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  1. It was more meant as a joke^^ Besides that I would love to see Torpedoes as an general addition in the sim to aircraft that could carry them historically.
  2. Well I played it right on the release and I had to stumble above every main-quest bug that was in there^^ Like cutscenes that didn't got triggered because I had a side-quest that somehow created a bug. I mean when you know about it, it's easy to avoid but when you don't know about it and simply to continue some side-quests etc. and find out that your past -5~10 hours and progress are for nothing it pisses you off^^ And the last major bug I had was at one of the final battles where they were all marching to the enemy's fortress and the loading screen simply never finished. After they fixed
  3. I really loved the setting and played a lot. Sadly the bugs were my main enemy and I had to scrap around 20 hours of gameplay because of them. After they fixed it I lossed the interesed in it (which is a shame). I might pick it up and give it another try.
  4. Unfortunately, I could only lend you my German voice. Should you ever need it, don't hesitate to ask me, as I find your work admirable! Hope you have a good progress with this and future projects! best wishes, Rico !
  5. Sounds like an incredible story with a mysterious wingman that has a really good taste regarding his aircraft choice
  6. No need to add it. It even says it in the keypoint in marked sentence: Since the A6 never recieved the Mk 108 as a standard armament there is no need to add this dent to the wing. That's why the A8 has it and the A6 don't.
  7. What a nice suprise 😄 Thank you very much for your work and your will to improve the whole Il-2 project!
  8. This would be a beautiful skin that deserves to be added officially. It reminds me very much of the camouflage used on the French He-177. ^^
  9. Some FW 190 A6 Sturmjäger action 😄
  10. It's a free campaign that you get when you buy Battle of Bodenplatte. You should find it under "sripted campaign" Well regarding this topic I can only quote Peter Rodeike here from his Book " Focke Wulf Jagdflugzeug. Fw 190 A Fw 190 'Dora' Ta 152 H" On page 176 he showed two posts regarding this topic. 1) Rodeikes comment on this order is simply that he couldn't find any photograpsh that show A6/A8's with this kit as well as he couldn't find any loss reports with the type mentioned. He concludes that only an unkown number of A-5/U12 and no other types made it
  11. Yes, he's a buddy of @ACG_DerSheriff if I remember correctly. Sadly I don't know his current Il-2 name but Sheriff can help you with this hopefully.
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