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  1. Still a more or less straight line while passing close to the bomber i guess... And why shouldnt the gunners spot, are thay a baggage? Anyway if You would put so much effort in training and looking for correct tactic, than You are putting in forum whining , You would be fare better off.
  2. I advise all copmlaining about the gunners to swich to that position themselves. Than see how easy is to hit a fighter coming from dead six or high six. You just point the gun more or less in the path and let it rip. So many people say that they come from the sides and other bullshit but in 90percen cases that i've seen on all Taws they just come from high 6 and continue till they pass the bombers... After, some of those people instead of improving their skills just come and whine on forums... Check the video's of expirienced flyjers like Sheriff who for example on one of the previous Taws didnt loose even 1 plane to gunners (when the gunners were set to higher skills level than are now) while shooting down tons of pe2s
  3. We are getting the heavy day fighter c6a without radar. The radar equipped versions were C6b and C6c.
  4. Jup another campaign starts and some brave warriors instead in their machines try to win the fight on forum....;)
  5. See the Katon post. It will not start till the bug will be fixed by devs.
  6. I dont see how P38 can be problematic. Germans for long time had supremancy as for bomb load on their fighters (not to mention the bombers) . 110 is taking more bombload than PE 2, the 190s bomb load is also quite heavy. But for some the parity seems like opression...
  7. @Katon I thought that there is anti disco mechanizm in place which when You disco within 5 minutes of the damage You loose Your virtual life (if its only for player induced damage, it should be extended to all damage: The below disco queen is not loosing the life, although is exiting just after receiving damage (one of the below discos I've seen with my own eyes and was about to attack, the disco princess shortly after joined the server again...) : https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=44999&name=1./JG42flesch https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=43745&name=1./JG42flesch
  8. Its as i was afraid. A "saving wanaby hartman ego" setting. And how is it fair for I16 pilot who has really hard time catching 110 or next map ju 88 and not many options as for approach due to speed difference? All planes schould have same settings, be it lowest but same
  9. For me no problem i always shoot myself anyway. I also understand the concept od saving the precious wanaby hartmanns egos. I Hope though that in all fairness this is valid for all planes on both sides and not only Pe2.
  10. Its the game mechanic. The gunners will not fire when you enter the clouds or when its dark. You have to man the guns yourself unfortunately. (I think IT was changed by devs after many complains that the gunners fire trough clouds etc.)
  11. Check costal command black friday od 1945 and what happens when the target is under attack by small groups at a time and from one direction instead od the whole squadron attacking and swaping the defences from different directions. In taw the attacks are not like in real life by squadrons but done by smallgroups or single planes against aaa which for the targets IT protects is quite numerous.
  12. Funny to see people who state that they dont fly current taw but still come and drop their 5cents ...
  13. I see a problem. I cant catch 109s neither in horizontal flight nor in dive with i16...
  14. 10 vs 21 is more like 1 vs 2.1...;)
  15. You can register 2nd nick for the other side to ballance.
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