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  1. Just purchased this a few days ago. Looks pretty interesting, though I haven't played it much yet. Why are there Tigers in Stalingrad?
  2. Very interesting stuff. I completely agree on family history being addicting. So far I've traced one of my lines all the way back to the 1600s. Much of my family came from France in the 1600-1700s but I also have some German ancestors (Klein) who immigrated to Louisiana in the 1860s. I also have some Indian (Native American) in me though I haven't tracked down the tribe. Many of my ancestors fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War and my 3rd Great Grandfather fought at Gettysburg and would wounded around Devils Den. My grandfather served in the Pacific during ww2 and my other grandfather was in the Army during the war though I'm not sure where he served. Family history is a very interesting subject. It's cool when you find a historical event that your family participated in.
  3. Depression is all too common nowadays and I'm not sure why. I've suffered through depression and anxiety and I believe everyone does at some point in their lives. I used to have spells where I'd lay I bed for days and not leave the house or get up. Sometimes I'd think "whats the point of it all" and I'd wish for death though I never wanted it. I also used to suffer from intrusive thoughts (still do sometimes) and think horrible things and I would have repetitive thoughts go on in my head and I couldn't stop them, sometimes they'd get so bad that I'd rather die than live with the thoughts in my head. I also struggled (still struggle) with addiction. I think the main reason I've overcome these things (and will overcome the others) is because of my faith in God. Eventually I learned to let things go and entrust it to Him. I still get depressed sometimes and I still struggle with anxiety and other struggles, but a large burden has been lifted from me. I don't stress over things like I used to and I find myself being more and more content with everything in my life. Not sure what you believe but all I can say is keep moving forward and take it one day at a time. Don't stress or worry about the future and try to push through your depression each day. If you do believe then just entrust it to Him, He's got you. Life on earth most certainly isn't easy and sometimes it seems pointless or unbearable, but there is a reason for everything. You just gotta take life one step at a time.
  4. Agreed. I'm a bit pessimistic seeing as the P-47 with one of the most durable engines irl is made of paper and has strict timers in-game. I don't have much hope for the P-51. There's been plenty of good suggestions made in multiple threads. It's up to the devs to change it and listen/implement some of the ideas for testing. July 4th would be a good day to get it.
  5. 800 what? P-47 could never reach those speeds. Aileron reversal in the P-47 was around 540 mph IAS from first hand accounts and reports I've read. Structural limits of the P-47 were well beyond this and truly the limits aren't known for certain since no one ever reached them and lived to tell about it. At the dive speed attainable in game the P-47 should never lose any surfaces in a dive unless damaged or excessive Gs. In a normal dive it shouldn't lose surfaces even up to it's maximum dive limit (around Mach 0.83 or around 630 mph). Currently the P-47 loses surfaces between 540-580 mph IAS iirc, this should not happen in a (normal) dive.
  6. My knowledge of fuels is very limited but I do work around fuel almost everyday (work in the oilfield and clean many fuel tanks for ships/boats). Diesel is actually pretty "safe" compared to gasoline, it's fumes won't ignite like gas (not easily anyways) so you'd have to have direct flame or some ignition source come in contact with the diesel in order for it to ignite. A diesel leak wouldn't be that much more at risk of ignition than a sealed tank, there would have to be direct contact with an ignition source for the fuel to ignite (unlike gasoline which fumes can ignite very easily). The chance of a diesel leak igniting is slim unless it hits open flame, sparks, or some other ignition source). Coming into contact with a tree and rupturing the tank would not ignite diesel. (unless the tree is on fire)
  7. Just picked up a few books online and plan on reading them when I chance. Plan on starting these two first. Stalingrad by Antony Beevor A Writer at War by Vasily Grossman
  8. Look at the P-38L, thats similar to what we'll have in-game with boosted ailerons. P-38J in this chart is unboosted. Don't expect it to be the best in roll rate because it won't be, at least not at the normal speeds we see in-game. It wont be horrible either though. EDIT: I'll try to find the original P-38 roll chart, the P-38 was added to that chart posted and is not original and may not be 100% accurate though it should be around those numbers. Here's a time to bank chart for the P-38J with boosted and unboosted ailerons.
  9. It may be overly simplistic but it's still one of the best representations out there, no other modern game comes close to WarThunder tanks currently imo HLL and PS certainly don't.
  10. Nice. I hope they also add realistic view positions, especially in the Sherman, currently the little commander sight you get is pretty aggravating to use. I'd like to have the actual commander hatch viewports be modeled so I can turn my head and get a better view of my surroundings. WarThunder kinda spoiled me when it comes to tank damage models. Even though they have inaccuracies it's still one of the best tank sims/games damage model wise. I've been looking for a 1st person tank game/sim with a damage model on par with WarThunder, haven't found one yet but I'm hoping Il2 with get there with TankCrew.
  11. Only thing I don't like about HLL is the tanks. The views and inability to turn out bugs me. Also the damage model is rather annoying.
  12. Agreed. For anyone who hasn't done so look up Johannes Steinhoff interview and views on the P-38. I was under the impression for quite a long time that the P-38 was a mediocre fighter until reading his interview and doing more research myself. In the hands of a decent pilot the P-38 will be one of the best 1v1 fighters in the game imo even if it's not the fastest.
  13. I've never heard of it having a poor sustained turn, is this true? I've always heard it turned very well. I read an interview a while back of Johannes Steinhoff and his opinions of the P-38 were very interesting compared to popular opinions. As far as it being a huge target well I guess it is, but imo it's not much bigger than any other of the main American fighters and won't be much of an issue, especially with the way some online pilots shoot.
  14. Performance wise it seems much better than post scriptum imo but I haven't had much time in it yet.
  15. Decided to buy it, it's actually pretty fun and runs smooth for an early access release. The only thing that bothers me is some of the sounds and the Sherman 3d model.
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