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  1. This is because airfields aren't a target anymore. Yeah, airfield capturing was fun, but as the logic when you can and should do certain things (like capture an airfield, or destroy a factory/depot) on the previous version was a bit too much for some (or even to majority) of players, so we opted to make the mission lot simpler for the players.
  2. Temuri is on it. Planes are generic in that matter. They just count as numbers. So if and airfield has 50 planes, and you land a He-111 on it, it now has 51 planes. Then you take off with a Fw190, now it has 50 on it, and so on. Currently they just appear in the airfield when the supply interval is reached, the supply count is increased behind the scenes. We have talked about making AI supply plane flights (which can be shot down to stop supply), but that depends how big of a load they are on the server (along with other planned AI stuff). Have to do testing... The current convoys aren't a part of the supply system, they are just part of the sector "health" pool, so destroying them helps move the frontline.
  3. S! Original post updated. The new version is now live on the main server. Features planned, but not yet implemented: - Patrolling AI aircraft (if server can handle them...) - Supply air drops
  4. S! After a long while in the dark underground coding bunker we are in the finishing phases of rolling out a new version of the server. Basically you can forget almost everything because everything works differently now In the previous version we had a huge template mission, from which we picked all necessary stuff to the mission to be run, and discarded the rest. There were ~100 possible locations for tank battles to occur in. This was somewhat dynamic, but in the bigger picture also very static. In this new version we generate the mission file on the fly. Temuri has made a huge effort to map out all free area plus the road network on the map, resulting in more than 60000 places where to fight, making the server truly dynamic. To simplify the server in the eyes of the player, we have discarded the idea of respawning units. What you destroy, remains destroyed for the rest of the mission. As before, we generate a number of conflict zones on the border. This time the zones consist of opposing units of infantry, tanks and artillery in random patterns. Further from the conflict zone there will be frontal depots, and even further away rear depots. Enemy depots will be hidden on the map and will become visible on the map if you discover them (fly within 5km of them). So recon is important! Similarly, there will be front airfields and rear airfields. Only the rear airfields will have bombers. There will be moving columns rolling from the front depots to the frontline. The goal is to destroy enemy units. That simple. For example: There are 2 conflict zones on the border, northern and southern. In the northern sector russians destroy all the german units, and all the depots. Situation is reversed in the south. Mission ends. Frontline is moved proportionate to the imbalance of destroyed units on both sides in each sector. So, in the north, the frontline moves west for x kilometers (we can alter the x as necessary) and to the east in the south. Simulation of the frontline moving with germans always winning: Rolling plane set works as before. Supply system works almost the same. Now we don't have factories, and the supply interval is determined by the distance by road/railroad to the airfield from the edge of the map (west for germans, east for russians). You can fly supply flights as before. Airfields are no longer targets. They cannot be directly captured by players (they change sides as the frontline moves), and they have invulnerable AAA with high AI setting. So vulch at your own risk This time we fight on Stalingrad map. GPS is on for the testing period. HAVE FUN!
  5. I think best hours are around 20-24 EET. That is 17-21 UTC/GMT. We aren't the most populous server to start with, but on those hours you get at least some people to fly with/against.
  6. S! Oooh, Dora is nice! Thanks for the update @Han: Yep, link doesn't work: As a server admin, this was the most interesting bit... gimme gimme!
  7. S! If you are the one landing with paratroopers that will capture the airfield, you will not get captured, and therefore will not get killed in stats ... If someone lands on an enemy airfield before it is captured, they will get captured, and killed in stats (POW for rest of the war, career over). If you have witnessed something deviating from this, please report, as it is most likely a bug.
  8. I checked the logs (not very thoroughly)... The events (according to server logs) did not occur the way the stats say. You did die on one flight, but it was a different flight that the stats say. I would say: random glitch in stats system (which is made by IL-2 game developer FB-Vaal, and as Temuri said, we don't have much power over it).
  9. S! Small adjustements/additions: - airfield AAA AI is now set to "high" setting - airfields now have sirens to alarm pilots taking off about incoming enemies Also, fixed a bug about if you ditched/crashed at an enemy airfield, the plane would be added to the supply of the enemy airfield ... Now it works properly, and only adds the plane to the supply of the enemy airfield if you land it intact.
  10. S! First post updated. (removed all the parts concerning award points and buying planes)
  11. Of course! I still fly old IL-2, and in this SEOW campaign we are having currently, flew with my Ki-84 Ic a bit too close to a Corsair, fired my 30mm wing cannons (not making any comparisons to Mk108 here) at it, and got hit by shrapnel and got a fuel leak on my aircraft. I recognize this as totally my own fault. Similar to dropping a bomb too low with too short fuse. Pilot error.
  12. S! The map condition was left to a bit of a frozen state with 2 closed Russian airfields left with no factories to repair them. Tuned the victory conditions a bit... Situation will judged as victory, if either of these happen: - if one side only has one airfield left - if one side has no factories, and only one OPEN airfield left Also, tuned the penalty for death/capture a bit also: Now, after dying/being captured and being reduced to 33% of your original award points, if you end up with more points than would be enough for Tier 6 airplane (550 points), you will be reduced to those points (550). This is because some players have accumulated crazy number(>10000) of points, making death non-consequential for them
  13. Never has been. The CPU on the Finnish VirtualPilots server has been and is still basically idling. Some single core can get high as maybe ~40%, but that's it. Apparently the DServer can't utilize the potential of the CPU. I assume it's some flaw in the general architecture of the sim.
  14. S! We are getting a bit mixed signals now. Some want longer distances. Others think short distances are great. We can't please all, and anyways, the distances vary depending on the frontline situation. We can tune the general respawn times a bit, but tying the respawn times to a single source would beat the whole dynamic idea. Anyways... Couple of adjustments, new feature and a bug fix: - Now adjacent tank battles won't be selected in a mission to spread them out more on the front. - Airfield no longer can have two adjacent tank battles in a mission simultaneously (same effect as the previous adjustment). - If attacking a tank/naval battle or a depot that has too short respawn time (<35min for tank/naval battle and <65min for depot), you will get a notification to attack the repair source. Hopefully this will help new players understand the mission logic a bit better. - Fixed (hopefully) the bug that caused some tank bases objects to disappear / reappear at random.
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