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  1. hi, about your question. You can play on any map in multiplayer. But you can only fly the planes you have yourself. This means that the server operator/mission designer decides which planes are available. But you can participate as a gunner in two or more seated aircraft without owning the aircraft. As far as the players pay, I think it all depends on that. There are already some well visited servers (Combat Box, KotA, TAW, WoL) where time zone is also important sometimes. Nevertheless, the game is certainly not "death" You could wait for a sale and get cheap Stalingrad or other parts of the series. Greetings Rico
  2. Good Morning, If you go to the shop page and then on profile -> "License Keys". There you can see all your activated purchases
  3. Sweet little DD! Like i said many times before, can´t wait to get my hands on it Thanks for the hard work 😄
  4. Guten Morgen! Leider liegt da momentan noch der Hund begraben. Ohne das eingeschaltete Interface wird dir nicht angezeigt was du geladen hast. Ich meine, es würde ja schon helfen wenn die Besatzung irgendwas blubbert. Ich hoffe das da nochmal irgendwas kommt (wenigstens ne entsprechende Sprachausgabe). Momentan hatten einige Panzerserver genau deswegen das Interface aktiviert damit man es selbst nachvollziehen kann, was man geladen hat. lg Rico PS: freut mich das es geklappt hat
  5. Also du gehst in die Panzersteuerung und dann suchst du nach "Vertikale Überwachungseinstellung" und "Horizontale Überwachungseinstellung". Die sind ganz unten in der Liste. Der aller letzte ist für das Zurücksetzen der vorgenommenen Einstellungen. Ich schau normalerweise ob ganz unten was dazu kommt, meistens findet man da was am ehesten
  6. Ich kann dich beruhigen, du bist blind 😄 Es gibt ne Einstellung wo man die Winkelspiegel des Kommandanten drehen kann. (ich hab nur leider gerade das Spiel nicht an) Ich muss später nochmal schauen, dann kann ich es dir genauer sagen. lg Rico
  7. Take a look at "TheMenancingFerrets" It isn´t every time on, but it is pretty good
  8. Good evening, of course, one or two things have changed for FC. I would recommend this thread to you, there are at least all official status updates as far as known, on page 6 you should find all relevant information. Yet, there is no offical Release Date announcend. But as far as I know the next update will be the Albatros and the SE5a. So only the two-seaters are missing. The map is already being worked on, so we can assume that FC will probably be finished this year. And you can find some interesting Points in the Interview from ShamrockOneFive on his, pretty good, Stormbirds Blog: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/02/06/part-1-an-interview-with-jason-williams-and-daniel-tuseev-il-2-great-battles-series/ i hope that can help you a little bit Have a nice Day, Rico
  9. Hi, maybe that coul be interesting for you: source: https://stormbirds.blog/2019/03/21/part-3-an-interview-with-jason-williams-on-tank-crew-and-flying-circus/
  10. Stunning news as always! The possibilities for the tanks (and later for the planes) sounds extremely exciting! With the Albatros and S.E.5. you did a great job and just like the Me 262 I can't wait to fly them. The American summer uniform looks good. I'm curious what the Royal Airforce pilots will look like. I hope that sometime in the future the Russian and German uniforms will be brought to the new standard. Thanks for your hard work Il-2 Team best regards Rico!
  11. Die Aufnahme is dir wirklich gelungen mit dem gemischten Verband! Hut ab
  12. If you look at this configuration for the A3, it's the same for the FW 190 throughout (apart from the new Mg 131, of course). If you think away the outboard guns, it's the only way to fire the engine near guns together. When it comes to design, you'll have to ask Kurt Tank and his development team.
  13. Jason showed the schedule a while ago and there were also two anti-aircraft vehicles as Collector vehicles. So it's not right to say there's nothing for tank crew.
  14. That's what I call a surprise! Great trailer! And very nice news I must say. I think it's great that the Rearm/Refuel/Repair will be possible for both (tanks and planes)! Thank you for your efforts and time you put into this great simulator. Can't wait to see the new features in action. best regards Rico
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