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  1. I have similar Issues on the Kuban map in that area. I'm still using an RX 5700XT with the latest drivers. Any news btw on the MSAA shadow/pixelation issue?
  2. Ist tatsächlich sehr schade, aber die Karte ist auch ein wenig älter. Es gibt aber eine Mod mit der man die Kartenbegrenzung umgehen kann und so über Moskau fliegen kann. Ich weiß nicht ob es sie immer noch gibt (zumindest hab ich sie gerade nicht gefunden). Vielleicht hast du mehr Glück^^
  3. Exactly! You can see this already on the already redone pilote models For the Germans it's around 4k to use the oxygen system/mask. A little bit lower for the western alliied and russians.
  4. Simply stunned! Thanks for adding the 150 octane fuel for both of my ladys 😄 I'm currently so hyped to sit in this beauty And the winter uniform is also great!
  5. I am really looking forward to the campaign! The 190 is one of my absolute favourite planes 😄 Personally, I am therefore very happy that she finally gets an official campaign ❤️ . Maybe there is a small FW community or like you said people who are for a higher variety of missions and aircraft types Of course I wouldn't have anything against another 109 campaign, although I personally prefer the FW.^^
  6. Great narration and visuals I'm really happy that TC is offically getting released with this ! Can't wait to test this monster
  7. Awesome! Will you share that with us? 😄
  8. Can't wait to serve the Empire 😄
  9. Takes a long time. My tip would be in about 1 1/2 years we can think about it again. I wouldn't hope for something in that regard before. If you want you can go and check the update thread and see when the first maps for the former expansions were dropped after their offical start of the early access.
  10. You are not alone. Sadly I have the same issues. Here is a link to my thread, maybe you could write your experience and specs there.
  11. I tried it Raven but it didn't worked. Same as before. That the game freezes when you klick to close the game is also happening to me. Luckily you guys wrote it already. @Han @-DED-Rapidus i tagged you guys, just in case you didn't saw this thread. Do you have an idea? Is there anything that we can do to varify the problem to make it easier to fix it for you?
  12. Genius news! The pilot models of the ladies look fantastic and will certainly give you a lot of immersion when you look at them. Will there be female voice commands etc.? May we also hope that in the coming updates the A-20 gunners and the gunners and crews of the German bombers will also be reworked / upgraded? :)The fuel system sounds extremely exciting, will there be the magic button to check the fuel state? Will it be possible with the rework to calculate API to give the 50. cals a little more "fire"? And will the long awaited drop tanks be on the schedule? 😄 I'm sorry, it's a lot of questions but I'm deeply excited and curious. I also hope/wish that a few bugs will be fixed
  13. Hi @Audgisil, It sounds pretty much like the problems I encountered even when I have an AMD card. Are the textures like in the pictures I posted in my thread? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/62512-blurry-textures-with-version-4007/
  14. Thanks for the tip! It was indeed activated. Sadly it didn't changed the problem for me
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