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  1. Teamfusion = Die Jungs die Cliffs of Dover "repariert" und offiziell übernommen haben. Die arbeiten gerade an Version 5.0 die in Afrika spielen wird.
  2. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed somewhere. The Pacific would have been a dream, and at least there were things you could interpret that it would come, but that was just wishful thinking. What makes me even sadder is the fact that for the next 2-4 years probably nothing will change in this matter. But now to the nice things. Normandy is a solid scenario and the 410 on the German side the undisputed eye candy for me! Also the razorback versions are a welcome addition I can look forward to now. The only pity are the C-47 and B-26 (for the time being) because they will only be available as AI and we can only expect a playable version after the Normandy release. Just as the story of the Li-2 is unclear and the B-25 has no date for "completion" in sight. Nevertheless, I'm happy and pray that we will set off to new shores after this western scenario. Rico
  3. It is cool to pre-order the new collectors but i really hope there is something else coming... because otherwise this "secret" code breaking mini game was kind of unnecessary.
  4. As far as i know, no it's not possible
  5. I see it like the others. I think it is pretty clear that we don't see a battle of Britain or North Africa. But an expansion about the battle of Italy 1943/44? why not. (Edit: SuperEtendard was faster)There is no reason not to do it. Teamfusion is currently covering the early stages of war and there is a lot of places besides italy that could be covered. I mean it would be perfect to add mainly italian late war planes with maybe a few german types (like Do 217/ Me-410) with earlier versions of P-47/P-51s and the Mosquito. Also normandy would be feasible but i think there are more problems to get enough germans for that pack. And i don't think they're going for another early eastern front scenario. Would be stupid to release the hurricane as collector plane instead of making it to a core part of an expansion like finland. Same thing counts for the Yak-9 that would be definetly included in an later scenario of 1943/1944. But as other pointed out, we can't really decide where we are going. And as far as i know jason wrote some time ago that the decision is already made.
  6. Great news ! I can't wait to play the career mode and i love to see the G6 as a part of it. Even when some of the modfications for this scenario are missing.
  7. I think it's unlikely that we'll find out before the release. I mean the possible release might be next week Monday (or the following week). It would be my hope that the new title will be announced with the next update. On the other hand, Christmas is already more or less around the corner, which could mean that we will find out at the end of November or beginning of December. At least it would make sense to take the Christmas business on board. But anyways, i'm happy and excited to see what is coming next 😄
  8. Let's get a little bit more serious. The answers to your questions are already in the above text. And as written above, you are not really better than people like Rammjäger. It doesn't make it any better to fly in an area (like 2-3 minutes flight time away) from the opponent's airfield to dive down on enemies that are climbing. Your reasons for it don't interest me and don't concern me either. Playfully it is just sad, but if you think that this is the best way to play the game, there is no way to help you. I know that there are some others aswell on Kota who don't value fairness or fair sportsmanship. A thing I don't like about Kota since a long time. In the end this is not my problem because there are other servers to play on.
  9. So you are hanging around on enemy airfields and camp them. Yes it is so much better than killing people on the runway The only person that can top that is our dear loved Rammjäger who is doing more or less nothing else than the "real" vulching. You may want some training from him.
  10. For the Fw 190-D Series definetly the name "Langnase" (Longnose) used by fighter pilots like Erich Brunotte during the time.
  11. That's not correct in itself. Germany may have planned it as a local war, but it became a European war after the ultimatum that England and France had set had expired. Moreover, Germany was the undoubted aggressor of the whole and could have imagined that the war (similar to 1914) would spread much faster. And as others have already pointed out here, the German and Allied tanks are based on different philosophies. Altogether I'm curious about the realization of 1C's Panther (after all, it shouldn't burn by itself). I'd rather compare the Sherman with the Panzer IV and the Sherman doesn't come off so badly.
  12. There is no sense in adding the Jagdpanther currently for Tank Crew. If there is another tank set (for example western europe 44/45) with a feasible scenario, it would be great to see the Jagdpanther in game.
  13. This is not only true for custom skins, I have also seen this with official skins. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they pop off and on again. Also the buildings (with high render distance) pop up only when I look at them and are rendered. I have the feeling that these two things are connected.
  14. Nice to have the offical conformation 😄 Can't wait to fly these birds 😎
  15. I'm very unhappy with the current visibility systems. To be honest, both are not great, but yesterday it was another moment where I thought it couldn't be. I had a wingman who was maybe 2-3 kilometers away with some differences in altitude and even when I zoomed in completely he was almost invisible. I have a resolution of 1920x1080 and feel blind. The alternative visibility is at least better in the sense that I don't have to zoom in all the time, the contacts are still tiny, but I can have a higher overall view of things. It would be great if the Dev's would tinker a little bit with it but as it looks at the moment Combat Box, Wings and most likely Kota will be satisfied with the 'expert' view... I hope that somebody will open a server with AS, because this way the sim is less fun for me in the current state.
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