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  1. And what did I just say. In the post before yours... PM us. PM!
  2. S! Ok, now we have haze on the server. Initial test value being 0.3 (in a scale from 0.0 to 1.0). Also, the map winning objectives in the briefing and chat info messages now have the grid numbers for convenience. RULE UPDATE: The use of the votekick/ban system is now forbidden. We don't want mob rule on our server, as it has become apparent that there have been incidents where someone has been votekicked for doing something that is allowed on our server. This behaviour is now forbidden, and is automatically enforced. If someone uses the votekick feature, there will be ONE warning, for everyone. One only. Subsequent uses will result in punishment (kicks, and if you have history of previous punishments -> ban, lenght depending on, again, amount of previous incursions). If you have something to report about a player behaviour, do it directly to us, here on forums using PM, on Discord (PM), or using the mail address: gameserver (at) virtualpilots (dot) fi
  3. The way I see it: there is no problem. You'll have to define the problem to me. What gameplay imbalance? False. Defending objectives can be achieved, and even ground attacking at these times does affect the opposing side even if you do less damage than the enemy does to you. The frontline advance is proportionate to the health of each side at the end of each mission. And as said, the mission is won over days/weeks, not at the particular moment that there is a team imbalance. Why? Why "must" there be? We won't force players to any particular side, we won't even give an incentive because THAT would be unfair. We provide a sandbox, and it is your freedom as players to do as you please.
  4. This is not true. If there would be, then the difference would be much greater. At this very moment, there is 11 reds vs. 4 blues. And this is very much a trend on our server, a red day shift, and blue night shift. And as the mission/map on our server isn't won by what happens during one hour, or even a day, a momentary imbalance is irrelevant.
  5. Two per rear airfield, so 4 initially, with a renewal time of 2h. So if the mission runs long, then there can be more in the air, if none have been broken. But if all land, then there will be 4 again, as the rear airfields cannot have more than 2 each.
  6. "Ts3.." is the old address, use "stats.virtualpilots.fi". If the pass doesn't work we can restore it for you.
  7. Vulnerable how? Do you mean the AAA? Airfields are not a target. They are not a target for the specific purpose that they wouldn't be so hazardous to take off from. People can suppress an airfield if they want, but the amount of crying about it(vulching) would increase dramatically if we would make it a mission objective for the enemy to hang around there
  8. Currently all you get is a warm fuzzy feeling that you helped your team ... There currently isn't a way to add points into the stats system, which isn't made by us, but by FB_Vaal. Time permitting, I will write a stats system of our own some day. But that might be a long way away....
  9. After pressing finish flight, see what the server says to you in chat. Ignore what the top of the page tells you. It most likely told you were captured (which we mark in the logs as killed).
  10. @GOA_Karaya_VR You don't happen to have track recording of that flight? Devs would be interested, I think.
  11. Basic principle is this: Exactly over the frontline the chance to escape is 100%. When you are 50% the way from the frontline to nearest enemy position, your chance to escape is 50%. When you bail directly over the nearest enemy position, chance is zero.
  12. As said, do what CloD does. In CloD (as it did in old-IL-2), server admins can determine the dot (spotting) range and icon range separately for friendlies/enemies. The icon color and composition (what info is given) can be set. In short: Give us the power to decide for ourselves. Personally, as a server admin, on our server I would most likely enable short (<1km) icons for friendlies for enhanced wingman cooperation.
  13. Same for me. (but: optical 1/1Gb connection )
  14. Yeah, some mystery bug just appeared. Temuri is working on it.
  15. Watch your language or we will get the mods involved. As for ideas / suggestions flying around here: Currently we're having summer vacation == forced labor camp for family men with houses .. So hold your horses. When autumn strikes, we'll have more time to implement stuff.
  16. HunDread guessed correctly, the airfield was out of planes. You can see the attacking plane icon on the airfield whenever there is an enemy within 10km of the base. If there is, use another airfield.
  17. My point of view to this bug event: dogfight.2020-07-09_21-26-27_00.zip
  18. Guys, cut the witch hunt. No one is or has been detected cheating. We were given direct evidence on HOW to cheat with the shaders, so it is POSSIBLE for anyone to cheat if they are enabled. So we disabled them. Simple as that.
  19. FYI: Thunderstorm incoming, electric outages to the server expected. I had ReShade, and I had to reinstall the whole game. Even though I manually removed all the reshade files, the game still didn't accept me.
  20. The messages are buffered, and if there are a lot of players getting a lot of messages, then yes, there can be a significant delay.
  21. @-SF-Disarray You spawned on Krasnoarmeyskaya, which said in the <p command: "Planes available on sector #1 - Front airfield: Slavyanskaya 32/35 - Rear airfield: Krasnoarmeyskaya 0/35 - Temp airfield: Anastasievskaya 0/35 - Tank spawn: 26/30"
  22. You took off from an airfield that had no plane supply available. You will get warnings in the chat about this when you spawn on the airfield, and if you take off, the server will kick you.
  23. There hasn't been a ping kick for anyone with your name (is your in-game name Julz?) for at least last couple of days in the logs. If you have a friend on the server, ask if they saw a server info message saying something like "no coordinated updates from Julz...". After getting that message, the player is usually dropped from the server and there is no log entry about it. And because of that, we don't know what causes it, but if it happens to you, please report it to the devs.
  24. But as always, remember that every single object destroyed does have an effect. 50% + 50% damage on two objectives is the same as 100% destroyed single objective (assuming same type of objective with same amount of stuff ). So you don't HAVE to destroy objectives 100% to make an effect on the frontline.
  25. If you destroy a friendly, there will be a warning, and then a kick, and then a ban. And the bans get progressively longer if you repeat the offense. People make mistakes and sometimes you are on the receiving end. I've had my fair share (of doing mistakes, and being on the receiving end).
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