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  1. But what you can look forward to is the BobP career or Pat´s counterpart Hopefully there will be some groups with Fw-190 A8 and later D9 😄
  2. Es ist schon länger her das ich gegen reine KI Panzer gespielt habe aber das wäre mir neu. Sicher, dass das ein MG war und nicht doch eine Pak oder ein anderer Panzer? Falls doch könntest du ja vielleicht ein Video davon machen bzw. es aufnehmen und die Datei anfügen. Außerdem, sofern sich die anderen Aussagen mit dem T-34 und KV-1 noch auf den Panzer III M beziehen, musste dieser eher nah ran um noch effektiv zu sein, weil er einfach nicht den Durchschlag hatte. Im schlimmsten Fall würde ich die Daten sammeln und in der Bug Report Sektion einreichen. TC ist halt noch Early Access und es kann durchaus dazu kommen, dass Dinge nicht richtig funktionieren.
  3. The following pictures are from the flight event of "The Wingman" (-=TW=-) Clan. Even though this week it was only 2 missions due to time reasons, we had a lot of fun 😄 After we had made the last event (unfortunately no pictures, but the video of Central: https://youtu.be/a8afj9sLju8?t=2) the majority of the time with Pe-2's the area unsafe, we flew today Bf-110 G2 and Fw-190 A5. We've been waiting for a fifth machine to come along. When we were in the air, we first flew to our fighter airfield near the front, where our guardian angels were already waiting for us. (Can you see us? ) When there were hostile hunter reports we stayed low and in dense formation to deliver a heavier target for our enemies. We reached the enemy factory and began to leave our gifts there until a small mishap happened to me. If anyone has ever wondered if a crane or a Bf-110 wins, here's the answer. But that didn't keep me from watching the attack as a gunner and to back up my new pilot! After a few had already left us, we reorganized ourselves and planned to attack the factory again with 109 escorts and Jabo 190s. Well, but while we were on our way to our target, 2x A20s and a bunch of fighters flew right into our arms. Immediately a hard air fight developed and we had to drop our small gifts unfortunately. To our luck we had an energetic escort with which we became master of the situation. After the opponents had fought back, we landed. I can only recommend everyone to stop by at -=TW=-, because it's really fun to fly with them as a team, maybe I'll see you next time! 😄
  4. ok thanks for the clarification, this was before my time
  5. Well, I think there are several candidates. I also think there will be at least 3. After all, Kuban also had the La-5fn, Bf-109 G6 and the Yak-1b. What could be offered: - Mosquito - Spitfire MK XIV - Arado 234 - Li-2 - Me-410 I don't know if it's worth implementing more Bf-109 or Fw-190 variants. At least for this scenario. I would only spontaneously think of the Bf-109 G10 and the Fw-190 A9, D12 and D13. Just like the Ta-152 H these machines would be even rarer and I don't know if they were still used there at all. Nevertheless I am happy about every Collector plane that will come
  6. Yes and no. This is from an interview with Jason. Source: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/06/part-1-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev-il-2-great-battles-series/ So if it has not changed we will get the Russian version in any case. And hopefully then also the original 😄
  7. I have no more words! Awesome. 1. i am now even more looking forward to the pilots physiology, very well explained and certainly exciting as a new component. 2. I drool at these pictures. Great that the P-51 already comes with optional Gyro gunsight, Bendix and mirror 😄 3. "A couple" of new collector planes, well then I will have a very serious conversation with my wallet. Can't wait to see what we'll get 😄 All in all again a great update and I hope you enjoy your vacation 😄
  8. It's been a while since I last posted something here. Unfortunately I don't have a sequel but this little snapshot 😄 I hope soon that I can make some interesting screenshots
  9. ICDP had recently shown the individual damage patterns and these are also revised with each 4k model. Wololo for a new DD !
  10. Well, two of the three plumes of smoke were fuel. And if I see it correctly, you hit him in the cooler at ca. 1 minute (if it wasn't also fuel). And depending on the hole you can fly a few more minutes before it gets critical. Maybe you should have changed the 3rd person camera to his plane for clarification. Nevertheless nice to see someone who flies the MC 202^^
  11. This is from a Q&A with Jason and Daniel Tuseev. Source:https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/12/part-2-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev/ And as far as the gunners are concerned, I believe I've read that at some time in the forum. I've just searched for it, but I can't find it right now. So I don't think it's absurd. Also from the logic it is clear that a bomber with gun stations is more working than a single cockpit for a fighter or not?
  12. It could be that your standard view was changed for some reason. If I remember correctly, you can use F10 to save your setting permanently for all aircraft. i hope that helps you. Rico
  13. They didn't had the time and the budget to do it. As far as i understande every gunner station need the same effort like a complete fighter cockpit. The idea from the developers is to make now the flight- and damage model and later the interior. Jason also said that he has access to 2 B-25. Fingers are crossed ;D And now what? great for 1946 but uninteresting for the GB series
  14. Hello Zeev, in the moment there is no ability to contact your own airfield. Maybe the Radiosystem gets a rework in the future but there is no offical word about that. The Rearm Feature is announced but not implemented yet. Maybe a litte help is the Pathfinder, that you can equip on a few types to navigate home. i hope that helps you a little bit. Rico
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