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  1. Second hand info, but: When the T-34's engine is damaged, the tank becomes invulnerable, and is still able to run in reverse. This is a very old "feature", so if it has been fixed, let us know.
  2. There was a bug, thanks for the tip. I forgot to take the attacker max health into account when making the status chat message. Now fixed. Fixed. The logic that selected the airfields, only dodged friendly airfields (with minimum of 10km in between). Now taking into account also the enemy airfields
  3. Hmm.. interesting. There is already rules against things like this in the code... Have to check. There's many factors in this. Direction of the attack (the line between the two combatant front positions) against the current frontline and the shape of the frontline. The advance is drawn as a triangle, with the base at the attackers front position. The height of the triangle should be the same as advance in kilometers... Here's the advance you are talking about:
  4. Accuracy and total score have nothing to do with each other ... The player with the highest score is on top. Do you mean someone teamkilled you? Please report them to me (or Temuri) with private forum message with details (time and date). The system should detect teamkilling automatically. It allows one TK, because we are humans and we do mistakes. But after that one TK, if he does it again, the perpetrator will be kicked, and if he joins back and does it again, he will be banned for an hour, then 2 hours, 4h, 8h, 16h, 1day, week, month, year, 10 years.
  5. S! Virtual lives are not lost on mission rotation, all planes are considered landed. Server now has Internet connection again, booting up.
  6. S! Server temporarily down because of ISP cable damage.
  7. S! Sea battle limiter implemented. Will be taken into use asap.
  8. Problem found and fixed. It now takes into account the health of the attacking side. Now the attack distance multiplier cannot be higher than the health of the advancing side.
  9. The German attack was 80km, but it happened in a direction parallel to the old frontline, so the actual advance was less than 80km .. See: The attack direction is always a line between the two combatants. The reason Agoy is available in some missions, and not in the next, is because it's really close to the border, and we have some "noise" in the way we determine where the border actually is
  10. S! There is a situation at the server where airfields are a bit too far from the action. I will try to code a remedy to this asap.
  11. Oh there was. Bible worth of text. Still is, even with the simplified mission. The problem isn't that there isn't info available, it's because people don't bother to read. Well, it isn't the most realistic option, not gonna argue with you about it, and believe me, we have read our share of testimonies about visibility in real life. This setting offers the best gameplay experience overall. Please do remember, that this includes you too ... I personally make this server for myself, but in an imperfect world where I'm not the emperor of all things, I also have to listen to Temuri since this is our joint venture ... And as such, the server reflects our wants and needs. With said compromises... Well, fully laden 110, which I fly a lot, isn't faster than a laden IL-2. So, I'm in the "same boat" ... And no, I cannot outrun a fighter, but I can run to friendlies / friendly AAA before the fighter(s) catch me. And whenever possible, I bring a friend / escort.
  12. @Yarun_RUS: We welcome the criticism. Let me offer some explanation to the choices we have made. The reduction of complexity (tank battles / supply / respawning etc.) was, as Temuri said, because the average pilot that came to our server didn't understand it. People kept asking us "why this happened?", "why didn't this happen?" and so on. And the number of pilots on our server were max 10 at best of nights ... People (except for us few) just didn't like it and chose to fly on other servers. We didn't like to fly alone on our server, so we had to compromise. Now the system is simple, everyone can understand it -> more players on server. Sure, we miss the old system too, but this is better than to fly on an empty server. The old system used a huge mission template (Temuri had built everything everywhere and the system just ripped off excess stuff from mission). This allowed nice large factory areas, but overall the system was not so very dynamic. The new system has >60000 possible places for the battles to happen, and the layouts of the frontlines / artillery etc. are always different. As per your feedback, we will adjust the AAA level and composition. So if we now get negative feedback on that, we can blame you The new visibility system has two settings: 1) "Expert", nobody sees anything in the air 2) "AltVis", everyone sees everyone too well I play 50/50 fighter/GA, so I have the view from both worlds ... and while the AltVis needs tuning, we lean on that because even the ground attackers / bombers can now see incoming enemies, and can run from them, and trust me, I run a lot ... If we would use Expert, the fighters would need to run tree top level as well, and that's just not realistic either.
  13. S! Updated server with a map grid calculation fix. A bug caused the ground attack warnings to show wrong grid numbers. Also might fix some weird unit placement issues. EDIT: Also fixed the logic that updates the map (reloads mission) when one side has lost >75% of its frontline units on all sectors. Frontline + arty is counted on land sector towards this, and all ships on a sea sector.
  14. Just an unverified guess: It might be an option just like "spotter" for any object that has an entity. EDIT: Checked. Yup:
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