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  1. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    I checked the logs (not very thoroughly)... The events (according to server logs) did not occur the way the stats say. You did die on one flight, but it was a different flight that the stats say. I would say: random glitch in stats system (which is made by IL-2 game developer FB-Vaal, and as Temuri said, we don't have much power over it).
  2. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! Small adjustements/additions: - airfield AAA AI is now set to "high" setting - airfields now have sirens to alarm pilots taking off about incoming enemies Also, fixed a bug about if you ditched/crashed at an enemy airfield, the plane would be added to the supply of the enemy airfield ... Now it works properly, and only adds the plane to the supply of the enemy airfield if you land it intact.
  3. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! First post updated. (removed all the parts concerning award points and buying planes)
  4. LLv34_Untamo

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    Of course! I still fly old IL-2, and in this SEOW campaign we are having currently, flew with my Ki-84 Ic a bit too close to a Corsair, fired my 30mm wing cannons (not making any comparisons to Mk108 here) at it, and got hit by shrapnel and got a fuel leak on my aircraft. I recognize this as totally my own fault. Similar to dropping a bomb too low with too short fuse. Pilot error.
  5. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! The map condition was left to a bit of a frozen state with 2 closed Russian airfields left with no factories to repair them. Tuned the victory conditions a bit... Situation will judged as victory, if either of these happen: - if one side only has one airfield left - if one side has no factories, and only one OPEN airfield left Also, tuned the penalty for death/capture a bit also: Now, after dying/being captured and being reduced to 33% of your original award points, if you end up with more points than would be enough for Tier 6 airplane (550 points), you will be reduced to those points (550). This is because some players have accumulated crazy number(>10000) of points, making death non-consequential for them
  6. Never has been. The CPU on the Finnish VirtualPilots server has been and is still basically idling. Some single core can get high as maybe ~40%, but that's it. Apparently the DServer can't utilize the potential of the CPU. I assume it's some flaw in the general architecture of the sim.
  7. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! We are getting a bit mixed signals now. Some want longer distances. Others think short distances are great. We can't please all, and anyways, the distances vary depending on the frontline situation. We can tune the general respawn times a bit, but tying the respawn times to a single source would beat the whole dynamic idea. Anyways... Couple of adjustments, new feature and a bug fix: - Now adjacent tank battles won't be selected in a mission to spread them out more on the front. - Airfield no longer can have two adjacent tank battles in a mission simultaneously (same effect as the previous adjustment). - If attacking a tank/naval battle or a depot that has too short respawn time (<35min for tank/naval battle and <65min for depot), you will get a notification to attack the repair source. Hopefully this will help new players understand the mission logic a bit better. - Fixed (hopefully) the bug that caused some tank bases objects to disappear / reappear at random.
  8. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! The out-of-mission tank attack bug now fixed. The disappearing/reappearing units problem source also located, but not yet fixed.
  9. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! Good thing we started playing the red side for this round as we just uncovered a bug in the code yesterday. This nasty bugger caused the Russian tank battle dice roll to basically fail every time. This bug has been there since we got rid of the moving tanks. It has now been fixed.
  10. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! Updates on the server logic: 1) We have long time felt that the supply system is somewhat bland, not affecting much, mostly just annoying when you run out. So, we introduced COMMUNIS....I mean collectivism! The personal airfield supply is no more. It is now replaced by collective airfield supply. Every airfield now has a pool of max 50 planes from which everyone buying a plane will draw from. Supply coming from factories and supply flights now bring each +10 planes to the airfield. The award points from a supply flight now also depend on the amount of planes on the airfield. If the airfield is already full, you get nothing. If the airfield is at 50% or less, you get full points. If the supply is at 50-100% you get linearly diminishing returns. So bring supply when it counts When a plane is bought from the supply, players get updates on the chat about the supply status. You get messages for every even 10 planes, and when the supply drops below 10 you get updates for every plane ("bring supply ASAP"), and when the airfield is totally out of planes. When the airfield runs out of supply, no one without a bought plane on that airfield won't be able to purchase a plane on that airfield (even tier 1), so it is quite important for your side to keep the front airfields supplied. We hope that these changes to the supply system make it a bit more tactical and meaningful. 2) Award point scoring updates: - If you ditch in the middle of nowhere (and make it to safety), you get 20% of the normal score (if you had any from that flight). - If you ditch on friendly airfield (plane damaged) you get 50% and keep the plane. - If you die / get captured, you lose 66% of your award points (instead of losing all as before). 3) Ground attack warning messages. The ground objectives now call for help with a small delay (~30s) when they get attacked. You get an onscreen warning and a chat message.
  11. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! Small update: VR users have requested shorter chat commands, so here they are: <t - short for <tl, tells you the remaining time on server. <f - short for <field, tells you the details of a map object, airfield for example. <p - short for <planes, tells your plane supply status on airfields, and where your bought planes are. <a - short for <awards, tells your award point status. <c - short for <cost, tells you the plane tier costs and on what tier plane is on. Also, factory block destruction points now separated from other ground kills, as it is somewhat harder to destroy a factory block than for example single AAA or tank. 100 points for one block.
  12. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    @SCG_Riksen Please upvote this suggestion that I just made (ask your mates as well): https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/767-thread-to-gather-your-suggestions/?do=findComment&comment=676618 After that has been implemented, the custom skins will be enabled.
  13. LLv34_Untamo

