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  1. I hope that included in the "career fixes" that you added in each mission brief what the player's callsign is as well as callsign of other friendly active squadrons. Its very confusing in active mission who is talking to who since callsigns change through the campaign. Callsign. 😁
  2. I really strongly want to fly my ju-52, mc.202, and hs129 collector planes that ive been practicing on, but more important factor is there is consistent player numbers, so I will wait for campaign to begin and register with whichever side is fewer. probably red. it must have been no fun for germans to fly sorties against empty enemy team no? we are all excited, I have gotten a large group of friends ready and excited for start date! Loyalty: to be determined...
  3. My father and two brothers bought Il-2 a few years back and we had no idea there was such an organized multiplayer server, the WOL server is fun for an occasional shootout but TAW seems so much better function with goal oriented missions that carry over through the days and weeks. Imagine our disappointment when we heard the campaign had just ended! Woe betide us! Very excited for the next season, we'll be there on day 1! Question: is there any plans for TAW to include other parts of the great battles series? like tanks? or Bodenplatte? I know it wouldn't make much sense to include other theatres in a campaign on eastern front. And does anyone know the hub to find squadrons to fly with? we are looking for wingmen!
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