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  1. Wasser und Öl sind manuell bei der E7. Vielleicht waren sie schon komplett auf?
  2. When you're in your account, there should be on the left side the "Account Dashboard" and in this one is "My eLibary" where you can see and download all your available books.
  3. Even though I find the Stuka very interesting as such, I would prefer to see the B/R-2 variant in the sim. Of course, the D3 and the D5 are not the same, but in my opinion they are still very similar. Unfortunately the D5 is more likely than the B2
  4. Sad but better done right than rushed! And i'm happy to hear about the engines. I was worried about it, but since they get a little bit tougher (atleast it sounds like this) i'm happy with this and wait for the full redone in the future 😄
  5. I can only join Bremspropeller here. The Fw 190 production of the A2 was shortly afterwards (I think one month later) supplemented by the A3 with the D2 engine. Actually it is surprising that not the A3 was used for this test instead of the A2 with the "old" C-engine. Regardless of the fact that many A2's were later converted to the new engine during their service life. Besides this the view was much more pleasant than in the 109, which I also find in this sim. There is also a very nice report about the Fw 190 from a British point of view in the book "Focke Wulf: FW 190 in Combat" by Alfred Price. There they talked about the plans to steal a Fw 190 to reveal its secrets, after the British simply did not know how to react to the 190. And the only reason why this daring venture was not carried out is the fact that Armin Faber had accidentally landed a Fw 190 in England. I think it is fair to say that the Focke-Wulf has spread terror with her introduction, regardless of the initial engine problems. And all in all it was a robust and reliable aircraft, which could take a lot of punishment to bring its pilot home. That and its many operational options made it a great multirole fighter. In the end it will depend on your personal taste which plane you prefer. However, I would not use lower production numbers (especially in the beginning) as a conclusion that the Fw 190 was a worse aircraft than the Bf 109.
  6. Stunning as always. Thank you very much for the detailed information. I hope you guys stay safe
  7. Hello friends, I hope you don't mind the title, but due to the current situation the Osprey publishing has decided to give some books as gifts for the next weeks. To clear up some misunderstandings, only the 5 books shown there are available for free with the code. Nevertheless it is a great gesture and I hope you like them! https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_1/
  8. Korrekt, das ist auch so im Sim umgesetzt. Du kannst auch die Temparatur einstellen, indem du an dem Kühlregler drehst und damit den Motor nochmal extra herunterkühlen. Das führt aber dazu, dass sich die Kühlerklappen häufiger öffnen um die Temperatur niedrig zu halten und das führt wiederum zu mehr Luftwiderstand.
  9. Hi man, if you only play WoL BobP is probably not the best choice since they don't have that much Western Front scenarios. Combat Box for example mostly runs late war scenarios with BobP planes (i think there is one with russian planes). Bodenplatte is still a great choice And the collectors are also quite good. In the worst case you have to wait for the next sale for the others 😄
  10. If not mistaken also the tank dm is going to reviseted with the next patch so i would hold my breath and wait. From DD 242:
  11. Petrovich gave you an answer to this: When you count all the aircraft there is no other possibility than including also the FC planes. And we also didn't saw any footage from the tanks, that doesn't mean they are excluded^^
  12. Nice video I can only hope for next week
  13. Can we hope for a Fw 190 or Spitfire campaign? 😄
  14. Well in itself the Hs 129 was developed as a ground attack aircraft and tank destroyer. The biggest weakness are the engines, which are rather underpowered for the plane. The Bf-110 is a heavy fighter which was put into different roles similar to other aircraft. If in doubt I would try to bomb the tanks and therefore prefer the 110. If I were better with the MK I would probably take the duck. Because so far my pilot has never been shot and it is surprisingly agile and the stall behaviour is very benign (although I am not sure if that is so realistic). I think the Hs 129 is a rather underestimated aircraft that deserves its place.
  15. Ess soll halt zur Immersion beitragen, weswegen auch bei der K4 der MK Zähler fehlt. Und wenn man sich dieses Cockpit ansieht kann man durchaus sehen, dass da nicht alle Schusszähler drinnen sind: Abgesehen davon dass die Dora die wir haben, soweit ich micht entsinne, eine der späteren ist (also 44/45) ist es auch mal schön ein eher ungewöhnliches Cockpit zu haben. Außerdem gibt es immer noch die Kontrolleuchten für die MG's und die andere MK. Zumal es, dadurch das es keine Waffenstörungen gibt, bei den beiden MK's eh den selben Munitionsstand anzeigen würde. Ich persönlich muss sagen das die D9 mitunter eines der schönsten und einzigartigsten Cockpits hier im Sim hat und ich das nicht durch dieses klinisch saubere von DCS oder War Thunder tauschen wollen würde.
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