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  1. Good morning, wouldn't it maybe be better to create a thread and post all the clips in there? You opened 10 threads last week. Just in case you haven't noticed.
  2. There was no offical announecment yet (as far as i know), but i have a good feeling. I mean the Pz. III´s interieur should be the same and the T-34 has the exact same chassis. Only the turret is different. So i think they will update them in the Future.
  3. Hi Pedro, to answer your 1. question. No they will be 2 new and independent tanks (like the Pz. III L and the Pz. III M). And your 2. Question. I think that´s a matter of time, i mean the fokker dr. III got a few more skins with one of the last patches. I bet they will be more! have a nice day, Rico
  4. I feel you man. I would love to see the pacifc expansion here. My favourite of all time is the A6m Zero. I slightly prefer the early versions more than the later ones. And the G4M2 Betty is a sweet bomber. Hopefully the dev´s go to this Area, but i have the feeling, that they won´t go with the next expansion to this spot.
  5. Ja das stimmt wohl, ich hätte auch gerne den nicht existenten 2. Part gesehen.
  6. Das Interview mit Erich Brunotte is klasse! Es gibt nochmal ein etwas längereres mit ihm, welches ich auch sehr schön fand. Aber Simpit ich weiß ja nicht. So grob falsch sind die Flugmodelle glaube ich nicht. Und das ein Simulator an seine Grenzen stößt ist glaube ich auch verständlich bzw. logisch. Auch die "unrealistisch" überlegenen russischen Jagdflugzeuge möchte ich mal sehen^^ Offenkundig scheinst du davon nich viele zu fliegen? Praktisch jede deutsche Maschine ist schneller und kann mit solider Bewaffnung arbeiten, die noch dazu mehr Munition haben. Im Multiplayer gegen andere habe ich da meistens kein schönes Leben mit. Da nutzt mir auch die bessere Wendigkeit nichts wenn meine Gegner mir wegsteigen und ich nicht hinterherkomme. Was die gute alte Jug angeht, hält man sich an die offiziellen Handbücher dazu (wie bei jedem anderen Vogel auch). Zugegeben sind die Sturzeigenschaften ein wenig eigenartig, da sie da eigentlich besser sein sollte als andere Flieger. Aber naja is noch EA, also werden wir sehen was noch daran gemacht wird. Ich meine es gab ja auch schließlich nochmal ein Rework für die A8 & A5. Sonst vergiss bitte nicht, dass hier im Spiel die Maschinen (meistens) nicht in großen Höhen (8.000m +) geflogen werden, wo die Thunderbolt mit unter am meisten geglänzt hat, was Performance angeht. Selbiges gilt auch für die P-51, bei der sich noch herausstellen wird wie sie sich im Spiel verhält. Aber auch da würde ich mein Geld eher auf die Tempest setzen in niedrigen Höhen, als auf die Stang. Am Ende ist es sowohl hier wie auch damals die alte Geschichte. Es kommt auf den Piloten an der seine Kiste beherrscht und weiß was die seines Gegners kann und es zu seinem Vorteil nutzt. Vielleicht auch noch eine Portion Glück dazu.
  7. I don't think any simulator is perfect. No matter which one, there will always be a certain discrepancy. I like the way Il-2 has chosen to stick to the official manuals. Besides, it's sometimes not as bad as indicated. After all, the engine "recovers" after a while with lower throttle for example from the emergency power. Best planes to demonstrate that are the Bf 109 G14/K-4. Also, the engine does not explode immediately after this time. Even if it tends to do it quite shortly afterwards. Of course there are also airplanes, like the P-40, which suffer from the fact that they destroy themselves with overspeeding the engine, although they were flown later with higher manifold pressure. But there we are again with the not perfect. At the moment I don't think there will be a big rework for the engines. First of all there will be the Marshal feature, just as there will be the rework for the fuel system during the year. And if I may remind you, this game will be continuously developed and improved. So a tweak with the engines is not impossible. And before the complaining starts about how bad the condition is. If it were that bad, you'd probably notice it in the player numbers, wouldn't you? After all the reviews of the last 30 days on Steam are 85% positive. So the Dev´s seem to be doing something right. At the end we have to wait and see where the journey takes us.
  8. Well, in the specially described situation, it was about a flight on the D9 (unless he remembered it wrong). Of course, that's just his story. Unfortunately, I haven't found any further confirmation yet. But yes the statement allows the conclusion that the brakes have to hold the full power. But since it was described only in this interview, about the D9, I hold myself back with further assumptions, until I found other sources to it.
  9. It is like in the other modules. You can join in one of the positions, like in a bomber. So yes it is possible.
  10. @Papa_Bearno problem, i hope you enjoy 😄 Ok the last key is gone. I hope you have fun guys!
  11. The way it looks now, there's one key left from Battle of Stalingrad. If someone has a friend who is interested in the game, you are welcome to get him. I've bought each of the Keys in advance and have them in stock. That's why it would be great if I could get rid of it Apart from that, thanks for participating in this giveaway, and I hope I could give some people a little joy! best roars from Rico
  12. I would let it count But unfortunately Tank Crew is already gone. I would still have Battle of Stalingrad to offer.
  13. Sorry but the FW 190 is already gone. Yes it is! So i hope you enjoy
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