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  1. Big_Al_the_Allo

    DD today?

    Cockpitshots from the Fokker D VII and the Sopwith Dolphin pleeeezzz 😄
  2. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Cockpit view problem

    Hello, maybe a stupid question, how did you try to recenter it? It should be working when you use F10 ? Are you using TrackIR/VR ? Rico
  3. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    I'm afraid that's true. On the other hand the Dev´s had perhaps in the meantime even some time to deal with the problem. I guess that it depends on the type, which aircraft is affected by the missing data. I don't want to fool anyone, i am a huge fan of Japanese airplanes and would really like to see them. If I had the time I would also like to learn Japanese. But also every other part (even if it has nothing to do with the Pacific) will surely be a nice addition. In the end we can only wait and see. China would definitely be a worthy part of it, and a traditional scenario with large areas. Hopefully we know in the next months where the journey goes. Rico
  4. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Alternative for Pacific Theatre after Bodenplatte

    What do you think about China? Between 1938 and 1940. You wouldn't have the problem with carrier-assisted operations. And we could definitely bring the I-16, I-15, P-40, and so on. And on the Japanese side we could defenetivly use the A5m4, A6m2 (mod.11 ?), G3m, (Ki-21 ?). Sure, that's not much yet, but there would be a few types that you can add to the scenario. Rico
  5. Big_Al_the_Allo

    T-34 2018 Movie

    Please, watch the Movie called "Airstrike" with Bruce Willis. This is the worst movie. Compared to this, you will love Red Tails. Rico
  6. Big_Al_the_Allo

    For how long we will tolerate this?

    On the one hand I enjoy the option to choose on the other hand autoblanancing also has its advantages. Since the multiplayer (at least for me) is about competition and fun, I don't see any sense in these splits. I can't understand why people go to the stronger side with sometimes 10 (or more) people less on the other side. Where is the fun? Everyone surely has his advantages and flies (or drives) one plane rather than the other. Nevertheless, you could also simply overcome yourself to play the other side. After all, it is actually a game and not the reality. This are my thoughts on the topic. best regards Rico
  7. Big_Al_the_Allo

    What was your first combat flight sim?

    I think the first thing was Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1 and later 2 😄 After that the old Il-2 Series
  8. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Endlich IV

    na der Sport @BZB_Flyingdoc 😄
  9. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Short Answer: No This has been discussed here countless times. You can search around but the answer remains the same. The team won't change that. And i personally don´t need it.
  10. Wow. I finally managed to finish the campaign today and I'm impressed. It was really fun and the reports before the missions were great written (and translated). I also liked the mix of the missions - it never got boring! Thanks for your work 😄 I will defenetivly do the others soon.💪 best regards Rico
  11. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Endlich IV

    Klingt beides interessant 😄
  12. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Endlich IV

    Huhu 😄 na was habt ihr heut schönes vor ?
  13. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Battle of Bodenplatte auf steam?

    Ja tatsächlich fehlen die beiden Kampagnen auf Steam. Aber falls du sie trotzdem haben möchtest, ist das nicht schlimm. Sofern dein Steamaccount verlinkt ist bzw. verbunden ist mit deinem Il-2 Konto kannst du sie dir auch einfach im Il-2 Store kaufen. Die großen Teile (BobP, FC Vol.1, TC CAP sowie Nachfolger) werden defenitv auf Steam erscheinen. lg Rico
  14. Big_Al_the_Allo

    Battle of Bodenplatte auf steam?

    Es dürfte wie jeder Teil (sobald er fertig ist) auch auf Steam erscheinen. Wenn du dennoch vorher Access haben möchtest kannst du es dir über den eigenen IL-2 Store holen (der den Entwickler besser unterstützt). beste Grüße Rico
  15. Big_Al_the_Allo

    damage on the tiger

    I don't know what historical data is used by the 1C company for their models. You are welcome to make a request. I wouldn't use the data from another game and suggest it would be sustainable. Because as already said War Thunder has his problems with correctness. Even if they throw repeatedly with some sources around themselves.