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  1. I've just started flying the P-40 again. I've shot down late war German planes (G-14s, K4s, A5) with the 4 gun set up without too much trouble. That's while still relearning the ballistics. Once I get a good feel for them again; I've no doubt I'll be dropping opponents in one burst. As others here have said; you just need to learn to aim. Then aim for sensitive parts; pilots, and engines.
  2. Agreed. I fly the same why. Once I see that the plane is going down; I break off. As a matter of practicality, it conserves ammo, if nothing else.
  3. "demidge" model? What was the skill level (or lack thereof) of the two 51 pilots? That will have had more to do with this outcome than the damage model.
  4. Yeah. This isn't what I am looking for functionality wise. I am more or less interested in being able to adjust for the local Barometric pressure of any given airfield on a map while in the air; as it can change even over a relatively small distance (at least in real life). It would not be a big deal if the sim has a consistent BP across the entire map, but would add to the immersion to be able to adjust it manually.
  5. Can this be set for any given airfield in the air? I was looking for this kind of functionality, but could not find it.
  6. This is simply a request for the ability to be able to manually adjust the Kollsman window on altimeters in the sim, and for barometric pressure to be displayed for any given field on a map depending on weather conditions. Not sure what it would take to accomplish this, but it would be a nice feature. For anyone not familiar with the Kollsman window; see the picture below. In this case the barometric pressure is displayed in inches of mercury. By having this window adjusted properly; you will know your altitude in terms of mean sea level (MSL).
  7. Figured it was time I add my two cents worth.
  8. You must be joking? The 262 was flow by many of Germany's top Aces. Does the name Adolf Galland ring a bell? How about Kurt Welter? Many big names flew the 262. Not all 262 pilots were aces, but there were a good number of aces flying them. So when people Like Scharfi, or Sheriff, or me choose to fly the 262; the ratio of Experten to novices in the plane is not disproportionate.
  9. LoL. What do you expect for them to give you eh? As far as speed goes; even the gloster meteor was not as fast as the 262. You need to learn to make the best of what you are given, because that is what allied pilots of the time had to do. This is what is being simulated; the conditions of the battle, and the planes that were there. Not going to go over the fact that 262 numbers in MP have already been reduced; as that was covered by others already.
  10. I am a reasonably good shot, and I tried to replicate what that AI gunner did to me. Even with the 190 at CLOSER range than I was; I was not able to achieve that kind of accuracy from the A20's gunner position. The chances of even a trained human pulling off these kinds of shots is very low. The physics, and stress of real life would likely make it even harder.
  11. These are so good they could be added as official skins.
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