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  1. Figured it was time I add my two cents worth.
  2. You must be joking? The 262 was flow by many of Germany's top Aces. Does the name Adolf Galland ring a bell? How about Kurt Welter? Many big names flew the 262. Not all 262 pilots were aces, but there were a good number of aces flying them. So when people Like Scharfi, or Sheriff, or me choose to fly the 262; the ratio of Experten to novices in the plane is not disproportionate.
  3. LoL. What do you expect for them to give you eh? As far as speed goes; even the gloster meteor was not as fast as the 262. You need to learn to make the best of what you are given, because that is what allied pilots of the time had to do. This is what is being simulated; the conditions of the battle, and the planes that were there. Not going to go over the fact that 262 numbers in MP have already been reduced; as that was covered by others already.
  4. I am a reasonably good shot, and I tried to replicate what that AI gunner did to me. Even with the 190 at CLOSER range than I was; I was not able to achieve that kind of accuracy from the A20's gunner position. The chances of even a trained human pulling off these kinds of shots is very low. The physics, and stress of real life would likely make it even harder.
  5. These are so good they could be added as official skins.
  6. I have a question or two, as well as a request. No doubt some of these questions have been asked before, so feel free to just direct me too the answer if you don't have time to spell it out again. Have you spoken with the Developers at all about ways to get this implemented directly into the sim? This would be awesome to access directly on the map in game. How may maps do you have in your program? I have only seen Stalingrad thus far. ATAG_SKUD asked about wind drift compensation. I think that would be a fantastic addition myself. Again; would be easy to automatically make that correction if this was made part of the simulation itself. (I assume anyway. Easy is a relative term I am sure.) I may use this tool in my next video on navigation. I was unaware of your tool till one of my subs told me about it after my last video on the E6B:
  7. ⬆️⬆️⬆️Just cause I can! That being said; my fuel status was MASTER CAUTION when I landed. (See video for proof!) Ace Flight 109 K-4 || KOTA || IL-2 GB Still would like some DT's. I'd stay up even longer.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. No they are not 4K as far as I know.
  9. The D.VIIF and LFG Roland D.VI had the same approximate top speed. Some sources estimate it to be a bit faster, some slower, and some the same. I have seen numbers from 200 to 204 KPH. These two were in direct competition for production; with the D.VII air frame winning the larger contract in the end. The standard D.VII was substantially slower, however, as were the other offerings. Including the Pfalz D.XII; as it was substantially slower in real life than what we had in RoF. As it stands in FC Vol.1; the D.VIIF is going to be available as an "engine modification" to the D.VII. The Pfalz D.XII is not being offered at all. This means that the Germans will have access to only one aircraft capable of going 200KPH. The Entente will have the Spad XIII with its max speed around 218 KPH, and the RAF S.E.5.a with its max speed around 222 KPH, and the Sopwith Dolphin with its top speed of around 211 KPH. The Germans have a big speed deficit in terms of what is being offered. That is all I was saying. Again I say; the LFG Roland D.VI would offset some of the deficiencies in speed for the Germans.
  10. @Hellbender One aircraft I do not see in your list for future development is the LFG Roland D.VI. Why not? That is one plane that should help to balance things out. There were more of them produced than the Dr.1, and some of the others in your list. It was a good late war plane that would offset some of the deficiencies of the Fokker aircraft in top speed.
  11. Hello everyone. As of now there are two "I Fly Central" custom skins available for download at the link below. As more IFC related skins become available; they will be posted here. Skins: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/7346rcilx6e8rf9,2g1uty34udf2u3j/shared
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