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  1. Das Tarnnetz ist der Hammer! The camouflage net is awesome! Like your entire work. Regards Kato
  2. Wow!!! Best TC video ever, really impressiv. Excellent camera guidance and scene editing, very atmospheric. Absolutely a must see! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Kato.
  3. btw: I voted for the Ferdinand because I've always had a sweet spot for this vehicle. Even if it wasn't the perfect tank-killer some enthusiasts still want or wish. But I'm sure it will do fine in TC (nearly invulnerable). Kind regards
  4. It's high time again to give you a big hand and say THANKS for sharing your wonderful work. Muchas gracias, Julian. Regards Kato
  5. For this act of sabotage you'll spend the rest of your life in Siberia
  6. You're right, and that's my cup of rum. After 5000+ hours of NA (holy pegleg, what have I done with my life!!!), half of the time on the PvP server, I'm tired of fighting against every wannabe pirate and joining clans with the half-life of a Drosophila. Seems I'm addicted to the beautiful ships of the age of sails.
  7. Yes it sounds very promising, especially the Limited Founder Edition. I hope Game Labs will continue to develop updates for NA, there's a lot of stuff that's been promised and still not arrived. And it's a shame, there's no moon in NA caribbean nights.
  8. Aye aye sir, most screenshots are from 2016 when NA was in an early alpha status, never had so much fun on the PvP server again. The PvP community changed since then, not for good. Sorry to hear about Bannerlord, I hoped it would give a good mixture between Rome 2 Total War, Kingdom Come Deliverance and Warband.
  9. Just found it at the steam-community page and thought I share a joke in dreary times:
  10. Hi tankers, just want to say thanks again to Jaws for the excellent ambush camouflage and Flowbee for his great weathered version. Looking forward for Jaws next variants. regards Kato
  11. @ Flowbee_603: Did you lighten up (or fade) the ambush camouflage for a more weathered effect ? Looks great! Will you upload your version (with Jaws_2002's permission)? kind regards Kato
  12. Brilliant! thank you for sharing your work. regards Kato
  13. Thank you Jaws2002 for sharing, excellent work, love it! regards Kato
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