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  1. My buddies and I thought it was a fun idea to unpack the old Stuka. And I think it can be said that we have hit them 😄 Unfortunately the anti-aircraft gun had played along badly with us and some of us had to "land" a little earlier. Nevertheless it was a lot of fun. And if you've ever wondered how the A-20's belly gunner feels, you can see it here. We also flew some Jabo missions with P-47 and Fw-190. Soon we will have a skin for the P-47 But for the 190 we now also have a squadron leader skin 😄 And last but not least yesterday evening a little formation flight in the Spitfire (isn't it a beauty?). I hope you like it!
  2. So wie es aussieht wurde der Beitrag ja ins deutsche Forum verschoben. Wie die anderen bereits schon mitgeteilt haben, gibt es kein Release, aber mein Tipp wäre der nächste Patch. Wir wissen von den Entwicklertagebüchern, dass sie die Arbeiten an der Map abgeschlossen haben und die Arbeit am Karriere Modus begonnen haben. Also dürfte die Map in der Betaphase sein. Ebenso spricht dafür, dass wir in letzter Zeit nur noch Bilder von der Map kriegen. Sonst würde ich dir empfehlen hin und wieder mal durch diesen Thread zu stöbern: schöne Grüße, Big_Al
  3. Hi, I really don't want to be rude, but a few of your questions/suggestions would have already been answered with the search function. At the moment there are no four-engine bombers planned. There are several reasons why, among others, it takes a lot of time to create one (like the B-17). At the moment the gameplay would not allow to fly 200-300 detailed B-17 in close formation and for 1C there is no "simple" model like DCS in question. Rearm Refuel Reapair has already been announced in one of the last 10 developer diaries (I think sometime after DD 220 or so). And the work should start after the completion of the new pilots physiology. So it should probably come this year.
  4. Wow, this DD is pure eye candy! I'm also happy to see those wonderful skins (the RAF is my fav from them). Thanks to your hard work, can't wait to see my babies ingame. 😄 Also i really like the yellow stripe, that was added to the P-51 Cockpit not to mention the sweet (at the moment AI) B-25.
  5. So I read from his statement that the decision about what will come has been made. So we look forward to having a plan in place. And even if it sounds negative, what Jason said has always been the whole point of whether something is feasible or not. Personally, I would still love to see the Pacific. But I am just as happy when it goes to Italy or Normandy. Korea would also be interesting, if not a favourite. (To be honest, I would already love to have the possibility to fly around with a razorback P-47 and flatten trains.)
  6. Hi dear friends, today I wanted to show you some pictures of my new troop I hope you like them. If you feel like dropping in on us, or if you are looking for a relaxed group that likes to fly together, no matter what experience you have, then have a look! https://discord.gg/Yt84eJy
  7. I don't understand why people tend to not implement the Pacific in this engine anymore. Even the engine of DCS is "old as the hills" and will be continued and improved. Also, the Devs wouldn't bother to upgrade their engine to 100km visibility, highlighting extra ships for nothing. Of course, this doesn't mean that this necessarily amounts to a Pacific scenario, it could also be other naval operations. But I think you can already see that we are going in one direction to align the sim more for such scenarios. And if you complain that Zeros could fly over Kuban please complain that you can fly Me-262 in Kuban/Moscow/Stalingrad. Or vice versa, if the Europe map is out, and you can start from Western Europe with Il-2 and Pe-2. Because there will be at least one server that will allow Russian airplanes and so it won't fit anymore.
  8. Hello Jollyjack, i'm sorry for your connection errors but as far i'm aware those are not related to a special part of the Great Battles series. It is your generel connection to the Il-2 Servers that seem to be not working here. Do you have a bad ping atm? To your second part. The AA ingame is from WW2 and is far more deady, even the low calibre aa is dangerous. Until we get the WW1 assets with the right aa, Vehicles etc. i wouldn't try it. But there is a glimps of hope for that. If i'm not wrong, this will come with the FC Map and that is, i think, in the beta. So we have to wait and see what we get in the near future. Sadly i did not see any selfmade missions right now, but i could be wrong.
  9. I'm glad I found you! The sorties are a lot of joy and it is for me the right mix between fun and seriousness. And even if you have problems you can just ask and get help. I'm really looking forward for more. I have also a few pictures from one of our last flights. This time in a Heinkel 😄
  10. I don't understand the hatred against the Ferdinand. Non of our vehicles will randomly die by a transmission problem. Or spectacles like Panthers that ignite themselves when leaving the waggon will happen. And since we don't have any infantry that can destroy us in close combat, the Ferdinand should be a powerful vehicle, which should be especially hard to destroy in distance. Moreover, the Battle of Kursk scenario is the perfect scenario not only for him but also for the Panther. After all, they had their baptism of fire there. Of course other models like a StuG would be great, but I can understand the decision of the developers. I am confident that Stugs and many other vehicles will find their way into the game if TC is a success. The Ardennes would certainly be a prestigious scenario.
  11. Both are very iconic airplanes and would fit perfectly into already existing products. If it turns out to be true, I would still be a little sad that there are no Bobp planes as an addition. Maybe there will be a statement or a correction from the official side now, after it has been discussed in the russian and our forum.
  12. Ok, I guess I didn't express myself clearly enough, or people just don't read the rest of what I wrote. Actually you don't know if there will be only this one engine for the Tempest. It could also be two different engines. After all, we have the same for the Bf-109 K4 or Spitfire MK IX/MK Vb. And as others have already written, there could be an upgrade for the early MKIIa engine. Nevertheless there are complaints about how bad the plane is now. This complains have no real reason, because you don't know what for options we will get in the end. Even if there is no other engine as an option, or a boost option does not mean that it will not be handed over sometime. But keep getting upset about it.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but so far we have no idea what we're really getting. Maybe there will be an engine modification, but we will probably only know that when the patch comes. Until then I would hold back from dismantling the plane before it is even there. If it comes without the boost modification, there's still more than enough time to complain about it. Or better to provide well-founded criticism and suggestions. Altogether I am glad to see the Tempest with bombs and maybe with a lot of luck it will also receive the rockets (I may dream!). It would also be really nice to have the camouflage paint from the Hendon museum in the game (Would be a nice tribute to the boys).
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