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  1. - If the player doesn't return his plane on the airfield -> plane marked as lost -> it affects the frontline. - If he disconnects/bails over enemy territory -> captured -> dead in stats. - If you made a single hit and he disconnects -> You get the kill in stats.
  2. Bridges are a thing of chance... If there happens to be a bridge between the frontline positions and the supply source at the map edge (east for Russians, west for Germans) then there will be a bridge as a target in the mission.
  3. Fighter jockeys are not the ones doing work. It's the ground pounders who do the work that moves the frontlines, so they shall get the most points.
  4. S! Rules update, addition: - If you have something to report about another player, do it PRIVATELY with a forum PM, Discord PM or by e-mail ("gameserver(at)virtualpilots(dot)fi"). Public posting will result on punishment of the REPORTER. This is to avoid flame wars.
  5. Mmmmmmmm no... you'll have to spell it out to me. If you are referring to the Sector #2 German F.Depot and Station being at 0% and no progress made on the red side, then it might be that there we're no F.Depot and/or station on the German side at all in that mission. But I haven't checked, so this is just speculation. If this was the case (no F.Depot/Station and no progress), then it the result is fine. The system places stuff with specific rules, and sometimes it leads to a situation where it cannot place something (Depot/Station for example), but this is taken into account when calculating sector health and therefore in the progress calculations.
  6. If there's something wrong, could you be a bit more specific?
  7. In old IL-2 the limit was 255 players... We had SEOW campaigns with 100+ players with 5000 stationary and 800 moving units.
  8. On stats.virtualpilots.fi "Current mission information" page you can see that we are on set #3 currently. And on the "Info" page you can see the sets. And on set #5 there will be the first "artillery spawn" tanks. And each set lasts for 2 days.
  9. Emil outclimbs every other plane in that set. And outmaneuvers even the I-16... Haven't spent much time in a Macchi to say anything about it. Mig is a bit faster high up, but they usually don't go very high. P40 dives the best, but that's its only advantage. Lagg is just crap in every aspect except the 37mm gun ... I-16 can maneuver, until it runs out of speed, which it does quickly. How is this the worst set for the blues? @GOA_Karaya_CRI*VR* If you make a statement like you did, you have to have some substance backing it up. Opinions come dime a dozen. EDIT: I was informed by Temuri that the Emil doesn't outclimb everything... Whatevs .. I haven't had any trouble fighting in it against the reds.
  10. Ummm.. What do you mean? Worst how? Are you saying that the Dora can't compete with Tempest? Or K4 can't fight with the P-51? Or do you mean planeset 1? ... Emil and Macchi are more than a match for the red planes.
  11. From the server's and the mission's perspective, this isn't a problem. The balance over time seems to be fine. Just look at the flight hours per side. There is a momentary imbalance, and then it shifts to other side, and back, creating a seesaw motion of the frontline. Overall, there's very little ground gained by either side in one day. This Q4 has gone for some time now, and the mission/map has been won twice. I recognize that some people don't like the imbalance when they fly, but there isn't very much we can do, without major annoyance to the players, and to ourselves. I personally enjoy the situation when I happen to be in the side that has less players. "Target rich environment"
  12. In top right of the screen you have "Profile" link. Click that, and then select "My Squad" tab on the opening screen. There you can create a squad.
  13. If you used the votekick/ban feature, then you haven't read the rules. Teamkilling will be automatically handled by the server logic. The assailant will get punished. If you have a problem with a player, PM(private message) us. Don't post here. Either use the forum PM, Discord PM, or email: gameserver (at) virtualpilots (dot) fi
  14. Yup, I entered the fight from further away. Could see the A-20 from a distance (~10km) with full zoom and the light was maybe 5 lengths of the A-20 behind it and somewhat below.
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