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  1. Yeah, some mystery bug just appeared. Temuri is working on it.
  2. Watch your language or we will get the mods involved. As for ideas / suggestions flying around here: Currently we're having summer vacation == forced labor camp for family men with houses .. So hold your horses. When autumn strikes, we'll have more time to implement stuff.
  3. HunDread guessed correctly, the airfield was out of planes. You can see the attacking plane icon on the airfield whenever there is an enemy within 10km of the base. If there is, use another airfield.
  4. My point of view to this bug event: dogfight.2020-07-09_21-26-27_00.zip
  5. Guys, cut the witch hunt. No one is or has been detected cheating. We were given direct evidence on HOW to cheat with the shaders, so it is POSSIBLE for anyone to cheat if they are enabled. So we disabled them. Simple as that.
  6. FYI: Thunderstorm incoming, electric outages to the server expected. I had ReShade, and I had to reinstall the whole game. Even though I manually removed all the reshade files, the game still didn't accept me.
  7. The messages are buffered, and if there are a lot of players getting a lot of messages, then yes, there can be a significant delay.
  8. @-SF-Disarray You spawned on Krasnoarmeyskaya, which said in the <p command: "Planes available on sector #1 - Front airfield: Slavyanskaya 32/35 - Rear airfield: Krasnoarmeyskaya 0/35 - Temp airfield: Anastasievskaya 0/35 - Tank spawn: 26/30"
  9. You took off from an airfield that had no plane supply available. You will get warnings in the chat about this when you spawn on the airfield, and if you take off, the server will kick you.
  10. There hasn't been a ping kick for anyone with your name (is your in-game name Julz?) for at least last couple of days in the logs. If you have a friend on the server, ask if they saw a server info message saying something like "no coordinated updates from Julz...". After getting that message, the player is usually dropped from the server and there is no log entry about it. And because of that, we don't know what causes it, but if it happens to you, please report it to the devs.
  11. But as always, remember that every single object destroyed does have an effect. 50% + 50% damage on two objectives is the same as 100% destroyed single objective (assuming same type of objective with same amount of stuff ). So you don't HAVE to destroy objectives 100% to make an effect on the frontline.
  12. If you destroy a friendly, there will be a warning, and then a kick, and then a ban. And the bans get progressively longer if you repeat the offense. People make mistakes and sometimes you are on the receiving end. I've had my fair share (of doing mistakes, and being on the receiving end).
  13. Awesome drop 😄 ... But, how come the aileron of the lead comes off at 4:12 ? 😮
  14. S! There has been some pretty ungentlemanly behaviour in the chat lately. Please, if someone does something out of bounds regarding the rules, or there's an friendly fire incident, or anything of the sort that might upset you: Try to keep a calm head. If you don't have anything nice to write in the chat, then don't... Take a breather... And report to us if necessary. Friendly fire will get notified to the perpetrator and there's an automatic system which will detect this and punish the player (warning -> kick -> ban if continued).
  15. Guys, this is not the place to fight. Keep that on the server, and out of text format. If you have complaints about the behaviour of other players, report it to us privately instead of starting a flame war here.
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