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  1. You are wading waayyyyyy too deep into the mechanics ... What we say to the unwashed masses is: "destroy targets -> frontline moves, destroy more -> it moves more". But since you're interested, I'll open it up a bit more: Every object model you see in the mission targets has a point value. When the background application constructs the mission file, it counts all these points up, per sector. And when you destroy one of these objects in the mission, you deduct that same number of points from that sector's health. So the percentage SHOULD be the same everytime in ONE mission, but can vary between missions, since the number of objects in a mission, and thus the sector's total health pool varies -> percentage per object varies. But, as talked about previously, the server sometimes decides not to write those destruction events in the log -> the background app thinks they have not been destroyed, so 0%... and even when the target has been totally leveled, the background app still thinks something is still alive.
  2. S! ISP doing some maintenance work again today between 10:00 - 18:00 EET. Might have connection issues.
  3. We have analyzed the problem to be an unfortunate game bug. Our system reads the server logs and looks for every entry for building/unit destruction. We have witnessed that sometimes the server just doesn't write everything that was destroyed in game -> our system thinks they weren't. This problem is aggravated when using big bombs that destroy a lot of targets at the same time. More targets destroyed -> more missing destruction events.
  4. Hmm... sounds like a game bug to me. We only have "service circle" around active airfields. Please report if this persists. Sorry for the delayed response. Have been busy stuffing my face with Xmas foods :) ... There was a bug that caused the loopy loop restarting of the server. Now fixed.
  5. S! The recent problems with Internet connection have now prompted the ISP to do some maintenance work between Thursday 19.12. and Friday 20.12... so except more connection breaks during that time.
  6. S! Server Internet connection acted up during the weekend. Will be giving the ISP an angry call...
  7. S! The logic behind rotating the mission when enough stuff is destroyed is: If, for one side, on all sectors combined, more than 75% of all front line units(front + arty / front ships + convoy, so NOT calculating depots or bridges) -> rotate. So, you could have, say for russians, 100% of front+arty destroyed on sector #1, but if sector #2 is intact, combined percentage is ~50% -> no rotation. When sector #2 front+arty get destroyed >50% (sectors #1+2 now >75% destroyed) -> rotation.
  8. Second hand info, but: When the T-34's engine is damaged, the tank becomes invulnerable, and is still able to run in reverse. This is a very old "feature", so if it has been fixed, let us know.
  9. There was a bug, thanks for the tip. I forgot to take the attacker max health into account when making the status chat message. Now fixed. Fixed. The logic that selected the airfields, only dodged friendly airfields (with minimum of 10km in between). Now taking into account also the enemy airfields
  10. Hmm.. interesting. There is already rules against things like this in the code... Have to check. There's many factors in this. Direction of the attack (the line between the two combatant front positions) against the current frontline and the shape of the frontline. The advance is drawn as a triangle, with the base at the attackers front position. The height of the triangle should be the same as advance in kilometers... Here's the advance you are talking about:
  11. Accuracy and total score have nothing to do with each other ... The player with the highest score is on top. Do you mean someone teamkilled you? Please report them to me (or Temuri) with private forum message with details (time and date). The system should detect teamkilling automatically. It allows one TK, because we are humans and we do mistakes. But after that one TK, if he does it again, the perpetrator will be kicked, and if he joins back and does it again, he will be banned for an hour, then 2 hours, 4h, 8h, 16h, 1day, week, month, year, 10 years.
  12. S! Virtual lives are not lost on mission rotation, all planes are considered landed. Server now has Internet connection again, booting up.
  13. S! Sea battle limiter implemented. Will be taken into use asap.
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