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  1. Its the game mechanic. The gunners will not fire when you enter the clouds or when its dark. You have to man the guns yourself unfortunately. (I think IT was changed by devs after many complains that the gunners fire trough clouds etc.)
  2. Check costal command black friday od 1945 and what happens when the target is under attack by small groups at a time and from one direction instead od the whole squadron attacking and swaping the defences from different directions. In taw the attacks are not like in real life by squadrons but done by smallgroups or single planes against aaa which for the targets IT protects is quite numerous.
  3. Funny to see people who state that they dont fly current taw but still come and drop their 5cents ...
  4. I see a problem. I cant catch 109s neither in horizontal flight nor in dive with i16...
  5. 10 vs 21 is more like 1 vs 2.1...;)
  6. You can register 2nd nick for the other side to ballance.
  7. Its there - I lost one engine to the flak over german coulmn just few minutes ago and I've seen it fireing
  8. 1) and I ask again - what was the cloud base and horizontal visibility? Was it the TAW 2k/8k or something wholly different? As it happened in winter, the dew point was very low so Your overcast was skimming just above the ground plus most probably severe icing conditions - quite on the opposite end than our TAW conditions. 2) for the visibility in TAW you dont have to "feel" just check with the map what you can see - from what i've seen the worst was 8k horizontal visibility. 3) Real aviation doesnt work with statements "good weather"/"bad weather"/ " its raining we dont fly " but it works with numbers: horizontal visibility and a number, cloud cover - and a number, cloud base and a number, wind direction/speed and a number... So find the real conditions with numbers when the real pilots were not flying so You know what about are you speaking 4) so you say that they were not flying when it was raining or snowing - it might be true when they would use gliders and had to find thermals to gain the hight... 5) If you want something to read - read "Winged victory" diary wrote by Yates and find in what weather people were waiging war in machines that didnt even had artifical horizon or even turn indicator...
  9. As per Katon statement the aaa accuracy is reduced.
  10. I'm sorry but the thing You fail to see ( i think I wrote about it before ,but might be mistaken...), is that the "bad weather" we have in TAW is not the bad weather You are speaking of. Its only "less good weather" with decent visibility of minimum around 8km, ridicululsy high cloud base of 1600 m (minimum which I remeber) but ususally 2k +. And light rain or snow. In aviation the conditions and I'm only speaking about VFR flights (and no gps, NDB etc nav but the old school map, compas,clock, mark I eyballs) which can hamper the sorties are visibility (both horizontal and vertical) , wind strenght and its direction, the wind mostly for take off and landing, (also icing conditions and real thunderstorms with all the conditions they bring like hail, wind shear etc play a role but they are not modeled in TAW). and both visibiliti and cloud celling are really good in Your "TAW bad weather"! (as a side note , the minimum conditions for student pilot first solo cross country flight at my place is 500m cloud base and 5000m horizontal view…). If TAW admins want they can put the real bad weather with 150 - cloud base 2km visibility to have it more real, but I think for our purpose the less good weather conditions (your bad weather) is enough for the diversity . edit. I checked and Yes I wrote about it before
  11. The bad weather as you call It that we have in taw is not a real bad weather. Its just overvast with light rain , slight fogging (where still you have something like 7-9 km visibility )And unrealistic high cloud base of 1.8 to almost 3 km (You can call It bad weather for armchair pilots). In europe even in summer when the weather is good the base of the good weather clouds (cumulus clouds) is rearly as high as 1.8km . If You want a real bad weather (about which You are quoting Patton)the clouds base should be much much lower (much below 1000m And sometimes even just above the ground)And visibility in rain also shorter. Additionally the icing is not moddeled in il2 which was also hampering the real life missions quite often during bad weather in winter, early spring etc
  12. the 2600 rpm is around 73%max 74% not 80%. With those 73% / 2600 Rpm you can push the manifold pressure to max without the instant engine blowing (and keep it there for 2-3 minutes at least. if you are exceeding those 2600 rpm you can do it for only 15 20 miuntes without engine damage. AnywayP40 is quite nice and i like it very much, You need just to know its strenghts. The best solution is to use its good high speed turning rate - it doesnt lock up as 109., so low yoyos are your friend
  13. think You dont want at all to be convinced. 6 years on forum And 4500+ posts... I'm not sure if You are at all intersested in flying but rather in discussing, complaining, arguing so maybe a congress/court/talk show simulator would be better for You Both Rof and now FC with even better visuals give a really good feeling of flight for light machines. The aerobatics are pure fun And joy. In case someone is into single player (And doesnt like Stock Rof camp) immersion can use Pat Wilsons superb tool (which is also promoted by Jason). I dont know if theres already a campaign for FC but since its still in early access for sure there will be one . If one want a challange theres MP, which will grow when the product will be finished (map, two seaters...) Anyway some people will never be satysfied And will always complain. Theres One thing i cant understand. If someone doesnt like a product, And Has no intetion to buy one. Why he is constatly showing up on that product forum and trying to discourage othlockquote widget