    Thread to gather your suggestions

    Type of improvement: Multiplayer Explanation of proposals: Custom skins in multiplayer (yes yes, I know, already been suggested, but it has been a while). Current state: Custom skin system in multiplayer enable two kinds of cheats: 1) Taking a skin that is in public distribution and then repainting the skin (keeping the filename) with ridiculously bright colors/patterns -> you can see everyone using that skin online very easily, shining like a beacon in the sky. 2) Using similarly bright colors/patterns in a skin used by your squad. -> You can very easily identify friend from foe and see where friendlies are flying. Suggested new system: Do it like it was in old IL-2, hash check and download. Skin download with P2P (no extra load on server). If hash differs -> considered as new skin -> download. Setting for enabling/disabling skin download for both server and client(with low speed Internet). Server side locking of skins for certain aircraft as is now with conjunction of custom skins (so you can use the Ju-52 with locked skin for reds for example). Benefits: This would assure everyone using a custom skin is seen the same by all. No more use of ridiculous skins, or if seen/reported, can be banned by server admins.
  14. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    Nope, they're locked for good. But there's a positive side to this: We can enable the Ju-52 for the red side, with locked skin.
  15. LLv34_Untamo

    Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War

    S! Award system is getting a makeover, to something more like Aces High's perk system. We've been running tests for the new system for a while now on the "icons on"-server and the system seems mature enough. Changes are as follows: - The concept of division of airplanes into basic / award is no more. Instead, every airplane has a price tag, which can also be zero (tier 1 and support aircraft: supply / paratrooper / repair planes are free). - The planes are divided into tiers depending on their performance. Tier determines the price for the plane. Currently the prices go as follows: Tier 1: 0 Tier 2: 50 Tier 3: 100 Tier 4: 175 Tier 5: 300 Tier 6: 550 Tier 7: 1000 - These prices are modified by the balance of players on the server. The modifier is the cube root of the player balance. For example: 1 player on allies, 10 on axis -> cube root of 1/10 ~ 0,46 -> allies get a discount of 54% to their plane prices, and conversely, axis have to pay 215% for their planes (cube root of 10/1 ~ 2,15). To get the current prices of planes, use <cost -command. It tells the current tier prices, and to what tier each plane belongs to. - When you "buy" an airplane, it is taken from your hangar of airplanes for that airfield, and behaves as award planes did before, as in, it is now persistent, meaning that instead of being just a number, it has a type and location. The bought plane stays in use as long as it doesn't get destroyed. As before, you can track how many planes in hangar and bought planes you have (and where they are) with the <planes command. - As before, you gain award points by shooting down enemy airplanes and destroying ground targets, and then successfully landing at a friendly base. The change to previous version is that you aren't limited to 1+1 (fighter + ground attack) points per flight, and also the division to fighter/GA is gone also. And as the points are no longer exchanged 1:1 to airplanes, the awards have to change too. Now, we give points for each kill you make during your flight depending on target. The points for air kill depend on the attacker airplane's tier vs. the tier of the one being shot down. If you for example shoot down a Me262 with I-16, you get huge reward. When you kill a I-16 with the 262, you get practically nothing. The scoring goes by tier difference as follows: Tier difference, defender minus attacker: -6: 10 -5: 25 -4: 40 -3: 55 -2: 70 -1: 85 0: 100 1: 133 2: 167 3: 200 4: 233 5: 267 6: 300 And for other types of kills: - Ground: 50 - Support aircraft(supply/paras/repair): 150 And for missions: - Supply: 150 - Repair airfield: 500 - Repair factory: 250 - Capture airfield: 500 We used highly scientific method (pulled them out of our a**es) to get these numbers, so if you have good arguments how to adjust them, we will gladly listen Also: You may have noticed the "Repair factory" mission in the list above. This is a new type of mission you can make to repair factories. Take off with a repair plane, and fly it to the airfield next to a factory to repair it. The airfield needs to be open (otherwise it will repair the airfield). When you successfully deliver repair to the factory, one factory block gets repaired. This only works if you took off from another airfield, so don't try to cheat