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  1. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Hehe I hoped to see your formation and how your fighters are covering ...
  2. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Yes, please post them. I'm always very interested in other people ideas and tactics . You can always join discord or team speak channel
  3. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Do You attack in formation? If Yes meybe You should loosen it up over the depo and than tighten when you leave the AAA area
  4. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    I really dont know what You complain about. This is a very balanced taw campaign at least on first map. I think the most balanced form all TAWS that I remember. BIG TUMB UP for the TAW admins for tuning it so well! And thanks for their hard work. Theres's no need to change anything now in my opinion . Yeah. From what You are writing you've never flown yourself on TAW the early pe2 with that 7,62mm top gun. Early pe2 is an really easy prey. (some months ago someone posted stats from a month of wol and the defence ratio of early pe2 was much smaller than ju88. The highest ratio had the he111h16 next was pe2-87, than ju88 and on 4 place was pe2 early on par with a40 and slightly better than he111 h6 which was last) And as for he111 getting hit at 5500 - I was never hit over depo in he111 even at 4000m which was my usuall attack alt or over airfields as low as 3500 m in normal sunny weather and i've done it quite a lot. Meybe you was extreamly unlucky. By the way the first map will be won by germans (which have now less planes lost and less pilots killed )
  5. Carl_infar

    FC Map Question

    I think You didnt noticed the "early access" on FC poster , its in quite big letters though On kuban map there are many dirt airfields. Are You sure that the req videos are form FC or are they form Rise of flight?
  6. Carl_infar

    LA5 throttle problem if starts running

    Strange - never had that situation
  7. Carl_infar


    My best guess is berloga, but whatch out You might be pitted against spit iX in your dr1 ;)
  8. Carl_infar

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    Nowadays unfortunately there are more and more whinners, bitchers, people who are never satisifed . They only look for the sligtest reason (even if it isnt there) to criticise so to feel that their miserable life isn't that bad and to get a bit of attention. So dont give it to them and just ignore them and keep up the good work. There are many people who are waiting for your sim.
  9. Carl_infar

    BOBP Premium and FC Drawing 1200 US Central

    Congratulations. FC vol 1. please
  10. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    Hehe I didnt have any one particular in mind and i wasnt pulling any names and look who showed up. There has to something to it if you are feeling so hurt I dont segregate fighter pilots form bomber ones, and the fighters, ast he bombers and attackers are friends. I only segregate the whining, never satisfied and ever complaining ones form all others in fiutal hope that they will once grow up. I find myself a rather medicore player, thats why i'm quoting sheriff who is a way way better shoot than i'm. I would quote also others if i knew ones who post TAW on Youtube. If i quote my own experience is to show that in case of attacking bombers even medicore shot as i'm can easyly hit the attcking fighter if the fighter comes form six o'clock (low,high,dead six no difference), so to show that complaining about ai gunners instead of changing ones attack pattens on bombers is just stupid . In case of depots its same situation, even I on my 15 inch laptop screen with simple patrol pattern a can intercept with high chance the bombers prior their bombdrop, so it might be boring for some, but is easyly achivable By the way i was flying those depot defence mission not only on last map but on most of the other maps and you have to add to fighter hours the attacker hours as the 110 is in taw terminology (and hours count) a strike not fighter plane (by the way when i fly red its around 50/50 for fighter/bomber flight time, on blue side more people fly fighters so for the sake of the team i fly more bomber missions (both level and dive bomb)). I also have the points/streaks etc deep in my back side and fly only for fun and my current team win (exactly in that order)
  11. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    The bomber pilot will not get the new plane if he will be killed or captured which quite often is the case. Anyway i'm against GCI/radar as some fighter only players are now strongly sugessting to have it, (i know that they want a even easier life as they have now, without the need to use their brains, or get bored ;)) The bombers/attackers life is already heavy as they are pushing the offensive and each time must cross the border into enemy territiory and take flack and fighters attacks. The attack planes and bombers are winning the taw campaigns and not fighters. Staying in fighter at 3 to 9 k and attacking only if you have numbers advantage (at the same time screaming murder each time they got hit by the gunners while attacing from six o'clock) is not wining the maps as some would like to have , in other words they would like not to risk their precious streaks and at the same time win the map Anyway as for depots its alwasy the case of resources, and team decisions, either You want to spend several fighters flight time on defending them or you want to Focus other targets. The approach vectors are very predictable and taking in account the speed of the fighters its easy to cover quite a distance within Short time. Personally during current taw i intrcepted at least 3 bombers before they bombed the depos and similar number over the depos, although most of the time i was flying bombers and only limited time i spend in fighters, and even less on this task so more or less 50/50 succes rate in intercepting before the depo was bombed during that limited time i spend on this task. With several fighters and dividing of the sectors between them this can easyly be increased.
  12. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    I tried all the german fighters (during last TAW and taw i think XII which were the only camps i've flown blue) and for bombers hunting my favourite german plane is ME 110. Didnt loose even 1 me 110 while shooting down the PE2s. Of course the G variant is better with those add guns, but E is also quite good. The FW190 especially a5 of course can pack more punch and its faster but with 110 you can make those noobe six o'clock approach (110 flies superb on one engine which one cant say about pe2... Personally i dont see real difference between attacking PE2 ser 35 and ju88 or pe2 ser 87 and he111 h16. (only the he111 h6 & a20 with those small magzines for def guns are really bad). And i think the most dangerous for attacking fighter is the he111h16 because its diffcu;t not to fly very close to him during the attack.
  13. Carl_infar

    Tactical Air War

    There's no such thing as gunner issue. Generally all bombers are pretty defencless and if attacker knows what he is doing and doesnt get overexcited (which i must admit I'm also sometimes guilty of) and flyes to close to bomber or sits on bomber six, bombers are dead without inflicting any significant damage on the attacking fighters. Unfortunatelly time after time I see (as i'm Like in Rise of Flight gunning myself and see it ech time)many people making poor attack runs on the bombers (not in all cases but at least 60%-70%). They are coming form dead six or high/low six positions within very short distance to the bombers and its really hard not to hit them, heck. i even shoot down a yak1 while gunning form ju52 single gun this campaign... And those people each time shout murder, those op gunners, while the blame is unfortunately entirely on their side. If you dont belive me, check the sherriffs vids form previous campaign, he didnt loose even one plane to the pe2 gunners, while he was following few simple rules.
  14. Face palm.... As always when the team wants to do something nice for the users, whiners pop up and spoil everything by complaining over several pages about few lousy dollars ... (although they got to play earlier than others) same situation is with each patch release .... I just dont understand the world anymore