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  1. This is not only true for custom skins, I have also seen this with official skins. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they pop off and on again. Also the buildings (with high render distance) pop up only when I look at them and are rendered. I have the feeling that these two things are connected.
  2. Nice to have the offical conformation 😄 Can't wait to fly these birds 😎
  3. I'm very unhappy with the current visibility systems. To be honest, both are not great, but yesterday it was another moment where I thought it couldn't be. I had a wingman who was maybe 2-3 kilometers away with some differences in altitude and even when I zoomed in completely he was almost invisible. I have a resolution of 1920x1080 and feel blind. The alternative visibility is at least better in the sense that I don't have to zoom in all the time, the contacts are still tiny, but I can have a higher overall view of things. It would be great if the Dev's would tinker a little bit with it but as it looks at the moment Combat Box, Wings and most likely Kota will be satisfied with the 'expert' view... I hope that somebody will open a server with AS, because this way the sim is less fun for me in the current state.
  4. I saw some of his interviews. I'm really glad that he is still so healthy and it would be really nice to meet him personally I'm looking forward to future videos!
  5. As promised (although a little late), here is the story of the brave 4! We set out to grab the enemy ships. We attacked them with courage. But 3 disappeared, swallowed by the sea. And only one came back to tell the tale. Sometimes not everything works out Although there was no enemy contact with airplanes, there was drama and excitement in this mission here. It was also our first major flight with our brand new squadskin made by @6FG_JoBravo. Partly in formation, we set out to attack an enemy depot. There was a serious accident during our attack. One of our pilots was hit by the blast wave of one of the bombs and briefly passed out. @JonRedcornaccompanied us on our mission and supported us on this flight! Due to the seriousness of the incident, our injured bird took a direct course home and was given a wingman to help. While they were already on their way back, the rest gathered and took the long route. In the end everyone made it back to the airfield safely, I don't want to know what the mechanics will swear
  6. What have I done to deserve the underlining To calm you down I also like to fly bombers now and then (even in the last months), and I also have no problem doing that with alternative visibility. But you are also part of a bigger clan and there it is not always my decision how a flight runs. On top of that, there are now many 262 in circulation (independent of the view settings) that quickly turn bombers into mincemeat. That's why it's more logical to use Jabos under given circumstances (besides the new toys). If there would be scenarios without base plate airplanes again, things might be a bit different. But I don't have to justify to you what I'm flying and at least at CB (I couldn't find you at Kota hadtest I think less than 10 flights in a real bomber from July to October). Also not much if you are sitting around in K4 and Co. We have a nice saying for it in Germany: "Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen." (If you sit in a glasshouse, don't throw stones.) In the end it is anyway the decision of the operators of Kota and not yours or mine. I would still prefer a different solution, but until the Dev's are again concerned with visibility, I stick to my opinion have a nice day.
  7. If my memory is not that bad it's Pacific Theatre Operations (not sure about the "O")
  8. I played the days on both Kota and CB (both of which have 'normal' visibility enabled). And I' m not really happy with any of the systems, as I already wrote in the Kota thread, the scaling of the alternative view is too strong especially at long distances. Most of the contacts that are so well visible are reflected by the sun, otherwise they don't attract much attention. Conversely, the 'normal' visibility feels more like the old one and even there things just pop up suddenly after a certain distance. For example, one of my squadron mates was in distress with navigation lights on. I knew about where he was (and as if a switch had suddenly been flipped) he suddenly ploped into my field of vision. Approximately 10 kilometers or a little more. During the same mission I attacked a ship convoy. Also here I knew where it was and could even (zoomed in and out) see it well at a long distance. When I came closer the scale was there when I zoomed out, but when I zoomed in the ships were almost invisible. Remember, this flight was with the 'normal' and not with the alternative visibility. As written above, I'm not a big fan of either system, but in doubt I'd rather see a little further than be blind. Because all in all the spotting of enemies with the alternative view is not given and not as easy as some people here claim. It would be nice if the Dev's would tinker a little with one of the systems or even both again, but I doubt that will happen in the near future.
  9. Personally, I have to say that both visual settings are not perfect. The alternative visibility has its quirks, for me (as for many others certainly) the contacts over very long distances which one notices inevitably. But the sun plays almost everytime aan important role in those cases. Otherwise you don't see even the far away contacts when they are in the shade. Also the scaling is unhappy and too large, which I consider disturbing. It would be great if they would change these aspects in the alternative visibility, but it is still better than the expert mode. For example, just earlier one of my squadron mates had some Germans around him. I knew theoretically where he was and he had navigation lights on. However he and these were only "suddenly" plopped up. That was estimated at a little more than 10 kilometers. Around the time then also the other contacts became visible. Altogether it is like before the whole time to zoom in and out randomly in order to spy an opponent at the right moment. If that is now the big improvement, then I am disappointed. I understand the criticism, but I prefer to fly without blindfolds. Because even with the alternative visibility, spotting is not a gifted and that easy what some people trying to state here.
  10. There was a call some time ago in the German Forum for German Speech Lines for Tank Crew. So yes, I don't know how the Russian ones are doing but they are coming 😄
  11. Every time you think it's ok, you add something to it I must say I also liked the old clouds, but wow, can't wait to see them over Europe and the Russian steppe 😄 And the Panther ❤️ I can hardly wait to finally sit in this sweetheart!
