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  1. Great update. Love the fire effect. Extra kudos for use of the word voluminous! ;) :)
  2. I can't remember one single time, in over 30 years of gaming, apart from whilst playing Chess, when I've needed to use the words "white" and "man" together whilst chatting in-game. If I do find myself needing to say "white man" and the game prohibits it, I'll be sure to rage hysterically on every forum that allows it.
  3. @PatrickAWlson IL-2 DCG was capable of creating a campaign, as opposed to a set of unconnected missions.
  4. Great job. Should be incorporated into an official patch!
  5. My dog's dad is deaf, my next door neighbours blinds are forever closed, my shoes have holes in them, my socks aren't long enough, I've been on a real journey to get here ... Oh, hold on, I expressed my interest earlier in the thread.
  6. When I press the Power Button on my PC all the audio cuts out and the screen goes black.
  7. I would really like to be entered into the BOBP giveaway. Thank you. Good luck everyone. 😄
  8. @CaptaPraelium have you tried running the game with your 1070 on stock speeds? I seem to remember someone had a problem once. but only when OCing their card. I may be misremembering though, but it's an easy thing to try at least.
  9. If I were you I'd start by removing all USB devices and run the game using a keyboard keypress to fire your guns. If you're still getting input lag at least you've eliminated the USB devices. If this shows no input lag then it's a case of figuring out why your USB device(s) are misbehaving. If that achieved nothing, I'd then take all the GFX settings down to the minimum and test. Hopefully you'll end up with a basic setup which runs the game with zero input lag, you can then begin dialling up the settings and testing to see which one affects the input lag. Sorry if you've already done all this with no joy, it's just how I'd approach the problem. Hope you get it sorted.
  10. I don't like the Battlefield games, the run - die - spawn - run - die and repeat gameplay doesn't appeal to me at all. However, I love what EA have done with BF V this time around, simply because it's dragged a bunch of man-babies out of the woodwork, and reading their wailing and angst-ridden rantings is more entertainment than I usually get from a Battlefield game. Well played EA.
  11. In the original game this was handled by community members, Sharkz and Snorri IIRC, with the fantastically popular site il2skins.com. RIP il2skins.com : long live il2skins.com Of course, skin files were relatively small and were also transferred p2p when joining a server, but the actual organisation and hosting was done by the community, and not the developers.
  12. Fantastic work guys. I'm looking forward to trying this out soon and hearing all your efforts. Reminds me of some of the wonderful work done for the old IL2 way, way back in the day.
  13. Temporarily setting the date and or time is the perfect interim fix @dburne since it can be so easily reverted. People have been circumventing silly bugs this way for decades. :D
  14. Nope, I keep my drivers up to date. I guess my system just runs all my games, with the settings I choose, at optimal levels within G-Sync range. https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/2/
  15. Well, on my rig, with G-Sync on and V-Sync OFF I do not get tearing. At all. And if I did I would notice it, as I used to have to enable V-Sync to eliminate it on my old monitor. I don't really care the reason, that's how it works on my rig, on all the games I've tested, including this one. I guess I'm just lucky. So have you asked Han yet? Alternatively, have you found any list anywhere of games that don't "support G-Sync" ? Or, do you suppose this game is the only game out of all the hundreds of thousands that doesn't "support G-Sync" ? lol
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