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  1. its currently unplayable in vr. the turret rotates yet the gunner is somehow still facing the same way? you have to follow the rotation with your head... makes no sense. same as above for the gun sights. needs to be fixed to the sight so any movement of the turret doesnt require you to chase the sight with your own head. seems like this might be incoming change with next patch? not sure if it will affect pintle mounts on the mgs as well? mouse aim.. terrible. requires joystick inputs for axis control of the turret periscopes : good. following them with
  2. The f4 map2 has turned this into a bit if a joke ....
  3. I took it down a while back . No one was using the mods on setting . It was the only server in the list with mods on and got no interest
  4. Wow This guy He rammed poor alphabean then bailed out and then proceeded to accuse the guy he rammed and killed of chute killing him! Meanwhile as stated ad nauseum. Pilot kills are a win condition. Get overr it It's your behaviour that needs adjusting mate
  5. This 2 mig3 vs 1 f2 and 1 f4 (or remove the f4... strange decision to ad it in the first )
  6. You of course completely ignore the fact that on attrition alone they will win the first map and generally do You're talking about one day and one objective as if it would somehow turn the tide I think you misunderstand my pov btw. When I say no fcks given I meant I don't care about losses so I just go for kills and objectives Sorry buddy ur over thinking it 😎
  7. Funniest moment in taw so far for me was seeing sinerox fly Russian for 30 minutes, Get schooled in a dogfight and then say 'Wow the 109 has a lot of leeway against the i16 doesn't it ' Only just noticed this now ?? Lol 😂 i disagree. Map one for me is when no fcks are given . I'm already at a distinct disadvantage in aircraft as red, i'm generally outnumbered, its the start of the campaign and the axis should win the first map hands down unless they really clam it. So based on that i just go balls deep.
  8. having a lot of issues with sorties not recording properly or potentially (even worse) hits simply not actually doing anything. just had an extended running battle with 2 09s at lotoshino where I shot and hit both of them on multiple occasions with the I16. yet.. http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=8871&name==IL2AU=chappyj edit: now that i think of it...despite the multiple hits not once did they show actual damage. and i layed into one of them quite extensively.
  9. Disappointing Thanks for the details mate. Not being able to fully move around in the tank and use the sights properly is a real missed opportunity The sights themselves are basic and from what I can see not very historically accurate. (Why is the muzzle and barrel visible through the sight) There hasn't been a lot of information on just how the tank sim will be handled so I'm very unsure whether these sort of issues are placeholder or intended design of final product
  10. How are the coliders inside the tank. Moving around etc. Create the same thud you get in the cockpit? Are the gunsights keypress or physical move eye to sight and look through?
  11. Anyone tried it yet with a vr headset ?
  12. I am super excited for tanks and want to preorder One thing is holding me back What improvements or considerations are being made for play on vr It has real potential to be an amazing vr experience beyond what any competitor offers... I truly hope they grasp that opportunity
  13. And? Posting photos of an instant in time where there happens to be a certain number of players on has no point and purpose. Much like this discussion
  14. 1 hour after this shot was taken there were 15 axis players on .
  15. This has happened to a mate a few times. I believe the mission generation system is spawning 20 trucks on top of each other at one spot in the column
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