  12. Ich möchte, was den Pazifik angeht, lediglich die Möglichkeit haben in mein absolutes Lieblingsflugzeug (die Zero) zu steigen und es in Il-2 genießen zu können. Genauso teile ich dich Hoffnungen, dass mit einem (abschließenden) Ostfrontteil auch die Ta-152 ihren Weg in die Sim findet Aber mal schauen, ich schätze wir werden in den nächsten paar Wochen hoffentlich so oder so mehr erfahren und bis dahin hab ich Spaß mit den neuen Babys 😄
  13. Hey guys, @6FG_JoBravo made a little video of our last flight with the P-38, I hope you like it 😄 Furthermore it is nice to have the possibility to fly the Germans now and then with the mixed conditions. A buddy and I decided to grab the D9 and attack an enemy depot, and P-38 and Tempest were close to us...a heated situation! After we formed up, we went the hell out of here. On our way back we observed several contacts just attacking our fortifications. After a short check we threw ourselves into the turmoil! After that we had all sorts of different flights, like this one in ponies. We also try to make ourselves a little more familiar with the boxes. This one was made during a patrol last night. After this we decided (we had finally got a place on Kota) to attack the enemy ships and so started four brave men But what became of these four brave men is a story for another post
  14. I know it's not a world war 2 skin but still awesome 😄
  15. Great Work! I really hope to see more And you definitely get a sub and a like
  16. Brief description: P-38 Engine Interior invisible Detailed description, conditions: I noticed after a P-38 broke apart (the part that was separated from the cockpit) that the mirror was no longer there and the inside of the engine was replaced by the sky. Depending on the angle you can see parts of the Gear. For clarification i made also a screenshot from the backside to show that it was intact. See corresponding pictures Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Win-10 Pro 64-bit, AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, NVIDIA GTX 1060 , 16GB RAM
  17. Each of these planes would deserve its own campaign! I would love to see a campaign for the P-38 or Fw-190 D9, but because they are collector planes, they won't get one from 1C (Maybe from someone else in the future!) The P-51 would be a brilliant thing, even if the P-47 would certainly have its charms. The only thing I would find a waste, if the campaign is burned to another Bf-109. Don't get me wrong, I like the BF but we already have 2 campaigns (and I think Blacksix even wanted to do another one after his Il-2 campaign). So I would use a different plane.
  18. I think this is the best update since I've been active. The sounds are great, the airplanes a blast and the new maps and mechanics a welcome improvement.
  19. Now with all the new toys, our guys didn't wait long to play around with them.Unfortunately I currently have so many screenshots that they don't all fit into one post, and I don't want to spam or cut them up. So here is a selection After the day of the release of that great update the sides were a bit uneven, so we decided to go for the german side. We took an older toy to have fun with.... With our Jets we decided to attack an allied supply point. Sadly it was destroyed when we were on the way. So we went for an allied frontal airfield. While a massive furball was going on we sneaked in and dropped our bombs And we all landed savely 😄 Today we went for a little bit G6 love and encountered our new opponents. Unfortunately, our chances weren't quite so good... and what is this weird plane? But we didn't want to let it take us to play around with the ponies, so we were on patrol on the following map🐴 Later in the evening we also took the Tempest. A wild bird but how can I say it, unfortunately I didn't recorded the flight. (Forgive me ) But our last and final round with our multiplayer premiere in the P-38 Lightning 😄 While Jo and I were on the road with the Lightning, another one of us was in the P-51 to escort us. We wanted to dismantle the enemy factory and railway station... The target almost reached and no enemys near I think there's been a bit of a breakdown... You know, as we keep on the way back, even behind friendly lines, you can never be too careful. And well the karma strikes back and punishes hard! Jo surprised and shot down by a K4, our escort engine failure, it was a rather dicey situation. Luckily, my fork tailed devil hadn't let me down and I could avenge Jo! All in all I have to say that I love all the new birds and can hardly wait to start a career with them 😄 I hope you enjoyed the shots
  20. Today I want to show you a little showcase, after some of our skins were a bit older and had some quirks we decided to make them new. (Everybody learns with the time, also we )
  21. If you look at both the K4 and the 262 you will see that they are also "simpler". All dashboards are made of wood, the only difference is that the D9 is a bit more visible than the other two and has more personal markings on it. Besides, if I'm not mistaken, this D-9 variant went into service at the end of 44 in the beginning of 45, so more or less towards the end. I personally love this kind of look and wouldn't want to trade it for a newer one!
  22. Finally after more than 5 hours download time with blood and tears I had the chance to get an impression and play around a bit. I am speechless. The new Soundengine (which changed a lot of sounds just by noances like all MG's and CN's) is great. And each of the three new birds is looking for his equal. I also noticed that you can see the muzzle flashes through the dashboard in the D9 now, incredibly great :D. So far I have mixed results with the cities at the moment (with ultra settings the computer has some problems just low above the city). Still a crazy feeling, I can only thank you for all the time and love you put into this project. It was worth every cent and I am looking forward to the coming months. But please take a well deserved break
  23. finally someone who asks the important questions
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