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  1. Personally I had to reinstall the whole game to completely get rid of reshade and get back on the server.
  2. Possible, but opens another can of worms. People like to be able to switch around, and some people actively switch side to balance the teams. Our approach is to try to keep the server as free as possible, a sandbox for people to play in as they choose.
  3. S! Depends on what you need us / the server to do? If you can organize the event in the normal operation of the server, go ahead ... But if it needs work from us, me and Temuri cannot promise anything unfortunately, were swamped
  4. That's weird. Well, generally you can ignore the top of the screen status, since it rarely shows any meaningful results anyways... But it should have shown "ditched" if you didn't end your sortie within the service radius of a spawn. Our campaign app log says that you weren't killed at least... Or captured (killed as well).
  5. Need a bit more info on this. Where / what message told you that you were killed?
  6. Every player seems to have a wholly unique experience. Depending on network, physical distance to the server, CPU, GPU etc. But the network seems to play a big role. For example, I am in LAN with the server, and I've never had the invisible planes bug (on this server). Coincidence? I think not.
  7. This is a feature of the spawns (airfields + tank spawns), and we cannot control them.
  8. Tacview recording is disabled due to it being written in real time.... which can then be read in real time to see the locations of every plane (in vicinity).
  9. This is the correct attitude. When you see the icon -> "Oh, haven't had an anti-tank mission in a while. Let's go tank busting."
  10. If you ignore the big blinking enemy tank icon on the airfield, don't blame the enemy, it's on you. Only temporary airfields are susceptible to tank attack. All others are covered from tanks by invulnerable heavy guns. The choice is yours.
  11. To put some light into the plane sets: - We want to have all the "toys" available for the players. Me262 being the only exception being limited due to balance issues. - We pit contemporary planes against each other according to their entry into combat operations and progress these sets so that every plane gets their chance to be useful. That's it. No other logic behind it.
  12. It's an concept, a concept that very much existed. And just FYI, we are in the process of changing the "German"/"Soviet" to "Axis"/"Allied" because of the mixed plane sets etc. But just a hint, a general hint to make life easier: If you want to give feedback to someone, and maybe even have an effect on the subject, don't piss on their work first and then try to give feedback. Now you've just managed to aggravate me, and I'm just going to ignore you.
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