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  1. Hello, I was flying the Bf 110 G-2 for a bit and I noticed that something wasn't quite right with the way the two engines sounds. I have the impressions that the Right and Left engines sounds different. The right engines sound like the on the Bf 109 G-4, while the left engines sounds more like the one on the Bf 109 F-4. This is something that does not happen in the Bf 110 E. Are they supposed to sound different, is it a bug or are just my ears to not work properly? I leave a small clip with the timestaps in the comment to help notice the difference in sound at the different power settings with one engine at idle. Right engine Normal mode 1:00 Left engine Normal mode 1:51 Right engine Combat mode 1:17 Left engine Combat mode 2:19 Right engine Emergency mode 1:27 Left engine Emergency mode 2:29
  2. Reckoner_

    Deleting Multiple Flight Recordings

    You can directly delete the files inside the game folder, this is the path: ...\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Tracks
  3. Yeah if you wanna find something cheaper, the only difference between the x56xx models is the base clock of the CPU that might help in OC if your motherboard blkc is limited. The extra two cores might help games that are well optimized for multithreading, but the main reason that I picked it up was that i could overclock it at 4Ghz at lower vcore and lower temps than my 920 that was limited at 3.3Ghz. Anyway the program I use is MSI Afterburner. I might wanna check if the GPU usage in other games reach 100%, if not is most cases a CPU bottleneck.
  4. So I tested this mission and unsurprisingly performance in the bomber formation weren't great. Right at start and in all other 22 cameras Performances where pretty good going from 50 fps to 80 fps (I keep my in game lock at 80 since my monitor can't go past 75 hz anyway). In the bomber Fps was going between 30-45 at top. Looking at the hardware telemetries during the bomber views is clear that the GPU is not the bottleneck. However I can't say anything about the CPU usage in this title. The bottleneck might as well be the RAM. What however I really found interesting playing this game is the VRAM / RAM / Pagefile usage. I've never seen the Vram usage going over 4.5 Gb and Ram usage over 8GB, while the page file usage goes up to of about 8 GB over idle (about 8GB at idle). Usually in other games I see first allocating all the Vram and RAM and then filling up the Pagefile. Now mine are just observations, only one of the Engine Devs might investigate and understand if that's normal or not. My specs anyway are the following: Xeon X5670 OC @ 4 Ghz; GTX 1060 6GB; 12 GB DDR3 @ 1333 Mhz Resolution is 2560x1080 Settings: telemetries Little off topic.. You should consider upgrading your CPU to Xeon X56xx as I did with my old 920. You can find them between 20-50$ depending what you pick. They use the same socket and they have no problem in running on the same Mobo you are using and since are more power efficient you can safely OC them to +4Ghz depending how good your Mobo is. It improved my performances massively in many games.
  5. Reckoner_

    My last give away

    Thank you very much for your generosity I hope for a Po-2!
  6. Reckoner_

    How many Gs make the pilot black out in-game?

    Most likely you are not trimming your elevator correctly.
  7. Reckoner_

    VeteranenCampaign -- JG51 over Velikie Luki

    Yup, I have the same bug. This is the only scripted campaign installed. Also frontline borders are still broken.
  8. Reckoner_

    Engine sounds got quieter.

    I hope not. This would lead to the same problem that War Thunder Sim has. Turn down the sound of your own engine to almost zero and now you have a passive sonar that can hear planes from 800m away. Say goodbye to sneak up attacks.
  9. Reckoner_

    Engine sounds got quieter.

    If this an intentional change I'm not a fan at all. No need for "sonar" like in WT. If it's a bug I hope it get fixed quickly. The issue appear when the head is turned 170 degree, and that ofc shuold not happen.
  10. Reckoner_

    Bf 109 K4 information?

    These two documents might contains some of the info you are looking for.
  11. Reckoner_

    the "Erich Hartmann" pilot

    Oh boy he moved from WT forum to IL-2 forum... Well good luck everybody to endure this guy in the future.
  12. Reckoner_

    Tempest Mark V research

    Hello, I found the digitalized version of this document freely and fully visualizable for the Tempest V w/ Saber IIA engine. Here is just the Table of Content to give a rough idea, but I can already tell you that contains many useful info on general performances, fuel consumption, engine limitations, and many details that can be added on the "Flight model" (I'll link some examples). Unfortunately nothing on Guns or Ordinance in this document, but I do recall that I read somewhere that it could carry 200 rpg (wartime) as well as bombs and Rockets ( 8x RP-3 60lb ).
  13. Reckoner_

    Utilizzo di Track IR v5 in BOS

    TrackIR 5 è venuto ad un prezzo esagerato considerata la bassa qualità dei materiali usati. Io ti consiglio di dare un occhiata a DelanClip e TrackHat. Costano molto meno e la qualità del tracking è essenzialmente identica. Nota bene che la Ps3 eye cam usata da DelanClip è una versione modificata (con filtro IR rimosso) quindi una standard più economica da amazon richiede la modifica, non semplicissima ma possibile.
  14. Reckoner_

    Heavy Bomber DLC- Would You Pay ?

    I'd personally love to fly an He-177, B-17 and others at some point in the future, but only after the addition of more planes that "fits" better the current maps/objectives, and eventually after the BoB and Pacific expansions.