots of damage, the shell has lots of time to explode inside of the airframe. High angle hits are less likley to do high damage like you see in the photos, the shell has less time to detonate inside of the structure and has a large possibility of just passing clean through before exploding. The damage you see in the photos are from shallow angle hits. The US did testing with the 30mm as well against the P-47 and B-25, it's lethality is less than you would think, and it certainly wasnt a one hit wonder weapon most of the time.
  12. Legioneod

    B-25 or B-26

    I like both but I'd have to choose the B-26. It's got a few disadvantages compared to the B-25 but it's tough and can take a beating. It also has a decent bombload and decent for a bomber imo. Such a beauty.
  13. Reports don't say but I've seen the figures for 56"/64" with 100 and 150, 70" only for 150 of course. Either way the performance is lacking at certain power settings and altitudes. 56" isn't attainable for the most part at 29,000 ft (been a while since I checked) even though it should be, and the speed figures are way off when using water injection at those altitudes. I haven't gotten all the data I need for a report yet but I'll post it here when I do.
  14. Would be cool to see the Hamilton and Curtis Paddle Blades for the D-28 instead of the A.O. Smith. With the Hamilton it pretty much becomes a D-27 (maybe even a D-25 with the right changes) and with the Curtis it's still a D-28 but with a better prop than the A.O. Smith. So with just a prop change you could pretty much add multiple P-47 blocks, relatively simple compared to modeling an entire aircraft.
  15. Power at lower MP is something I've been looking into for the Il2 P-47. I don't have it all compiled yet but in some cases it seems the P-47 is underperforming at lower MP than it should. Not 100% on this yet but it's something I've noticed and I'm trying to compile the data to make sure.
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