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  1. Tactical Air War

    i get why they taw did it. and i dont oppose it IF it works properly. But the problem is it affects literally one aircraft (which is also the transport aircraft) more than all the other aircraft on both sides. for that reason alone i think its pretty silly leaving it in
  2. Tactical Air War

    Damage can sometimes be catastrophic Happens in the spitfire a lot. You can be 'shot down ' and still fly the rest of your mission for half an hour . Shoot some people down and land . Still a.c. lost. It's when the tail is lost in the spit maybe the same in p40
  3. Tactical Air War

    Cold starts are pretty damn annoying if you wanna fly a peshka 35 (which is also the transport).. been a few occasion me and mates getting kicked idle while trying to get the engines to even start.
  4. Tactical Air War

    currently exactly balanced in the AU primetime 16 v 16
  5. Tactical Air War

    I lost a 30+ streak a couple campaigns ago because of that Plinked by a tailgunner no real damage but discod 2 mins later
  6. Vive Pro

    The fov is the same . I don't have black bars Check for firmware and make sure you have latest steam vr app perhaps. Otherwise combined with your lack of uniform dark contrast consider an rmt You can run ss at levels lower than 100% via the app although I've not tried it and I personally didn't see a performance hit going from vive to vive pro and using 100% ss. I had been using 1.6ss on vive 1 and had a boost in performance in the pro at 100% But I do think a good rule of thumb for potential upgraders is to only consider pro if your rig is already running a gen one with ss 1.5 + smoothly
  7. Tactical Air War

    would be good if they did but i've never seen any of those tags on taw before. I think often JG5/IL2AU don't match overlap too badly. Usualy JG5 hits their max turnout (which can be rather large) just as Australians are mainly going to bed. 11pm AU time. Often in the past there are 1-2 from other squads/ Lonewolfs etc on axis that have resulted in it balanced and sometimes axis favour even when IL2AU is on as red with 6-8 people. . We tried to play a campaign as blue last time, and with the other randoms online it meant there was often 1-2 only sometimes zero red on with 15-20 blue. Because AU prime is middle of the day EU, there are often just a couple of drop ins from squads from the EU PT on as well. Example there might be one 1-2 GriJ , 1-2 JG300, 1-2 JG4 etc. I often came across Faucon, Widukid and Torrero when online in the AU timezone. most of us stopped playing the campaign because it was so lopsided as blue so we'll try again red. hard to balance really. we'll just have to see what happens and hope. its the lowest ebb in the player numbers overall and means that it can shift from being imbalanced one way to imbalanced the other in the space of 2 hours.
  8. Vive Pro

    Interesting stats there . I honestly wonder if it really is each eye. It says so in the app under the slider but it seems to be such a massive amount it's almost unbelievable they would supersample to that degree as their 100% value
  9. Vive Pro

    i agree HDR is probably the most valuable adjustment to make in Pro, and if it means running lower or no SS for good frames then do it. only bother upping SS once HDR is on and until you start to dip below 75 FPS @chiliwili69 SS counts from steam vr 100% - 2299x 2554 130% 2621x 2912 200% - 3251 x 3612 each eye it says
  10. Tactical Air War

    Il2au while not a squad is a collection of guys in au tz (obviously) plan to fly red
  11. Vive Pro

    Yeah that's my understanding . Be aware there's now an applications tab and you can set ss per app which is a great addition Got a reference 're the audio being a bug ? Edit nevermind found a comment from a rep to that effect. Hope it comes soon
  12. Vive Pro

    But you are blaming the card when it is likely your cpu that is causing that decrease in performance Vive pro arrived yesterday here . Really impressed with weight and comfort and obviously res. Disappointed with audio. Somehow they've gone backwards from the deluxe audio strap in sound quality Performance wise it's solid 90 when not using ss. Which is quite acceptable now at native res . Slight reduction in frames on ground 130% ss . Approx 75 fps busy ground on mp. On original vive I ran 1.6 ss and got 50 -65 fps in same scenarios Haven't done the math but I'm guessing my pro at 1.3 ss is far higher than the vive 1 at 1.6 ss And is outperforming it And then factor in no screendoor as well Running a 1080ti and an i7 4.8ghz
  13. Map mods?

    Hmm Well to change buildings is not a map mod that's adding objects As we've established in other topics we can't do this yet. We don't have a current plugin with access to il2 materials for 3ds max yet There are some map editing tools in the Mission editor.... I wonder has anyone tried them yet? They used to have no impact when one saved a mission
  14. difficult to really help when we dont know which servers you're having problems with... WOL. : its a free for all.. the aircraft numbers are actually usually quite high at each af but quickly get used up because the server is heavily populated and people make 1 way trips to targets. Having said that ive never seen it fully run out of aircraft. and usually there's plenty of aircraft at the rear airfield. Coconut servers: coconut has deliberately stated that supplies matter and it may not be for everyone but is an attempt to simulate logistics, supply, and persistence.(and does very well). Having said that, the aircraft can usually be resupplied or moved from airfield to airfield manually. TAW: personal spawn lists. If members are dilligent and perhaps do a couple of quick sorties before squad night or the night before they can ensure their personal list has the requisite aircraft? Server owners usually set themselves up because they have a specific gamestyle they want to encourage. I personally think that TAW/Coconut/Random expert type servers are more squad friendly than any others despite the restrictions because they encourage responsible play styles. Sure, you may not be able to grab exactly what you wanted every time, but there's usually a reason, and with a bit of flexibility on the squads part, by adjusting mission/type they are still the most fun. especially as a squad. IMO unlimited aircraft numbers generally turn servers into spammy dogfight servers where no one really cares about their aircraft or virtual life
  15. Future Developments in Flight Simming

    I run a vr setup plus I fly in a motion platform and own a buttkicker as well Il2 can already accommodate these 2 components in all sp and mp but with some limitations 1. Buttkicker is merely using the lower frequency range of a games sound to create vibration. Il2 works with this well. Engine reverb gun shudder all come across . However if you compared it to the a another sim , The sounds are so much more complex and deeper in other product they are truly immersive 2. Motion platform for best effect requires telemetry export . The competitor does this il2 doesn't. You can work around it by using peripheral input as your signal but it's no where near as immersive Clickable cockpits are probably not a realistic goal for il2 .. The level of detail would increase production time and increase module cost I've built a workaround for clickable cockpits in il2 already as a proof of concept. It works but it's just not smooth and intuitive enough to make it an improvement Hotas will always be part of a sim setup imo. But the way the hotas is integrated with the vr is what will change. What I think it could excel at is larger aircraft and the gunner bombadier stations in vr. Roomscale movement through the fuselage of a bomber moving to each station and using the gunner positions as a roomscale vr experience would be amazing Also their implementation of vr in upcoming tanks will be very interesting . Again roomscale movement in a tank hull. Physical gun sights and viewing prisms to look through etc There's an interesting lite subsim on steam that shows a good example of what can be done with roomscale in a ww2 type of environment Here is the example of roomscale vr in a sub http://store.steampowered.com/app/552080/IronWolf_VR/