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  1. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    And? Posting photos of an instant in time where there happens to be a certain number of players on has no point and purpose. Much like this discussion
  2. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    1 hour after this shot was taken there were 15 axis players on .
  3. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    This has happened to a mate a few times. I believe the mission generation system is spawning 20 trucks on top of each other at one spot in the column
  4. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    Same on both sides. Why try to make it partisan ?
  5. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    Because previously people had complained that they lost aircraft they had between maps Alternative would be to trade in the aircraft for a +1 on a newer type perhaps
  6. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    thats actually a big change... makes a lot of sense now to really hit those Airfields with complete strikes and shut them down/kill the airframes
  7. it requires changes to the SDS file probably post hotfix.
  8. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Multiplayer servers not showing up 25/04/2018

    same issue. no servers showing at all . multiple restarts. net is fine.
  9. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    Last 2 nights I've flown it has been 100% bad weather. 2 maps ie 4 hours is my standard online time in a night . 2 nights. 4 maps. 8 hours of bad weather Every other night I've flown I've had at least one map of bad weather . Not 8km vis either . More like 2-3km I assure you. These conditions are considered bad weather . I work in aviation . Added with the dusk maps where the last half hour is really quite dark there's simply too many occasions where it impacts on the enjoyment Don't get me wrong I love having weather in the campaign no one is suggesting blue skies only . That would be boring youre correct . Weather variation is geeat .....Just not that much of it
  10. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    sides, planes and all other things aside, the weather frequency is a bit silly in my experience on the server this time around. 2/3s of all missions i've flown have been in low cloud and rain...its a bit tedious
  11. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Vive Pro

    @chiliwili69 just had a look. appears because my manual override was set to 130% already it was acting as a multiplier to the application settings (which is where i gave you values from) unsure whether that means even if manual override is switched off, if its set to anything other than 100% it affects all the application settings anyway?
  12. I was planning on running a dynamic campaign on kuban in a what if scenario Where the axis have defeated Russia early in 1942 and now have established a 'White 'Russian government aka Vichy. Perhaps named the novorossiya The allies have convinced Turkey to enter the war on their side . The new front is therefor opened up in the Caucasus. Axis : German and Russian planeset Allies p40 spitfire a20 p39 plus the 190a3 . Turkey had been gifted them by Germany early in the war and is now using them against the axis powers
  13. =IL2AU=chappyj

    How Flight Sims Break Movies (Films)! Prop Lazyness

    I assumed the mg34 was deliberate in that it was making parallels to good vs evil . I always took the storm trooper to be a deliberate rippoff of the historical original
  14. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    i get why they taw did it. and i dont oppose it IF it works properly. But the problem is it affects literally one aircraft (which is also the transport aircraft) more than all the other aircraft on both sides. for that reason alone i think its pretty silly leaving it in
  15. =IL2AU=chappyj

    Tactical Air War

    Damage can sometimes be catastrophic Happens in the spitfire a lot. You can be 'shot down ' and still fly the rest of your mission for half an hour . Shoot some people down and land . Still a.c. lost. It's when the tail is lost in the spit maybe the same in p40