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  1. The frontline in game isn't drawn very accurately. You can assume it has error of 5km in any direction. This becomes from the fact that the frontline icons are a resource hog, so we don't use too many to not clog up the server.
  2. Well, if the tank is destroyed, then it should show in the stats as such, and we do take that into count when determining frontline advance. But as for the tanker/pilot, if he is alive when he finishes mission, then he stays alive in stats if the tank is determined as left on the spawn point, if the coordinates are corrupt that is...
  3. The problem with tanks is that when a tanker hits "Finish mission", the logged ending coordinates seem to be corrupted in many cases... For these cases, we assume that the tank is left at the spawn point. If the coordinates do come out correctly, then we of course use them, and this will result to the tank being lost, if it's not within 2km of the spawn point...
  4. Best to use just: http://stats.virtualpilots.fi Which will always take you to the latest tour.
  5. Brief description: Writing "E" in chat produces "E locomotive". Detailed description, conditions: Writing "E" and hitting enter produces the text "E locomotive" in the chat. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): See sig.
  6. We do know what the problem/bug is, and it has many variations. What we do not know, is what causes it, and as such we cannot fix it. Relay all bug reports to the devs, so they either fix it, or tell us what causes it on our end, so we can. We have hunches, but nothing definite. For example, we are running a relatively heavy mission, which could be the cause, but the server software is running within the parameters given by the devs, so we cannot be sure. And we won't alter the mission or make it a mere shadow of itself going after a hunch. We need something solid. Not to my knowledge, no. We'll enable it once we have a fix.
  7. You can finish the mission while hanging in the chute. Your fate is decided at the moment your pilot exits the cockpit .. But your pilot can die of course even after that, so it's adviced to finish the mission ASAP.
  8. You ended up 1000m from the closest enemy position, while the nearest friendly position was 5700m away. If you end up smack in the middle, your chance to escape is 100%. If you land directly on the enemy, the chance is zero. In this case you had a chance of ~30% but the dice roll didn't favor you this time. We enter a death line in the logs when the pilot gets captured.
  9. I forgot to turn the SRS on, now back on. Too many buttons to smash and levers to pull
  10. S! The primary reason for the "new" (well, not so new anymore) tank spawn positioning was to reduce spawn camping (from both ground and air). But it also caused several issues, the worse being the ones which placed the spawns on opposite sides of rivers in comparison to the targets. Also, the new positioning was many times a long way away from the nearest roads. We now reverted to the old placement, so the front spawns are near and between the front objective positions which are always positioned along a stretch of road which connects the front positions. The spawn point AAA is no longer invulnerable.
  11. @6FG_Big_Al Use the "<s" chat command to see the status of your objectives to avoid driving there for nothing. Also the stats site displays the objective statuses.
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