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  1. Okay. I’ll give this a try. What about the SSAO, should I still Get rid of it? Also is there a place where I can read up on what AA, vsync, fmaa and fxaa are and how they affect image and performance? How do I OC it? Is there a place I can Read on it?
  2. I use the direct port or digi-port. I cant Remember the name atm. Do you know your friend’s hardware settings and also his game settings? Thank you I will Give this a try when I have A minute
  3. I have a really nice machine, i7 8700k gtx 1080. I recently got a new 4K monitor and the game is breath taking and I want To do nothing else now. I can Finally see planes on the background and they don’t disappear into the scenery (compared to my previous 1280dpi monitor) and the frame rate is consistently 50-60 FPS. It drops occasionally to 40, all this is just a little bit too slow. I believe my settings are maxed out. I understand I can increase frame rate by increasing hardware capacity, decreasing graphic settings, or optimizing preexisting hardware. Can someone please help m
  4. I did a complete re-installation like you suggested and it worked. Very smooth, no crashing, hopefully it continues. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks to those who helped me get the driver update. I managed to fly the spit and it is dreamy. It is quite the proper lady. But I am having other problems now: I can play in game (GTX 960) on pretty high settings and maintain a good framerate. However, in game I get black screens and driver crashes. The driver is 384.76. After looking online apparently this driver version is pretty trashy and a lot of people are complaining about it in general. Anyone else having issues with the driver crashing? Is it specific settings? I have the MuliGPU off and what not. Also sometimes when I join a s
  6. I am having issues with the framerate as well, I hear everyone saying to update the driver, do they mean go to the Nvidia website and update that? I have a GTX 9 something.
  7. Can I make a game campaign dynamics suggestion? I really like how later planes became available, as if through the war technology improved. Can we mimic reality by making the technology/advancement dependent on the health of the army/nation. Since factories manufacture planes, the oleanders should be released based on how well the factories produce a product. For each advanced plane p available, a factory would have to produce x total points--which are produced automatically over time. But the production is an H health dependent variable. So for example: Yak-1 is maybe1000 product
  8. I prepaid Kuban, does the 10 days of Autumn come with that too?
  9. Can some one help me? I pre-ordered BOK, and it promised me the yak 1b, just like everyone else, but it's still locked for me. I can't play it. Is there something wrong? What do I need to do?
  10. Sure, we can understand there's issues with the actual balance, but lets also remember the historicity of the situation. It would be really neat if things like Factories allowed for research points, unlocking new planes in the next map. These points can be accumulated at a rate that is proportional to the number of factories and its integrity. For instance a factory @ 100% would generate maybe 100 points every 30 minutes or something; if it was at 50% it could generate 50 points every 30. Then maybe after a reasonable number of points a plane would open up. This could be used for ordinanc
  11. I just want to say thanks to a great team of developers for il-2, the server host and developers, and the community; everyone is super helpful and gracious with terrible players making embarrassing mistakes. I look forward to the next campaign. On the average how long does it take to design/rebuild/implement a new campaign? Also does it get easier/quicker with each time?
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