  14. Thanks again for yet another super fun campaign. Already cant wait to fly next one.
  15. I'm not so sure if it would take longer than 5 flights of Ju52, if You would have to start with po2 from back airfield, fly at its speed of 130 -140 kph and look trough those several areas around enemy airfield (you can make even 5 of them around it). It would be more difficult than to find trucks, because the camps wouldn't be on the roads. I think its really needed to give the reds a possibility to capture airfields
  16. Kathon although the campaign didnt ended yet I want to say thanks for this another superb campaign. I have so much fun flying it, partly also due to the fact that the skill level of the pilots has really risen and the flying is so competetive and so fun Also the decision to limit the players for each side was I think one of the best which were made. For next campaign to balance the Ju52 paradrops could we have something similar with PO2? For example if You dont want to go with landing on the roads, you could use the same mechanic/script which is used with finding of the enemy supply columns, but you would set a partisan/guerilla camps which had to be located to trigger the attack. Due to the fact that po2 is half as "fast" as Ju52, You could set up 3 or 4 camps (areas) of partisans to be found around airfield so to simulate the dropping of dispatches with order to attack the airfield by the guerillas. P.s. A hotfix was just released by the devs. Frankly speaking I prefer current plane set without those limits. I like to try all planes depending on my actual mood and not to be limited to just few.
  17. To cut it short - yes the clouds obstruct gunners view and they dont fire. as it was reqested a longtime ago to the devs and was implemented, The clouds obstruct the AI gunners view so when you enter the cloud he is calling "out of range" as this is the only line he has (he hasnt a line such as cant see him, or cant see a shi …) Same is with night flying when the gunners dont fire till the enemy becomes visible to them which happens only after the fighter opens fire. Anyway acc to my experience to have best results is to shoot yourself. the gunners shoot short bursts even when enemy is close , etc... Anyway apart from above mentioned view obstructions Unlike rof where You can sneak in outside gunners viewer under the tail in box the gunners see trough aircraft parts. For example in 110s the gunners shouldnt see what's under the aircraft
  18. Katon some time ago replied to such query: he wrote that if You start new flight, the previous one cant be anymore updated, so if You wouldnt take off but wait you would get that kill.
  19. Yea right ... Current system is ok. And the campaign is quite well ballanced. Red side has anyway smaller(thanks to the cap at 45 not so much smaller as before) numbers (,at least during ''EU flight hours''. ) . The above proposal would make the disproportion much bigger on early maps And it wouldnt go the other way later because so few people fly Red And blue would still outnumber Red. So again, current solution devised by LGs is really good.
  20. I wonder if anyone has same issue : the launcher doesn't remember the selection I made regarding SLI , so each time before I launch the game I must remember to tick this box
  21. Its would be nice to have it realistic And not only planestewise so set the max blues players count to 30 And Red 54.
  22. its due to the lowering of aaa skill and its numbers due to all that whining that the aaa is too op on TAW which was [edited] Now the aaa poses no challange even for single attackers, so the ground attack currently is just boring...
  23. You can land it and take off in game from main roads (gravel and tarmac) without problems, just not drive of them as in real life cause you will damage it (You will hit a road ditch for example). I dont konow if You fly real life planes or gliders and did any filed lanfings, but most terrains outside the airfields are not very siuted for landing (depends on the regions where You fly, in some places there are huge even fields which are almost as even as salt lakes, in other you have hilly terrain with only small patches sutable for landing) . The best are lowland stubble fields in August after the harvest which tend to have no ditches, gorges, holes etc. Meadows can be very deciving and very often are uneven and hold some diteches, holes etc where you can nose over etc. Plowed fields are quite good for gliders but not so for tail draggers (depends also on the size of the wheels - the big tundra wheels are very helpfull). If the terrain is hilly the situation gets worse an its more difficult to find good place to land.
  24. Never seen such thing. Check the connection of Your hardware (keybord, stick etc) or maybe your mainboard has some glitches and is about to drop dead
  25. and there are roads (main roads). You can land and take off from them with any plane. of course its the easyiest with slow planes like po2 or ww1 birds. Actually with the Po-2 its very easy and fun
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