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  1. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Yea right ... Current system is ok. And the campaign is quite well ballanced. Red side has anyway smaller(thanks to the cap at 45 not so much smaller as before) numbers (,at least during ''EU flight hours''. ) . The above proposal would make the disproportion much bigger on early maps And it wouldnt go the other way later because so few people fly Red And blue would still outnumber Red. So again, current solution devised by LGs is really good.
  2. Carl_infar


    I wonder if anyone has same issue : the launcher doesn't remember the selection I made regarding SLI , so each time before I launch the game I must remember to tick this box
  3. Carl_infar

    Historical planeset for TAW

    Its would be nice to have it realistic And not only planestewise so set the max blues players count to 30 And Red 54.
  4. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    its due to the lowering of aaa skill and its numbers due to all that whining that the aaa is too op on TAW which was [edited] Now the aaa poses no challange even for single attackers, so the ground attack currently is just boring...
  5. You can land it and take off in game from main roads (gravel and tarmac) without problems, just not drive of them as in real life cause you will damage it (You will hit a road ditch for example). I dont konow if You fly real life planes or gliders and did any filed lanfings, but most terrains outside the airfields are not very siuted for landing (depends on the regions where You fly, in some places there are huge even fields which are almost as even as salt lakes, in other you have hilly terrain with only small patches sutable for landing) . The best are lowland stubble fields in August after the harvest which tend to have no ditches, gorges, holes etc. Meadows can be very deciving and very often are uneven and hold some diteches, holes etc where you can nose over etc. Plowed fields are quite good for gliders but not so for tail draggers (depends also on the size of the wheels - the big tundra wheels are very helpfull). If the terrain is hilly the situation gets worse an its more difficult to find good place to land.
  6. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Never seen such thing. Check the connection of Your hardware (keybord, stick etc) or maybe your mainboard has some glitches and is about to drop dead
  7. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    and there are roads (main roads). You can land and take off from them with any plane. of course its the easyiest with slow planes like po2 or ww1 birds. Actually with the Po-2 its very easy and fun
  8. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    maybe starting next campaign the transport/supply missions could be done by JU52 and PO2 only (which would promote flying those machines and also would help the 777 studios with more people hopfully buying them) - As we dont fly real war and are still waiting for dc3 the disparity of the load each could in real life bring plays absolutely no role, Also we could have saboteur drop/gureillas supply missions which would work same as JU52 paradrop. We could have a landing zones on roads near enemy airfields where when for example 5 po2 would land within 1 mission to have (like 5 drops of the falshirmjagers fromju52s) the 80% chance of taking the airfields (same as is now with Ju52). In this way both sides would have similar capabilities to supply and to capture the airfields.
  9. . same problem. if they dont want my mony i'll just will not buy it... With previous operator there were no such problems...
  10. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Thats actually a very good idea imho.
  11. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    The clouds are blocking los so the gunners dont fire If the bombers are in or very close to clouds. In overcast the effecfivens of aaa is reduced as per LG statement
  12. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Hmm If You say its the best in cas because of its survibalibility And the poor loadout doesnt matter, than the 109s And 190 are even better at its because are much faster And can easyly escape pursiut after attack... Anyway You seam very traumatsed by pe2s If You cant do the side attack on pe2s just take 110 or You are scared that in 110 You will not be able to run or outclimb the oposition at leasure
  13. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    I think the best would be to set the max players numbers for each side to 42-45 And leave all the other complex triggers, restrictions out , except maybe the closing of front airfields as it is now. If one side would be populated to the full (mostly blues i guess) the ones that cant joint could be more inclined to create 2nd account for Red side
  14. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Funny, but You have nothing against your own whining. I remeber you complaining even on the inflight chat... CAS is better red side because more people are willing to do it instead of crusing in109s. Blues got the ju 88s which can superbly carpet bomb the non moving straight line columns with 2900kg of bombs (4x500kg + 18x50kg), heck even the 110 takes more kgs than Pe2 (2x500 + 4x50) If someone prefers shooting theres the duck , the ju87. later there'll be 110g with 3,7cm, not to mention the fact that all german fighters can take bigger bombs than red fighters ... Not to mention the blue capabilities of destroying the airfields, trainstations etc. This only shows the attacking pilots in bad light.. after the update I was killed in pe2 by a lonly 109 F2 in one pass when he made a superb approach from the side (somethink like 45 deg.), on the other hand, I killed 2 109s within around 1 minute while gunning myself when they made the 6 oclock almost straight line approaches... Anyway I hope the admins will not be steered by the loudest shouting whiners
  15. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    And maybe remove all gunners to protect the ego of some wannbe hartmans who have all the tools avialable like110s. If they dont want to make better attack runs