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  1. rgr, same to me. Nearly impossible with guns. But possible with bombs!.... woah guys..... i made 184 kills in 1 single il2 Flight before there, was hard work but fun, whyyyy ;D! was the only way to make as much damage as the german do with their 1800kg bomb. Now we have to fly 3 times to do the same work as they do with a single 88 Mission.... (((
  2. Hey mates, first i want to thank u for this great server! Really nice work, especially the Ground targets When its going on? cant wait for it....
  3. ok, but my whole squad had "not valid plane" for all flights in Mission #8 (it all was ju87 Flights) whats going on there? are our points lost? :/
  4. Hey Guys I need help PLEASE, because i skinned my Peshka and in the viewer.exe (cant take a screenshot there) it looks great, but ingame the right spinner is grey, not red like the left one! Any ideas???
  5. Hey mates, first thax to vonPilsner for this great Tutorial. I need help PLEASE, because i skinned my Peshka and in the viewer.exe it looks great, but ingame the right spinner is grey, not yellow with red stars like the left one! Any ideas???
  6. Its so poor, that some people offending TWB for following the rules and accepting the Gamelogic (counting pilot kills) in order to win. They should go play Tennis or Football if they really want fairplay. This is War, and its not "any" war, it was the most devastating and probably the one that had less moral, especially on eastern Front. Look at the History and see how many fairplay there was in it. And if u want Moral than DONT play war, so easy it is. Go on a Pylon-Racing server, there u can hang safe in your sweet Chutes and dream of your War-wonderland... And i declare, that i will shoot every Chute i can get. Just because i want to win. If some people not want to, they should think about leaving the server. Next Campaign we will play for axis, but i not want a kind of team that wants to lose, because of beeing not smart enough to understand the Game, accept it or not (and take the consequence to leave) Go on TWB i am with u... sry for my very great english, but i am only a Katoshka
  7. thank you Kathon, for the help and the fast response!
  8. Is it possible, to unban him please @Kathon, i am sorry for making any trouble, i know u have enough work without me. He made a mistake on first registration/login. to solve this i told him to try a second account. Sorry, this was my stupid mistake. But i promise, it happened not in sight of getting more aircrafts.
  9. Hello, could please someone delete the players 5.AA_Colonel_Ypuri and 5.AA_Gamer8787 from statistics they have done a mistake, want to change their name now... but its impossible because it exists already (probably). would be great, thanx. And its a great server, good job to everyone involved in this!
  10. Sry guys, its probably the wrong place, but i am looking for heightmaps for levelbombing in il-2. Can please anyone help me with that. By the way, i cant wait to join TAW... go go
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